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Judge Raschio


Today in Harney County, Judge Rashchio struck down every single objection the state raised to his decision to enjoin Measure 114.

The State is spending millions and millions of your dollars to end firearm’s ownership in Oregon and prosecute Oregonians  who exercise their rights under the US and Oregon’s Constitutions.

Today they were in court explaining why they believed that virtually every conclusion the judge reached in his decision to protect Oregonian’s rights was wrong.

Once again, attorney Tony Aiello reduced their pathetic attempts to an ash heap and the judge agreed, denying every single objection.

As absurd as the entire expensive episode was, the most ridiculous part was when state hack Anit Jindal tried to make the argument that firearms don’t require magazines because… muskets.

The next step in Oregon’s endless war against its most law abiding citizens will no doubt be an appeal to the Judge’s injunction to a higher court, paid for by you. But for now, Happy New Year. The Marxists lose another round.  Thank you Mr. Aiello.

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The unimaginable debacle that this legislative session has been is not quite over.

After a 6 week protest that brought the left’s extremist agenda to a halt and gave hope to thousands of Oregonians, the Senate Republican Leader and a few of his more despicable cronies, declared unconditional surrender and helped pass HB 2005.

Under the current version of this bill, gun owners in Oregon could face 5 years in prison and $125,000.00 fines for the crime of having built their own firearms.

For centuries Americans have been responsible for some of the greatest innovations in firearm’s technology while building and modifying firearms at home.

Personally manufactured firearms have always been legal and never required bowing to the state and applying government regulated serial numbers for personal firearms that were not being sold. This kind of legislation has already been declared unconstitutional in other states.

The Senate Republican leader, Tim Knopp, has now crushed that personal liberty, placed gun owners in the cross hairs, and claimed it’s a massive “victory.”

Senator Lynn Findley said “These are major victories for accountability, accessibility, and civil rights.” He then went on to attack the very bill he helped pass by showing up on the floor.  You can view his comments here.

Only in the Alice in Wonderland fantasy world of politicians do people who rolled over and sold out the folks who hired them claim success when they gave up someone else’s rights.

(If you don’t feel abused enough, you can still throw away money on Oregon’s 13″ tee shirts and other crap.  Though they should change the name to  “Sell Out Swag”.)

But what makes the entire display all the more absurd and inexcusable is the fact that Knopp, and whoever else voted to go along with this deal, did so after the damage had been done to most Republican Senators and Independent Brian Boquist. (Senators Boquist, Robinson, Bonham, Hayden, Linthicum and Thatcher refused to go along with this sell out. Senator Girod as been excused for months for medical reasons.)

Now the best Republican Senators are no longer eligible to hold office in the future and the Democrats got virtually everything they wanted. For most people, the deal simply made no sense.  After Republicans reached 10 unexcused absences, the Democrats had zero leverage. Nothing.  There was not a single rational reason for Republican leadership to fold.

(Well there was not a single reason that benefited voters.  How the “players” benefitted may not be known for a while.)

This strategy seemed to be designed to guarantee the worst possible outcome for Oregon gun owners. It is impossible to imagine how this could have been a miscalculation.

But, it’s not over yet.  Since the language of HB 2005 was changed, it now has to go back to the House to be voted on again. The House has now scheduled the vote for June 21st. 

Keep in mind, none of the House members boycotted the floor sessions. They showed up every day and help the Democrats rush through bill after bill after bill.  They never put themselves or their political futures at risk for you.

The session must end on June 25th.  There is no way the members of the House could accumulate 10 unexcused absences between the 21st and the 25th.

The Republican House members now have the power to stop this atrocity at NO RISK to themselves at all. All they have to do is refuse to participate.

Given that House Republican Leader Vikki Iverson has been as rudderless and ineffectual as her predecessor Christine Drazan, and given, by her approving comments, she was clearly part of the “deal” that was cut to screw gun owners, it’s highly unlikely that she would take a courageous stand.

But it was not that long ago that the Republican members of the House promised to contribute $25,000.00 to mount a legal challenge to HB 2005.  And while that would barely be a downpayment on a real lawsuit, the House Republicans could save a few bucks by simply not showing up for the vote on this terrible attack on gun rights.

