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2021 Anti Gun Bills Announced


The Oregon Legislature has announced the first of the firearms bills for 2021.

You can view them here.

The links will take you to a page with all the information about the bills including the bill language, sponsors, and amendments as they become available.  It will also provide the bill history as it moves through the legislature and upcoming actions as they are scheduled.

When hearings are scheduled these links will also contain “meeting materials” such as uploaded testimony.

You can use this link to sign up for alerts from individual legislators and to get updates on any bills you are following.

As of this writing, the Legislative website has not updated this link to show bills to follow so check back at the link soon.

Here is a quick run down on the anti-gun bills.

HB 2510 is another mandatory lock up your guns bill. Basically a rehash of what the Democrats tried to force through last time.

HB 2543 eliminates the protection gun buyers have if the State Police can’t or won’t complete a background check. If they don’t complete the check you cannot buy a gun.

Sb 396 prohibits “undetectable firearms”. This is the Democrats hamfisted attempt to ban “ghost guns” constructed or produced, including through a three-dimensional printing process, entirely of nonmetal substances”.  The bill also redefines “unfinished frames and receivers “ as actual firearms and requires they be treated as such for possession and transfer.

SB 554 allows localities, schools, and airports to ban CHL holders from their property and any location near their property.The bill increases the fee for a CHL from $50 to $100.00 and renewals to $75.00. If you pick up a family member from the airport you can be charged with a Class C felony if you have a firearm even with a CHL. ( Obviously this applies only if you are carrying a gun.)

SB 585 repeals Oregon’s preemption law allowing any locality to create and enforce any gun law they choose.

SB 604 requires a permit to purchase firearms. The bill requires mandatory training, background checks, and fees. The bill requires safety training from the “National Firearms Association”. (Not a misprint) The permit must be renewed every 5 years.

As you know, pursuant to the rules imposed by the House Speaker and the Senate President, you will no longer be permitted to testify against these bills in the Capitol building. Remote testimony during the interim sessions was mostly a failure and people who signed up to testify often could not. Republican legislators who had comments that the chairs of the committees disagreed with were shut off. Do not expect to be treated differently.

So what does all this mean?  The Democrats still have a super majority. They do not need a single Republican vote to pass any of these bills, and except for the permit to purchase bill, they have been trying to pass all this stuff for years. So they are determined. They are also blood thirsty and vindictive. The only reason some of this did not get passed last session was because the Republicans walked out.  We have no way of knowing if they will again. Walking out is very costly and subjects Republicans to arrest.

For the last year the State Police and Sheriffs have used covid as an excuse to either not do their jobs (conducting background checks and issuing CHL’s) or to do them very badly.

As we have learned, nothing in the law compels sheriffs to accept CHL applications and nothing in the permit-to-purchase law compels them to accept applications to purchase.

While the law does require the State Police to provide an estimate of time it will take them to complete a background check for a current firearms purchase, they frequently ignore that law and face no liability for doing so.  There is little reason to believe that these same practices will not apply to the permit-to-purchase law.

It is impossible for us to predict if the Democrats will be more successful eliminating your rights this session than they have in past. (The Democrats in the US Congress are also introducing an avalanche of anti-gun bills.) But it would be prudent to consider it likely and if you plan to own any firearms in the future, and you can find them, maybe now would be the time to acquire them. The same is true if you are considering an “unfinished” receiver purchase.

The session officially begins on Jan, 19th.

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Emergency. This Is Not A Drill.



If you are reading this you have access to email or websites. So we don’t need to tell you that there is a fast moving and very dangerous effort to silence anyone who does not bow down to Marxist dogma.

Far more quickly than most of us ever imagined, voices of patriots are being silenced as big tech colludes with the state to destroy any platforms of free speech.

Twitter and Facebook are basically done as vehicles for communication for our side. Google and Apple have moved to silence Parler.  Amazon has or, soon will, actually shut Parler down.

Firefox Browser has called to go further than simply shutting people down, they want their political opponents tracked down and punished.

From politicians to academia to mainstream media to Hollywood, left wing radicals are demanding retribution against anyone they can identify as having supported the current administration.

If you know anything about the history of Marxist revolutions you know their threats need to be taken very seriously.

Not satisfied to have seized control of the government, the left is now demanding revenge.

Given the left’s stranglehold on the legacy news media and the internet, you may soon have virtually no access to accurate news.  The dominos are falling very quickly.

As a result we are suggesting you take some steps.

First, if you have any important or sensitive documents, photos, or info on “the cloud” immediately make copies that you can keep locally.

If you are still using controlled social media like Facebook or Twitter, stop posting anything that reveals personal information or non Marxist ideology.  It may be too late to remove previous posts that can be used against you.

We believe that for now, our website is not in any way threatened. But of course that could change. We cannot guarantee that our mass email system will not be attacked. If it is, we suggest you continue to check our webpage for news and updates.

If you have a “Gmail” email address we strongly recommend you consider at very least getting a second email address that is NOT Gmail and adding it to our alert list.

One you might consider is “Proton mail.”

Even if you only use this address for our alerts, it removes Google’s ability to interfere with our communications.

As you know, Twitter blocked OFF’s account and we stopped posting on Facebook some time ago.

We have an active page on MEWE and while we do have a lightly used Parler page we can’t assume those will remain active.

If you use, or think you should be using social media, may we suggest you check out

It has an interface Facebook users will recognize, it is run by patriots and its servers are offshore and not likely to be compromised. We have only used it on computers and not smart phones and it appears for now it only works on Android devices and not iPhones. So if you are planning on using it and you can, please check it out on a computer.

You may also want to consider the “Brave” browser which claims to be private and safe. We cannot prove whether those claims are true so feel free to check it out yourself.

“Legislative Days” start tomorrow in Salem. While this is not the beginning of the actual session (which starts on the 19th) legislators will be in the building for meetings and organization. The public is NOT permitted in the capitol anymore. Any legislative meetings that the public can see will only be remote. Your ability to have any input during hearings will be severely throttled and at the whim of whomever is running the Zoom connection.

House Speaker Tina Kotek, whose chief of staff was arrested for rioting in Portland, has declared her intention to do everything in her power to punish pro gun House Rep Mike Nearman for the “crime” of leaving the building during a protest of Oregon patriots who entered their building when he opened the door to leave.  She is including criminal charges in her threats against him. Please consider any support you can offer for Mike’s legal defense.

Keep in mind that the Oregon State Police were in full riot gear in large numbers in the building and had armored cars staged outside. So how Kotek can conclude that Oregonians entering their own building was the “fault” of Rep Nearman is just another testimony to how dangerous, vindictive, and unhinged Kotek and the left have become.

We know there will be a raft of anti-gun bills introduced this session just as there have been in the last few days in Washington.  The left smells blood and has declared war on the Constitution.  We are facing truly unprecedented challenges as we do our best to defend our rights while being banned from the process by a cabal of hateful leftists.  While we cannot predict the details of what will happen next, we can absolutely promise you we are in for some difficult times.

Please take whatever steps you can right away to protect your ability to communicate and safeguard your personal data and info. This absolutely cannot wait.


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Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020


Dear Friends,

It would be impossible to overstate how hideous this past year has been.

While our entire nation felt the attacks on freedom resulting from covid, Oregon was among the states with the most extreme assaults on liberty.

We were told to abandon our elderly, isolate our children, and give up our livelihoods.

Untold numbers of businesses have closed forever. Countless Oregonians lost their jobs and their savings and their ability to worship or even dine with their friends. Far too many waited in desperation for relief from the state because Oregon refused to make the kind of computer updates every person does routinely on their home equipment.

The ruling party did all it could to silence dissent and different opinions while approving of looting and rioting by leftist thugs.

And in the middle of it all, fires ravaged our state costing thousands of Oregonians everything they owned.

Here at OFF, we have seen far too many of our supporters leave the state in anger and frustration. And we can’t blame a single one of them.

But, through it all, so many of you have stood bravely in the face of this madness determined to confront the forces that have worked to destroy our country.

And we can tell you without reservation, that spirit is growing.

Although no one can say for sure if there is a political solution, there are people in elected office who are fighting for you. It’s true that every effort is being made to silence them, but they are there.

And, if it becomes impossible to resolve the ills that plague our state and nation in the halls of our capitols, we remain confident that Oregonians and Americans still have the character and grit to face down the enemies of freedom elsewhere.

So now, with Christmas upon us, we want to thank each one of you who have supported us with your donations, activism and words of encouragement even as you faced such enormous challenges yourselves.

To all who have decided to leave Oregon we sincerely wish you the best in your new homes and urge you to spread the message of freedom wherever you find yourselves.  To all who are staying to fight we express our deepest gratitude and wish you and yours a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

If fortune permits, we wish you comfort and time with loved ones and pray for an endless spirit of defiance to tyrants.

Merry Christmas.

Oregon Firearms Federation

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

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Pistol Brace Regulation Proposal “withdrawn.”

Pistol Brace Regulation Proposal “withdrawn.”


Pistol Brace

In a notice dated today, Dec 23, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms announced the withdrawal of a notice and request for comments entitled “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces’,” that was published on December 18, 2020.”

We told you about this proposal to regulate pistol braces here.

As you know, pistol braces have become a very popular accessory for some larger pistols and the ATF was proposing the requirement that “some” pistols with “some” pistol braces be considered short barrel rifles subject to NFA regulations.

This would have meant that literally millions of people could be turned into felons if they failed to register, as short barrel rifles, firearms that are perfectly legal today.

According to today’s notice “Upon further consultation with the Department of Justice and the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, ATF is withdrawing, pending further Department of Justice review, the notice and request for comments entitled “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces’,” that was published on December 18, 2020. 85 FR 82516.”

This does not mean ATF will stop attempting to create new, confusing, and arbitrary rules that could entrap well meaning gun owners. But it appears the immediate threat has passed.

For all those who took time to share your comments with ATF about the proposed rule changes, we thank you for your activism and wish you a Merry Christmas.

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And Now It’s “Pistol Braces”

And Now It’s Pistol Braces



As you know, the ATF is now coming after “pistol braces.”

The long and tortured history of these devices has had gun owners continually attempting to determine if they are legal and when.