Since it is very likely that most Republican Senators will not be able to serve in the future (only Anderson and Brock Smith stayed on the floor to protect their jobs) there are going to be a bunch of Senate seats opening up. And you can bet that the House reps (who say they supported the walk out) are eyeing those seats and making plans to move up.

The Republican House Reps have a unique and cost free way to save gun rights and demonstrate that they actually stand for something. We think the chances of that happening are damn slim. One “Republican,” Kevin Mannix, (who we warned about from the beginning) is already on record opposing the walkout. But it is possible.

And for once, the Republicans who regularly complain that nothing is their fault because the voters don’t elect enough of them, might actually give voters a reason to elect more.

Is it a long shot?  Yes. The longest.  But it ain’t over till the last Republican caves. 

Call or email Iverson.  Remind her that Republicans inspired a lot of admiration while they were standing up. Remind her that you matter and you are furious that she would allow you to become a felon for exercising your rights. Remind her that walking out on clearly unconstitutional legislation is not an option, it’s a duty. And remind her that doing the right thing is a lot cheaper than a lawsuit.

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1455



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“Today is a victory for Oregonian’s parental rights and law-abiding gun owners. After months of being promised a bipartisan session, Democrats chose to prioritize a partisan and extreme agenda. Republicans held the line and were able to amend the worst parts of House Bill 2002 and the Democrats Omnibus Gun Bill, House Bill 2005. I appreciated working with Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp throughout this process to ensure better outcomes for all Oregonians,” said House Republican Leader Vikki Breese- Iverson (R-Prineville)

That was an email Breese Iverson sent out today under the heading “Click to Edit This Heading.”

Apparently in a rush to claim victory for another embarrassing surrender, she forgot to replace the headline in her template.

This was in the wake of the Senate racing through the amended HB 2005.

The Oregonian noted:

“House Republican leader Vikki Breese-Iverson, R-Prineville, applauded the deal she helped broker in an email, calling it a “victory” for “law-abiding gun owners…”

So it’s interesting that even the Republican Senators who showed up to provide quorum voted “no”.   Some victory for gun owners.

Iverson has always been in the tank doing all she can to torpedo real conservative candidates including attacking the primary opponent of House Rep Charlie Conrad, who has now proven himself to be a pretty reliable supporter of the far left extremists Iverson pretends to oppose.

Based on her rush to embrace defeat, there is little reason to expect the House Republicans to take a stand and defend your rights to build or possess a personally made firearm that does not have an approved serial number.  That Iverson and some Senate Republicans are calling this a victory for gun owners borders on the bizarre.

While there are still a handful of Republican Senators who opposed this disgraceful and cowardly surrender, at the moment there is not a single House Republican we can imagine supporting going forward.

Today on Senate floor for the passage of this dangerous and clearly unconstitutional bill were Senators Knopp, Findley, and Anderson who provided the quorum the Democrats needed to outlaw personally made firearms.    

Currently the schedule has the House voting to repass the amended bill on June 21st.

Keep in mind, this bill was the one the House Republicans claimed they were going to bring to court.  Now they are calling it a great victory.  That should save them a few bucks.

All bill information can be found here:

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Knopp Caves Gun Owners and Good Senators Screwed


It’s about official as it can get. Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp has made a deal with the Democrats and you are on the chopping block.

Personally made firearms will be banned under Knopp’s sell out and while there is some talk of getting something on the record that it will not apply to AR style uppers, we have no reason to think they are actually going to change the language of the bill to clarify that.

But it does not matter.  Americans have a long and proud history of making their own firearms and some of the best innovations in firearms technology were made by individuals in their own shops.

Courts have already declared that banning them or requiring serial numbers is unconstitutional. None of which matters to Knopp and his handful of toadies who went along with this deal.

Now some of the best pro-gun Senators will be prevented from holding office in the future and gun owners still got the shaft.

Senator Hansell is not running again so he does not care, Anderson and Brock Smith stayed on the floor to protect their own sorry backsides and Knopp knows he has no chance of winning his seat again.  But they all got to vote on approving the sell out.

Once again, Republican “leadership” has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Another disgrace for the people who got hired to protect our rights.

It’s not clear exactly who will be returning to the floor or when and some Senators clearly did not approve of this “deal”.

We will know more in the coming days.  Your efforts have been heroic.  But in the end, Knopp and his minions care a lot more about themselves than your rights.