The ATF’s arbitrary and ever changing guidelines have left Americans baffled about exactly what next could land them in prison.

Most recently, ATF seemed to have agreed that pistol braces do not turn pistols into short barrel rifles and were legal to own. Now however, it appears that is no longer the case. Or it is, or it’s not. No one is sure.

Just as we warned that the reclassification of bump stocks into “machine guns” was a bizarre overreach and only the beginning, we can assure you that outlawing or “regulating” pistol braces will not be the end of the efforts to entrap well meaning gun owners.

Currently it appears that ATF intends to make some pistol braces illegal some of the time on some guns. We can predict with great confidence that the rules will be complex, contradictory, and subject to whim assuring that gun owners will always be in danger of criminal penalties no matter how much they attempt to comply.

When the owners of perfectly legal bump stocks were turned into felons with the stroke of a pen, many in the firearms “community” expressed the opinion that we should cave on the issue. That somehow it was tactically sound to refuse to defend what many felt was a toy or a gimmick, as though that capitulation would satisfy the enemy and they would leave us alone.

Clearly that strategy was misguided at best and preemptory surrender at worst.

Nothing will satisfy the forces that call for total civilian disarmament.

So now it’s “pistol braces,” a device that even the Obama administration agreed was not a regulated NFA item.

ATF has plans to regulate pistol braces, but not in any way that can be understood or complied with.  Once again, the intention is to ensnare as many people as possible or simply get them to throw up their hands, throw down their guns and give up.

If you are not one of those people, there is an opportunity to take action.

While the worst is ahead of us, at least now, today, there is still a way to make your voice heard in opposition to the proposed unintelligible and arbitrary regulations.

You can see what ATF has in mind, and take action to oppose it at this link.

It’s easy and extremely important.  At a time when we have been locked out of the legislative process by the people we elected to represent us, we should take advantage of whatever tools are left to make our voices heard.

Thank you for stepping up.

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The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm




At today’s White House press conference Trump’s press secretary said that legal challenges to the election results and the vote by the Electoral College are ongoing.

However, in light of the outcomes of all legal challenges so far, the likelihood of success in the courts is small.

As a result, gun owners need to prepare for (at least for a while) a Biden presidency. Given his fragile mental state and his apparent corrupt connections to Communist China, he may not serve for very long. If he is removed, American gun owners will then have Harris as President.

We think once installed, the Biden-Harris administration will have enough leverage to stymie any real federal investigation into the Biden family’s corrupt dealings with foreign nations so it’s more likely that Harris will take over as a result of Biden’s declining mental state.

While the United States has faced anti-gun presidents in the past, Biden-Harris will be the first administration that campaigned on the platform of gun confiscation. While we do not yet know how the Senate races in Georgia will turn out, it’s important to note that Mitch McConnell has already congratulated Biden on his “victory” and so we should not count on massive resistance in the Senate.

Furthermore, it’s extremely likely that Biden-Harris will attempt to enact as many confiscatory measures as they can via executive order. Unfortunately, Trump provided a perfect roadmap for that kind of action when he directed ATF to magically turn bump stocks into machine guns. If a piece of plastic can be a machine gun, you can rest assured your AR or AK can too.

There has been much chatter about simply turning regular rifles into NFA items much as the Clinton administration did with Streetsweeper shotguns.

Biden-Harris have made it clear that they will be coming after semi-automatic firearms and standard magazines as soon as possible. We have no reason to believe that other types of firearms will be immune in spite of Biden’s bizarre advice to “get a double barreled shotgun, have the shells a twelve gauge shotgun”.

While it’s impossible to know how much local law enforcement will cooperate in gun confiscations, we do know that recent actions by ATF indicate that Federal agencies are eager to enforce whatever restrictions they can get away with.

As such it’s important that gun owners be aware of both state and Federal laws.  Although it’s clear that ATF is more than willing to violate even its own regulations, a working knowledge of Oregon law will be helpful.

As of August of 2015, most transfers of firearms must be conducted through licensed firearms dealers. That means that the State Police have records of those transfers including the information on both buyer and seller and the make, model, caliber, and serial number of the transferred gun.

So OSP has knowledge of any firearm that came into your possession legally from that date forward.

Oregon law requires that the records of those transfers be destroyed after 5 years. There is absolutely no reason to believe they are.

But keep in mind that firearms you had in your possession prior to that date could have been transferred, by you, to another party, legally, with no state knowledge or involvement. Prior to that date there was also no mandate that you kept records of who you transferred the firearm to.

This means that firearms you acquired after August of 2015 could not be removed from your possession without state approval (except for transfers to some family members) but firearms you acquired prior to that date could be.

The coming gun confiscations come at a time when violent crime is soaring in cities across the country including Oregon, and armed take overs of city blocks are met with apologies from the authorities to the thugs who took them over.

It would be wise to make whatever preparations you consider prudent for the coming changes in Federal law. These might include expanding and solidifying your network of people who share your beliefs and values.

Here in Oregon the Governor has called for a “special session” on Dec 21.

As has become the norm in Oregon, you will not be allowed to be part of the process except through whatever video feeds are working at the time. Input from citizens in Oregon is no longer a practical reality.

While the Governor has stated she wants to use this session to distribute “$800 million in aid for people and businesses affected by 2020’s pandemic and wildfires…including rural, Black, indigenous, Latino/Latina/Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and tribal communities” some members of the legislature have been demanding that the session include a long list of new legislation that could never be adequately vetted and discussed in a short time frame.

As for coming legislation, we do know that there have been a number of bills drafted and introduced as “legislative concepts” already. Several of these would end the requirement for a quorum to vote on bills and fine any legislator who was not present. This would assure that the ruling party could ram through anything and it would be impossible to stall dangerous legislation by walking out, a tactic the Republicans used to block dangerous gun control bills, like the mandatory lock up bill, in the past.

Other bills would basically outlaw police in schools and we have been reliably informed that there will be a reintroduction of the mandatory lock up bill and a new “permit to purchase” bill. 

If the past is any indication, the ruling party will block any legislation or amendments proposed by Republicans. However, it’s important to keep in mind that anything can happen.  As you know, there is currently a battle for leadership in the House with the winner becoming Speaker.

Currently far left Tina Kotek is Speaker and her caucus nominated her for another term. However, she is being challenged by Janelle Bynum who represents the “People of Color Caucus” and has taken the position that it’s time for a black woman to lead the House.  Her initial effort to win the seat failed and Kotek then appointed a leadership team that included exactly no “people of color” so it’s safe to say there will be some payback for that move. The job of Speaker is voted on by the entire House however, so Republicans will have a vote on the final election and Kotek cannot win if the entire “People of Color Caucus” and the Republicans vote against her. This creates some interesting and unpredictable dynamics.

Kotek is extremely unpopular amongst Republican House members as she has blocked Republican legislation and stripped people of committee assignments when they displeased her. Bynum is also a far left anti-gunner, but because she owns several MacDonalds restaurants may be seen as less eager to crush small businesses than Kotek is. How this will play out is anyone’s guess, but it’s still safe to bet that the anti-gun majority will be making every effort to gut gun rights in 2021.

As you know, the tech-left has been shutting down dissent on most social media platforms. OFF’s Twitter account was blocked and Facebook routinely censors any message that does not conform to their left wing agenda.

OFF has moved to “MEWE” as a Facebook alternative and you can join us here.

For those unfamiliar with MEWE, it’s a platform that is very similar to Facebook without the ads. So far we have not faced any censoring of our messages there. (We have been told that the platform is a bit challenging on smart phones but it does work easily on computers )

OFF also has a presence on the Twitter alternative “Parler” ( although we have not yet used it as extensively as MEWE. Still, if you have not investigated it, it is worth checking out.

As long as it’s a viable platform we’ll continue to use MEWE and have found it to be a good place to share info such as deals on ammo that we come across.

Conventional news sources have become increasingly unreliable so we urge you to keep an eye on alternative sources to keep up with events and laws affecting your gun rights. As always, we’ll do everything in our power to provide you with timely and accurate info on state and federal matters. Oregonians have been locked out of their building, our Capitol, but we still need to make our voices heard in addition to everything else we need to do in these challenging times.


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Will Covid Kill Gun Rights?

Will Covid Kill Gun Rights?



In the wake of earlier shut downs and unchecked urban rioting, followed by wildfires that devastated much of the state, Kate Brown has imposed extreme new restrictions on your liberty and right to assemble.

Not only has she threatened arrest and jail time for people whose churches include 26 or more people should they have the audacity to meet, she has promised those same punishments for meeting in your own home.

Brown has now imposed a restriction on “social gatherings” limiting them to 6 people from “no more than two households.” It is unclear how this applies to families with more than 6 members, but what is clear is they better not invite even one more person to their home. (Homeless shelters are not bound by these rules.)

Brown has also reinstituted an end to visiting the elderly in care facilities.

Irrespective of your position on these measures, there is no doubt that they have caused unimagined damage to businesses, cost countless jobs, vastly increased the rates of suicide, substance abuse and domestic violence and guaranteed that a vast number of older Oregonians will die alone, forbidden from feeling a last hug from a child or grandchild.

And while many thousands of Oregonians have lost their jobs, an untold number of them are still not receiving the unemployment benefits they are entitled to. (The state has generously provided Federal money to select Oregonians however.)

Whether or not these restrictions are lawful and constitutional is doubtful. House Rep Werner Reschke published a newsletter on Nov 15th statingIt is important to note that many of her orders are unconstitutional from both a Federal and State perspective. It does not matter what her reasons are, what she claims, or what statues she may cite.”

He then referenced the US Constitution’s 4th Amendment and the Oregon Constitution’s sections 9,22, and 30 in Article 1.

Senator Brian Boquist sent a plainly worded letter to the Superintendent of the State Police asking “Does the Oregon State Police intend to conduct extrajudicial raids against private citizens on their private property without a warrant signed by a judge from a legal court of law? Yes or no? Not asking or interested in rhetoric, propaganda or any attempts for justifications…. Simple yes or no.”