Knopp is pretty much done with, so if you want to express your disgust feel free to contact Anderson and Brock Smith who stayed on the floor to make sure they could run again. We hope the voters in their districts recognize what disgraceful sell outs they are.


Because of changes that are being made in the bill, it still will have to go back to the House to approve those changes. This late in the session, House members can safely walk out and still kill this.  We have no indication they have the courage to do so.  But there is still time to contact the House Minority Leader and tell her that the House now has the chance to do the right thing and not even have to show the courage some Senators have.

Please contact Vikki Breese Iverson and tell her to walk out on the concurrence vote on HB 2005. This one should be a no brainer.


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They Made A “Deal”


Well the bad news is we were right. Tim Knopp is making deals to throw gun owners under the bus.

The “deal” will be to let the Democrats ban personally made firearms, a scheme courts have already determined to be unconstitutional.

You can read about it here.

Of courses, as we have already pointed out, the “deal” will actually ban all AR style firearms and many others due to the mangled language the bill uses to describe “ghost guns.”

Most Republican Senators have sacrificed their political futures to stop bills like this and now it appears Knopp is ready to throw their sacrifices away to appease the Democrats.

Remember, the “ghost gun” bill was the one the House Republicans said they would take to court (after they helped pass it by staying on the floor.)This is not a “deal”. This is a sell out.

Tell Knopp that your rights are NOT negotiable.

Senator Tim Knopp

Capitol Phone: (503) 986-1727




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Let’s NOT Make A Deal


As you know, and as we have repeatedly reported, the Republican Senator’s denial of quorum has been completely effective at slamming the brakes on the Democrat’s extreme agenda.

(Only Senators Dick Anderson and David Brock Smith have been showing up every day to Senate floor sessions.)

So, in spite of being in the minority, the Republicans have been essentially controlling the agenda and protecting the people who elected them from the worst of the Democrat’s bills, stalling some very dangerous gun restrictions.

But now the left is buzzing with talk of a “deal” to bring the Republicans back in exchange for the Republicans folding on personally made firearms, what the left calls “ghost guns.”

Cartel media reports have already discussed some kind of trade off.

If the Republicans accept this deal they will be effectively banning all AR style firearms and countless other guns because the “ghost gun” language is crafted so badly that they are banning the parts that are not, and have never been, regulated. Basically they would be outlawing AR firearm’s UPPER receivers which were never required to have serial numbers, while ironically ignoring the parts they think they are banning.

If Knopp and the Republican Senators fall for this deal they will have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory to placate the left wing media and once again stuck it to gun owners.

Please contact Senate Minority leader Tim Knopp and remind him that gun owners have stood behind the Senate walk out and not to sell us out now when we could win it all.

Senator Tim Knopp

Capitol Phone: (503) 986-1727

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Federal Trial Rolls On

Federal Trial Rolls On.


Before we share a report of the third day of OFF’s federal trial to stop the unconstitutional Measure 114, we want to take a moment to once again send our sincere thanks to the Republican Senators who have risked so much to protect our rights and basic common sense by refusing to participate in the Democrat’s war on sanity.

By protesting the Democrat’s outrageous agenda by denying quorum, the Senate Republicans, and two Independents, (Art Robinson and Brian Boquist) have put the brakes on SB 348.

SB 348, as you know, was Floyd Prozanski’s effort to make Measure 114 even worse than it was when passed by out of state millionaires.

The Democrat propaganda machine and their mouthpieces in the media have been working non-stop to demonize the peaceful protest of the Senators who denied quorum to protect the minority, even as they continue to pretend to want to protect the rights of minorities.

So please take a moment to send a word of thanks to Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp and ask him to share your appreciation with his fellow Senators.

At the trial we face a number of challenges. As you may know the Judge has declared that she will not hear arguments about the constitutionality of Measure 114 as applied. Her position is that the issue is “not ripe” because no one has yet been harmed by the measure.  Of course, the only reason no one has been harmed yet is because a state judge in Harney County, in a separate decision, placed an injunction on the measure. So it cannot go into effect until after a full trial in State Court which we expect to happen in September.