While Oregon law prohibits confiscation of firearms during emergencies, Brown’s belief that she has unlimited powers could well put you in jail for sharing a Thanksgiving meal with your loved ones or attempting to visit an aging parent. And a misdemeanor arrest will almost certainly lead to a loss of a concealed handgun license and any firearm in your possession at the time of your arrest. So there is no question that these draconian and arbitrary rules could well lead to a loss of your gun rights in addition to your freedom.

While the Governor has used Covid as a justification for imposing these totalitarian measures, her own underlings have provided little but double talk and evasive responses to questions about the reasons for these lockdowns.

According to a recent story in the Oregonian:

“A staple of previous reports, the state used new software this week and calculated but then decided not to include information about those severe cases because it didn’t appear to “give us the right numbers,” said Dr. Dean Sidelinger, the state’s epidemiologist.

Asked if the number of severe cases appeared too high or too low, he said he didn’t have details but “would look into it.”

That’s a  vague and unacceptable response when you have imposed new laws, approved by no legislature, that curtail Oregonian’s freedom and put their gun rights at risk.

Other Republican legislators are questioning Brown’s new edicts though none as forcefully as Boquist.

Brown has called on local law enforcement to help enforce her mandates. At this point there is no way to know how many will agree to arrest people in their churches and homes but the risk is real.

As of now Brown has been able to impose her will virtually unchecked and her new restrictions are the most severe and dangerous yet. There is little reason to believe that her ever extended emergencies are going to end soon when they have given her unlimited control. She is an avowed opponent of gun rights and it’s safe to assume she would not hesitate to use her power to clamp down on gun owners.

For months the Oregon State Police have been providing only limited service approving gun sales with some people sailing through while others waited weeks just to have the approval process begin.

We believe these extreme restrictions are simply a down payment on what to expect under a Biden presidency, if for no other reason than that’s what he has promised. We strongly recommend you reach out to your county sheriff, and if you live outside of a large city, your local police, and request that they inform you of their intentions in regard to the Governor’s new dictates.

Freedom is lost one right at a time, and in Oregon the dominos are clearly falling.

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Vote 2020





If you’re reading this, you are almost certainly more engaged than the average person. So you probably don’t have to be reminded to vote.

But if you have not already returned your ballot, please don’t wait. It is too late to mail your ballot in and be guaranteed it will be received in time, and given the many stories in the news lately, counting on the mail is risky at best. Please be sure to bring your ballot directly to your local election office or use a secure ballot drop location.

At this point in the election, most people who have not voted will not be making a decision based on ads or news stories. That means that their choice of candidates is most likely to be influenced by people they know and trust. That could very well be you.

If you have friends or family that have still not voted, please urge them to complete and return their ballot. There is simply too much at stake to sit this one out.

Nationally, the choice is fairly stark. As a gun owner, your rights and property literally hang in the balance. For a look at what the future holds for supporters of the Second Amendment under a Biden/Harris administration you need look no farther than their web  page.

And as you probably know, the ATF is already setting the wheels in motion for a broad and dangerous rewriting of the regulations to entrap hundreds of thousands of American gun owners.

ATF has a long history of changing the rules based on whims and politics and now it appears they may very well be warming up for a Biden presidency where they can turn countless American gun owners into felons overnight.

The situation is no different locally.

If the Democrats maintain their stranglehold over the Oregon Legislature you can expect a tidal wave of anti-gun legislation in the coming session.

Currently, you as a voter are all but shut out of the process as our capitol is locked down to the people. The recent hearings that have been held “remotely” have been a joke, with continual technical failures, almost no access by the public to testify, and entire hearings simply being “turned off” by the Democrats in power when they were confronted by Republicans with questions they did not want to answer.

You can expect that to become standard procedure if the Democrats remain in power, that is if there is a session at all.

Recently Democrat Senator Lee Beyer wrote to other Senators and said:

“I have come to the conclusion that it will not be possible to conduct a regular session in the current environment.  I don’t like the idea of walking through full hallways of people or setting in full committee rooms with limited ventilation.  And, I don’t like the idea of the routine continuous 15 minute meetings with people in my office when not in committee or session.”

Beyer went on to suggest they not even meet in February and in fact suggested that they change the date of the next session so legislators do not have to expose themselves to the public.

Clearly, our entire system of government is under attack and that’s why your vote, and the votes of those you influence, is so critical.

And that’s why we need your help.

Many of you have already taken advantage of the Oregon PAC Tax Credit by donating to OFFPAC. Thank you for that. If you have not, now is the time to help turn our state around, and it could cost you nothing.

As you may know, Oregon law allows you to contribute to a political action committee like OFFPAC and get an actual tax credit for your donation. That’s not a “deduction” it’s an actual “credit”.

If you file jointly, you and your spouse can get a  credit for up to $100.00 on any tax you owe the state of Oregon. Persons who file singly can get a credit of up to $50.00.  That’s money you actually remove from any tax liability you have to Oregon, meaning instead of sending that money to Kate Brown, you can use it to fight for your rights!

Click here for details.

While the tax credits are up to $100.00 there is no limit to what you can donate.

As you know, this fight is about to get a whole lot rougher no matter who wins in November.

You can make a secure online donation here.

If you prefer to use PAYPAL you can use the yellow “donate” button on this page.

If you’d rather donate “offline” you can send a donation to “OFFPAC” to PO Box 556, Canby OR. 97013.

But you must do it soon to claim the credit on your 2020 taxes.

Our PAC has been a major donor to pro-gun candidates this election cycle. And we’ve only been able to do it because of the generosity of people like you. Oregon races have become amazingly expensive and there is no way for our friends to compete without sufficient financial backing. So your contributions are critical.

Please consider donating whatever you can afford today, remember, your donation could cost you nothing.

If you’ve already made a PAC donation this year, again, thank you. If so please consider donating directly to the Oregon Firearms Federation to support our work to promote positive legislation and keep you informed and active.

Both of our “online” links allow you to earmark where you want your donation to go, so be sure to let us know so we can make sure you get any applicable tax benefit.

But most importantly please vote. Time is running out.

The Oregon Firearms Federation Candidate Grades can be found here.

For a list of secure ballot drop off sights use this link.

To track the receipt of your own ballot use this link.

For an online voter guide from the Secretary of State, click here.

Thank you very much for your support, your willingness to vote, and your commitment to our rights. It’s going to be a rocky election, we are grateful to have you on our side.


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Show Time 2020



Ballots are in the mail, and if you are lucky, yours has, or will arrive.

For the thousands misplaced by the fires, the Secretary of State has created this link to help you vote:
With all due respect to our friends at the Post Office, based on personal experience, we have no faith in the vote by mail system. We regularly get other people’s mail and fail to receive our own. If you do not receive a ballot very soon, contact your local elections office immediately.

We strongly recommend that you do not “mail” your ballot back. Yes, you are now paying the postage for all the Oregonians who our legislature determined could not figure out how to buy and affix a stamp, but we still recommend you deliver it to the elections office yourself or at very least use a “secure” ballot drop box if one is available to you.


We don’t have to remind you how important this election is. Our gun rights are not all that hang in the balance. Those in power in Oregon are actively assisting in the destruction of the state and the only thing that can change that is you.


We have attached our 2020 voting guide. Please consider it as you make your decisions.

The grades reflect either the record of any candidate who has actually held office, or the responses we received to our survey if they have not. Of course, survey responses are no substitute for a voting record but in the case of a candidate who has not held office it’s the best metric we have. Personal interviews with candidates are factored in when those were possible.


You will note that there are candidates who are endorsed with “B+” ratings. As we point out on the candidate grade page, “B+” is the highest rating we give to a candidate who has not held office. This rating does not mean they are lacking in their commitment to gun rights. It is simply a way to differentiate between candidates who have promised to protect your rights and candidates who have been there and proven that commitment.  An endorsed, “B+” candidate is a good choice for gun rights. A rating of “NR” means they have no record and did not respond to our survey. That is usually a good sign that they do NOT support gun rights.


For those of you who receive NRA candidate ratings, please note that NRA’s ratings often do not reflect that a candidate supports gun rights.


For example, the NRA endorsed Senator Tim Knopp whose Facebook page shows photos of him proudly posing with Bloomberg’s “brave” anti-gun “Moms Demand Action.” Knopp also refused to join Republican Senators when they walked out to protect your rights, choosing to stay behind with the anti-gun Democrats.


NRA endorsed Representative Brad Witt, who has called for banning rifle sales to 18-20 year olds.


They gave no rating to House Speaker Tina Kotek who is in control of Oregon’s most militant anti-gun House and who has been part of the cabal of Oregon leftists who condone and promote the rioting and looting that is destroying Portland.


If you are unsure which district you are in, you can find out here:
Please make your voice heard.
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Second Special Session Ends


The second “special session” of 2020 ended late last night. Once again, the voters were shut out of the process and all of “the people’s business” was conducted behind closed (and locked) doors.

However, no anti-firearms legislation passed.

There were some contentious moments after Governor Kate Brown blamed Republicans for killing a bill that died in a committee… controlled by Democrats. (As they all are.)

The bad news is we are now aware of prosecutions of gun owners who have defended themselves against rioters. And not where you would expect.

We are tracking one such incident in southern Oregon and will keep you informed as the case moves along. Obviously, when someone faces violent attackers and then has to face malicious prosecution we are all at risk.

Now our efforts need to be focused on elections. We are used to hearing that “this election” is the most important in history. Certainly “this” election will be like no other we have ever had, simply because we have never seen campaigns taking place under the circumstances like those we are living in.

In addition to the violence on our streets, the government covid-related mandates are changing the entire landscape for political campaigns.

There is simply no way of knowing if the state of chaos in Oregon will encourage people to vote against those in power (who are almost uniformly against gun rights) or if the strange (and strained) state of campaigns will lead people to simply vote for the names they know best and retain the failed power structure.

We strongly urge you to be engaged in the coming elections. We have never seen the kind of upheaval we are experiencing before and your actions in the elections are absolutely critical .

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First Special Session Report


The first “special session” of 2020 closed on June 26.


The people of Oregon were locked out of the session and the Capitol Building. While the Democrats gave lip service to the notion that the public could still testify, anyone who watched the “remote” hearings could see that actually connecting was a clown show with constant missed or dropped calls and a system totally incapable of keeping people involved.