Needless to say, if the measure takes effect, thousands of Oregonians will be denied their rights to acquire firearms legally, countless gun stores will be out of business and untold numbers of hard working Oregonians will lose their jobs. The judge has noted that we are free to bring another lawsuit at that time at enormous expense while the state gets to pay their many lawyers…with your money.

The state has taken several positions that are, on their face, ridiculous.

They have claimed that the magazines they seek to ban (virtually all magazines) are not protected by the Second Amendment because they are not “arms” they are “accessories”.  This is patently absurd.  Flashlights are “accessories.”  Magazines are components. Without a magazine no magazine fed firearm could function as intended. To take the position that these devices are not protected would be to say that stocks, bolts, and trigger groups are “accessories” and can be banned by the whim of the legislature or uninformed voters.

As we have pointed out, because the measure calls for the banning of any magazine that can be converted to hold more than 10 rounds, it would ban almost all magazines rendering modern firearms useless. (They very goal of the state and the measures proponents.)

The state is also contending that the “permit to purchase” scheme is constitutional because it is “shall issue” and “shall issue” permit schemes are allowed under the Bruen decision.  But this is clearly false.

First of all, there is nothing in the measure that compels any police agency to issue permits. They “may” but it’s not required. Some sheriffs have already stated they will not issue permits because they simply lack the resource and facilities to do so. Keep in mind, that if the police in your county cannot issue, your ability to purchase a firearm is gone. You may not apply in any other county.

But beyond that, no sheriff can legally issue a permit anyway.  The measure requires that the FBI conduct a fingerprint check. The FBI has flatly stated they will not do so. So there is no legal way for the sheriff or your local police to comply.

No permit can be “shall issue” when the permitting agent cannot issue.

While our witnesses and attorneys have done an amazing job of making these points, it remains to be seen if the judge is seeing the obvious contradictions.

The state has been relying on “expert witnesses” who are attempting to prove that early firearms do not have the capacity of modern firearms. Why you need “expert” witnesses to prove this is hard to understand. But the notion that our constitution only protects things in existence 200 years ago is odd when the argument is taking place in a courtroom filled with computers and flat screen TV’s, fed by the internet, and protected by metal detectors.

John McDonnell is an OFF volunteer who has been in court every day. If you have been to a gun show recently you may have met John at an Oregon Firearm’s table.  If you meet John at a show please be sure to thank him for his tireless efforts and activism.

What follows is John’s observation of yesterday’s proceedings. We expect closing arguments to be tomorrow.

Day 3 of Measure 114 Federal trial – June 7th, 2023

Update from OFF volunteer John McDonnell

The defense (state of Oregon) is still calling their witnesses.  First witness, historian Dr Delay testified on the evolution of repeating firearms throughout the 1800’s. 

Although interesting, not much new information that others had not already spoken of including development of repeating rifles by Winchester and Henry. 

Through 1860, there were few lever action rifles with internal magazine capacity greater than ten rounds. 

They all of a sudden jump to number of rounds fired during the Virginia Tech and Las Vegas shootings pointing out that there were more deaths when repeating firearms with greater than 10 rounds available in a magazine.

It appears that they are making the case that, absent changes in science, technology, and manufacturing, there would be fewer deaths by gunfire.

The only redeeming concept was a nod to John Moses Browning and his revolutionary design.  Colt thought it was a gimmick, so Browning sold his idea of the 1911 to FN.

Next witness was another historian, this one with a PHD from Yale.  His testimony was another history lesson about militias and the arms they possessed.

His information came from probate records of the period.  Yes, you heard that right.  Information on amounts and types of firearms from around the 1740s to 1798 was based on probate records.  He did point out that most private firearms owned were “fowlers.”

These firearms were lighter, smaller caliber, and cheaper than smooth bore muskets or rifled barrel long guns.  His final point was about the rate of fire with rifles and muskets being a max of 3 rounds per minute.

During cross examination, he testified that the concept of militia during the revolution being civilian volunteers was incorrect.  He also is adamant that the Heller decision is wrong.  The only redeeming value to his testimony was, while demonstrating how to load and fire a musket, he pointed his pretend firearm at the judge and then apologized to her.  Another “expert” paid for with your tax dollars.

Third witness is being paid $1,150/hr of our money.  Seems the majority of her research was verifying the NRA Armed Citizen Database.  She used some of the most powerful analytics available and still came up with the same numbers as the NRA.  Good thing we spared no expense to verify publicly available statistics. 