Arnie Roblan
Peter Courtney
Floyd Prozanski

While numerous bills restricting police passed, the continuing chaos in our streets was ignored.



Five of the police accountability bills begin with the introductory clause “Black Lives Matter.”

By capitalizing “Black Lives Matter” they  enshrined the leftist, anti-police, political organization and not the concept that people of one particular race matter.

Nowhere mentioned in any of the bills was the fact that people of all races suffer when those in authority abuse their power.

While we see nightly violence in many parts of our state and, in fact, across the country, the Democrats in control continue to condone and approve these actions, refusing to condemn the organized destruction.

Even while the governor is instituting more restrictive measures against the law abiding and curtailing their freedom and rights, she and other Democrat leaders are insisting that the mobs of looters and rioters are somehow immune to the spread of the disease she uses as a justification for closing churches. The nightly riots in Portland barely register as “news” showing up in the “Oregonian” well below sports stories.

There is no doubt that these actions are coordinated and well funded. 

No one should underestimate how violent those involved are prepared to be.

Videos from around the country show people, including police, being attacked by armed mobs and whole parts of American cities are now under the control of violent criminals.  All with the blessing of elected Democrats.

Small town mayors are being attacked for standing up to the mobs.

All of this was predicated in 2017. 

So what does all this mean for you?

While Oregon has always done a very bad job of processing the background checks required before you can exercise a God given Constitutional “right”, things have now reached a crisis stage.

Every day OFF hears from people who are waiting days for the State Police simply to start their background checks for gun purchases . Then they have to wait through the process of the check which could delay them for months.

While both Oregon and Federal law allow a buyer to take possession of a firearm if they have not been approved after 3 business days, (barring an outright denial )  this rule only applies to people who have been delayed after a check has been initiated. There is no protection for people who are waiting just to have the process begin. And even then, very few dealers are willing to transfer a firearm on a “delay” because of the years of threats and lies they have received from the ATF and the State Police.

People who are justifiably fearful of the daily violence, and the inability of police to intervene, are facing long and dangerous delays acquiring self defense firearms even if they can find something to buy.

The State Police Firearms Instant Check unit is grossly understaffed as a result of Kate Brown’s stay-at-home dictates while we experience the biggest surge in attempted firearms purchases ever. Furthermore, Kate Brown’s animosity towards gun owners all but guarantees that there will be no effort on the part of the State Police FICS unit to correct the mess they have created.

Add to this the fact that many sheriff’s offices are refusing to issue new concealed handgun licenses and it is becoming the perfect storm for mindless anarchy.

Many people in the worst locations are on their own and defenseless.

There is currently no reason to believe any of this is going improve soon. The Governor has promised more “special sessions.” Anything can happen in those sessions. The Democrats in control demonstrated in this most recent session that Republican bills and input are not welcome. The minority party may as well not even show up.

While Oregon faces an economic crisis created by state mandate, the legislature is in no way compelled to address that. They have the ability to institute any new law they want to and could certainly use the current chaos to ram through new firearms restrictions at the same time our police are being ordered to stand down and having their budgets cut.

Now would be a good time to assess your current needs and situation and consider making whatever preparations you can as the lawlessness moves out of the larger cities. Oregon’s ruling party has shown no interest in restoring order and in fact demonstrated a strong affinity for the rioters.

Please be cautious and we’ll keep you informed of any legislative action the may effect you even while you as voters are locked out of the process.



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Gun Sales Spike. Oregon Legislators Wonder Why.


The Senate Judiciary Committee met today via Zoom, to discuss a number of issues related to COVID.

This meeting was scheduled before Covid became yesterday’s crisis to be replaced by today’s crisis of “extreme asset reallocation through looting in the interest of social justice”.

On the agenda was Increase in Firearm Sales and Background Check Issues During COVID-19 Epidemic.”

Whatever slowing in gun sales we may have seen after the initial Covid spike has no doubt been replaced by another upsurge due to the opening of riot season.


Photo by Warren Wong


For the complete powerpoint presentation provided by the State Police’s Major Tom Worthy, please see this link.  

The increased numbers and excessive wait times are documented.

The presentation was brief, as were the other presentations on today’s agenda, and there were no real surprises:

OSP has had a large spike in sales, they have a shortage of staff and most of them are working from home where they lack the right equipment to get the job done efficiently.

There was a not-so-subtle push for raising the cost of a background check when it was brought up then when they have to do any kind of investigation the $10.00 fee does not cover their costs. What was not mentioned was how much profit there is in the large number of cases where the background check sails through.

Another point the Major made was (we have not verified this) that in some other states, the authorities conducting the background checks say either “yes” or “no” and there are no “pending” or “delayed” status checks. And boy doesn’t that make their lives easy.

This was something he seemed to indicate would be a good idea in Oregon. Since the overwhelming number of delayed purchases in Oregon turn out to be unjustified this is obviously something we would strongly oppose.

Senator Michael Dembrow  wondered where gun sales were increasing (everywhere) but just when you think you’ve heard the dumbest questions, Senator James Manning proves it can always get worse.

Disturbingly, Manning wanted to know if the State Police kept records of “why” people were buying guns and asked if it was “just hey I’m buying this new shiny firearm because it matches my eyes.” (1:48:32 in the archived video.)