During cross, she also admitted that she doesn’t think anyone except military and law enforcement should have guns that can contain over 10 rounds.  She also admitted that she didn’t try to verify that a previous plaintiff had stated that he used 13 rounds in a self defense situation.  The lawyer for the defense kept insisting that, since there was no police record or newspaper reports of the incident (since they didn’t look for any) that his testimony is in question. 

Next witness spoke about how dangerous objects such as Bowie knives, dirks, sword canes, and pistols were regulated at times in history.  The regulations she cited were all related to concealed carry.

Last one was a professor of English and linguistics.  There was a boring discussion of what words meant in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The point was to prove that cartridge box was an accessory.  They quite clumsily tried to make the point that cartridge boxes and pouches were the same as magazines and not part of a firearm. 

They found a single newspaper article from the mid 1960’s about an early machine gun.  In the article, the author stated that the cartridge box was moved to the breach of the barrel for self-loading and it was therefore a magazine.  And so, voila, a modern magazine is the same as a cartridge box or pouch and thus not a part of the firearm. 

During the cross, it was revealed that the witness was upset that his testimony in front of SCOTUS during Heller was rejected.   He was also upset that SCOTUS ignored his brief during the Bruen case.

The Kavanaugh opinion from Bruen was brought up.  The defense seemed to insinuate that Kavanaugh’s opinion that permits could be issued for carry outside the home, somehow applied to permit to purchase.  We’ll see how that goes.

The defense is expected to continue with testimony from their witnesses all day tomorrow.

In the mean time, when the discussion of Tina Kotek keeping your kicker comes up, think of just how much of your money the state is spending on these “expert” witnesses. 

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Federal Trial Underway.

Yesterday was the first day in OFF’s federal trial to stop the implementation of the very dangerous and unconstitutional Measure 114.

In addition to the limitless budget the state has to deny your rights, the judge has allowed an anti-gun organization to “intervene” adding to the army of lawyers working to undermine the Second Amendment in Oregon.

We are proud to note that OFF’s witnesses did an outstanding job of presenting the facts and the reality of this measure, in spite of the shameless attempts by the state to discredit and impeach them. Needless to say, the state failed.

No matter which way the judge rules, the harsh truth that this measure is far more expansive than the state pretends it is, will come out.

Adam Johnson, the owner of Coat of Arms firearms in Keizer, was able to skillfully place on the record that virtually all firearms magazines will be banned under this measure, not just those capable of holding over 10 rounds.  This was something the judge clearly had never considered and was obviously surprised by. 

Most questions by the state and the anti-gun intervenors were completely nonsensical and had nothing to do with the issues of the trial. But their cross examinations were surprisingly limited and it was clear they wanted to steer the arguments away from the facts of the case and use their time to attack our witnesses for the “crimes” of actually supporting gun rights or working in firearm’s related businesses.

The strategy of the state, from the start, has been to side step the issues and the clear dictates of the Supreme Court.

The state, and the anti-gun organizations who are in league with the state, are basing their entire argument on the fact that firearms and firearm’s magazines are used in crimes.

This is hardly a novel or compelling argument, and it is absurdly irrelevant. Of course firearms are used in crimes. But the state is also trying to imply that standard magazines are never used for lawful purposes, and in fact, are not even “arms” that are protected by the Second Amendment. 

The state is using stats of the “average” number of rounds fired in self defense situations to imply that because that is fewer than ten, people are not even using ten round magazines in defensive situations. Since most modern firearms come from the manufacturer with magazines over ten rounds, and there are countless millions of them in the hands of law abiding gun owners, this is an utterly nonsensical position.

Unfortunately, it is a position the court seems happy to entertain.

(Even more absurd is the reality that if law abiding Oregonians are stripped of their right to own magazines, criminals will still be acquiring as many as they want by  using any of the millions in circulation or simply crossing state lines to buy them from any gun store.)

But it should not even matter. The courts have clearly upheld the right to own arms for any lawful purpose and it is undeniable that countless thousands of people use standard capacity magazines for purposes in addition to self defense.