(So once again you can see how important it is to vote.)

Oddly, Major Worthy said he’d like to know too.

The Major told him they do not keep that information and doubts the public would want to share it. We, however, are willing to speculate on the upsurge in sales. (Just a wild guess of course.)

A recording of the hearing is posted here

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Ballot Title Battle Continues


Yesterday OFF filed our “Reply Memo” to the Attorney General’s response to our challenge to the ballot title for IP 60.

As you know, IP 60 would place extremely onerous restrictions on the possession of modern firearms and firearms feeding devices.

OFF challenged the original ballot title (as we did successfully on IP 40) in an effort to make sure the ballot title reflected the extreme nature of the measure. The original proposed ballot title did nothing of the sort.

You can see the AG’s “Answering Memo” here.

You can see our “Reply Memo” here.

Thank you once again for you amazing support in these battles.

Current events have certainly taught us how fragile our 2nd Amendment rights are and how easily they can disappear in times of crisis.

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Legislative Drama And Ballot Measure Update


It’s entirely possible that this message will be obsolete by the time you read it.

Things are happening very quickly and everything is subject to change.

We’ll start with the positive news and move on from there.

As you know, OFF challenged the ballot title for IP 40. This ballot measure (it is not a legislative bill) would require that you keep your self-defense firearms locked up and useless. It would hold you “strictly liable” for misuse of your guns by other people. (Challenges were filed by both OFF and the NRA.)

Today the Oregon Supreme Court responded with an opinion that agreed in large part with our arguments.

That opinion can be seen here. This is a positive development because now, should this measure make the ballot, Oregon voters will have a clearer idea of how bad it is.

In the legislature, today was all drama. The House Rules Committee held a “hearing” with invited testimony only. As you can imagine, the only testimony invited was testimony that supported the Democrat’s position.

The Oregon House Democrats had issued “subpoenas” to the House Republicans who walked out in protest of the outrageous behavior of the ruling party. Since the beginning of the session, the Democrats have worked to ram through radical legislation with little discussion or input. (One Republican House Member, Cheri Helt, stayed behind with the Democrats.)

The stated intention of this hearing was to have the subpoenaed Republicans show up to be grilled by the Democrats. To no one’s surprise, no Republican legislators were there, but many of their supporters were.

Attorney John DiLorenzo submitted a letter explaining why the subpoenas were not enforceable, but of course was not invited to testify.

Both the Senate and House Republicans announced today that they would be willing to return before the session ended to vote on important budget bills (which should have been done early in the session) but within minutes of the Rules Committee closing its hearing, the House Speaker “adjourned” until 11.59 PM Sunday when the session must officially end.

The Senate President soon did the same.

By all accounts, this should mean the session is over and no more bills can be passed.

However, while this particular legislative session has ended, and no anti-gun bills passed, rest assured the Governor and the Oregon Democrats will be using any trick or procedural move they can to somehow enact their very dangerous and unpopular bills. There can be calls for “special sessions” or even “emergencies” declared.

So while we may be out of the woods as of right now, anything can still happen.

The Democrats are furious that the Republicans stood up to them and protected your rights and pocketbook and it’s certainly possible that this is not over.

Earlier today we told you about our challenges to the ballot titles of IP 61 and 62. While we are grateful for all the support and words of encouragement, we do have to report that we have hit a snag on this process.

Although we are very pleased by the outcome of our challenges to IP 40 and are looking forward to similar success with our challenges to IP 60, the simple fact is, our challenges to IP 61 and 62 were filed a day after the deadline. We learned of this after we sent out this morning’s alert. We take full responsibility for the error and we are working overtime on alternatives to the challenges we filed.

As you can imagine, this is not the outcome we, and you, would have wanted. But rest assured we are looking at every option to correct this.

We do believe that IP 60, which contained all the bad elements of 61 and 62, was the main goal of the gun grabbers, and 61 and 62 were back-ups in the event IP 60 was blocked. However we will still be doing everything in our power to stand in the way of all anti-gun measures and we thank you for your understanding.

Please stay tuned as the landscape could change very quickly and very dramatically.


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Court Challenges Filed


Yesterday Oregon Firearms Federation filed court challenges to the ballot titles for IP’s 61 and 62.

IP 61 would severely restrict ownership and transfer of modern firearms including virtually all rifles, some pistols and even some shotguns that no one would consider “semi-automatic.”

IP 62 would ban the future sale of standard ammunition magazines and outlaw the possession of previously owned magazines outside your home if they are loaded.

As you know OFF has already filed a legal challenge against the ballot title for IP 60 which contains the worst of both IP 61 and IP 62.

We are expecting a Supreme Court decision on our challenge to IP 40 (mandatory gun lockup) sometime today. 

With Bloomberg out of the race for President we can expect him to return full time to his efforts to end gun ownership one state at a time.  Your support has helped us stand in his way.

The clock is ticking on the end of this legislative session and if the Republicans hold fast to their protest against the outrageous abuses of the Democrat majority, no gun bills will pass this session. But no matter what happens in Salem, these ballot measures still represent a very real threat. We want to thank all of you who have so generously contributed to these very expensive legal battles.