The argument that firearms and standard magazines are used in crime should not even be allowed to brought into this case. The Supreme Court in Bruen made it clear that the state cannot use a “balancing test”. If the Second Amendment protects it, it’s protected. So it is troubling that this irrelevant and completely emotional argument is being permitted.

What is not being allowed is the mountain of evidence our lawyers and volunteers have assembled demonstrating that the Oregon State Police are already not doing their job and almost certainly cannot complete the additional work Measure 114 will create for them.

The judge’s exclusion of this information and the cartel media’s refusal to acknowledge it will certainly color the outcome.

The Court has also made it clear that it intends to severely restrict discussion and arguments about the devastating “permit” system which will essentially end gun sales in this state.

The injunction placed on Mz 114 by a state judge will remain in effect until that trial which is scheduled for September.

The Federal trial will continue this week.  The cartel media will continue to be the mouthpiece for the state and provide slanted and misleading propaganda about the proceedings. You can count on that.

Meanwhile, every effort has been made by the state to drag this battle out as long as possible. Our legal bills are enormous and continuing. Our legal team has been working non stop and will continue to all week.

Your financial support for this fight has never been more critical as we work to build the strongest possible case and prepare for what will be the inevitable appeal.

We are deeply grateful for your help and activism.

Please consider any donation you can make to this critical battle. Our funding does not come from national organizations or firearms businesses. 100% of our resources come from people like you.

Donations to the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, which is funding this fight can be made here:

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American Gestapo


May 31st is the final day to obey the Biden crime family’s demented dictates restricting pistol braces or face possibly decades in prison.

To be clear, it is our position that the Biden administration is the single most corrupt and dangerous organization ever to inhabit (or infect) the White House.

Federal law enforcement agencies, long engaged in unconstitutional acts, have been weaponized far beyond what most could have imagined a few years ago.

We know the FBI has been compromised and the ATF has a very long history of attacking and entrapping American gun owners. 

So moving forward it would be wise to assume that those agencies will do everything in their power to attack you, prosecute you, and imprison you if they view you as the enemy. If you are a law abiding gun owner who believes in the Second Amendment, you are the enemy.

If you have taken it a step further and identify as Christian or have opposed pornography in your children’s schools, consider yourself a high value target.

While the legal landscape is changing rapidly here is what we can tell you about the way things are today.

A federal court in Texas has issued an injunction against the enforcement of the pistol brace rule, but ONLY FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE.

While the internet is abuzz with opinions about who those people are, it is NOT CLEAR.

No two lawyers agree on what it means because the current orders are still very ambiguous.

In the Mock vs Garland case, the Texas case in question, the court issued an injunction to cover the “plaintiffs” in the case. One of the plaintiffs is the Firearms Policy Coalition.  FPC then requested a clarification from the court to determine if the injunction covered their “members.”

It was no surprise that the state, whose only mission is to crush the freedoms of Americans, actually objected to the request for clarification.  That is how despicable this administration is, that they would actually try to block a clarification of a court order.

While the court did issue a “clarification” it only added to the confusion.

Currently FPC is taking the position that if you are a member you are covered by the injunction.  We think that is an open question, however we still believe that you should join FPC. If they are right, that is a layer of protection for you. And while it will not prevent federal goons from arresting you, it may be a defense later on.

If FPC is wrong, you have still joined an organization that has been very active and aggressive in fighting for your rights.

If you choose to comply with the Biden dictates, it is impossible to say for sure how you can do this.

The ATF has said you have until  May 31 to attempt to register your pistol as a heavily regulated short barrel rifle.  Keep in mind, the ATF’s job is to entrap you. If you DO attempt to register your pistol as an SBR you will have given this dangerous agency a written and signed document stating that you are in illegal possession of an NFA firearm.

You could also turn in your firearm to the ATF. (Which again is an admission that you are in unlawful possession.)

But otherwise, every possible response is a crap shoot. 

The imbecile head of the ATF has stated publicly that you can comply by simply removing the pistol brace. However, the ATF has issued a “ruling” saying that is not sufficient. But there is no agreement on what is.

Keep in mind, this is the same agency that has stated, in writing, for years, that pistol braces are perfectly legal. So do not, under any circumstances, trust or believe anything they say, even if it is in writing. They will gladly prosecute you for something they told you is legal.

And don’t trust anything any individual ATF agent tells you. Ever.  If you ask ten different ATF agents a question, you will get ten different answers. If you ask one ATF agent a question ten times, you will get…ten different answers.

It certainly does not appear that removing the brace will protect you. It does not appear that removing the brace and storing it offsite will protect you if the authorities believe you can have ready access to it.

While some interpretations are that the brace must be “modified” so it cannot be reattached, there is no direction for what that means and is essentially tantamount to destroying it.

Some interpretations are that the firearm has to be modified so a brace cannot be attached, but in our opinion that is impossible. Any “modification” could be reversed so it’s hard to imagine what modification you could make that would not still leave you in the cross hairs.

This leads to another unknown. The ATF (and others) has stated that one possible work around would be to put longer barrels on your AR pistol, but we have not seen anyone discuss whether you can simply put your pistol brace on any AR rifle you may own. If you do that and still own an AR pistol, are you out of compliance again because you still own both?

And since it is the American Gestapo’s position that you would be breaking the law by having a pistol brace, and a pistol that would accept it, because now you are in “constructive possession” of a short barrel rifle, how can you legally own any AR with a telescoping stock and still own an AR pistol? Would not your possession of the stock on the AR rifle also give you the means to quickly construct a “short barrel rifle”?

While adding a conventional AR telescoping stock to an AR pistol would certainly make it an SBR, we have seen no discussions about whether it is legal to own a pistol and own a stock, which of course, is not regulated at this time.

The reason you are not likely to find answers to these questions is because there aren’t any.  This entire mess has been cooked up to create criminals while violent psychopaths walk free and real criminals are streaming across our borders.

So unless and until this is resolved, we strongly recommend that you exercise extreme caution and take whatever steps you can to protect yourself.

The rogue federal agencies have countless ways to suspect you of having a pistol brace.  If you purchased yours online, the records of the dealer can be obtained by the feds. If the dealer does not keep those records the names and addresses in their mailing software can be easily obtained by federal agents.

While the likelihood of any individual being targeted in the early days of this ban are low, please keep in mind that the Biden administration is vindictive and determined to make an example of as many gun owners as possible. One only need to look at the treatment of the scores of prisoners who have been abused simply for being at the mostly peaceful protest on January 6th.

Do not take this lightly. Be prepared.

Our Federal trial in the Measure 114 case begins in early June. At this time the state has shown no inclination to follow the clear directives of the Supreme Court. So we are certainly facing some challenges. The trial in the separate state case, where a judge in Harney County has issued a temporary injunction against 114, is in September, so we do not believe that 114 can take effect before that.

As we told you,  SB 348, Floyd Prozanski’s bill to worsen and implement the provisions of 114 is due for a work session on Wednesday.

No matter what happens this fight has a long way to go.  If you can contribute to the legal battles, we are always grateful.

You can make a secure online donation here:

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Memorial Day. 2023

Memorial Day 2023




In honor of all who gave their lives for this country, we offer our deepest respects to those who have fallen and their families.

In the midst of the travel and celebrations, we will never lose sight of their sacrifices. 

We pray that our country can live up to those sacrifices even as our state sinks further into a disrespectful and despotic shell of what it once was.

Today, Senate President Wagner open and closed a floor session in five minutes. It was purely a formality and no attendance was taken.

The side show will continue on Tuesday.

Senate Bill 348, is now in the Public Safety Subcommittee of the Joint Ways and Means Committee.

It is scheduled for a work session on May 31st at 3PM.

No public testimony is taken at work sessions but you can use the link above to watch it.

SB 348 is Floyd Prozanski’s personal attack on Oregon’s law abiding gun owners. It takes all the worst provisions of MZ 114 and makes them far worse.  Prozanski is a tortured neurotic whose personal demons have lead him to fixate on protecting criminals and victimizing anyone who would actually protect a loved one.

Every single element of 348 is intended to punish people for being willing to take responsibility for the safety of the themselves and their families.

It’s a sad commentary on Prozanski and his Democrat cohorts.  But, at this point it seems unlikely that it will go anywhere.

Keep an eye on it for last minute amendments, but unlike the Republicans in the Oregon House who seem determined to help the Democrats pass every single deranged bill they can dream up, and sometimes even top them for stupidity, for now, most of the Republicans in the Senate are standing firm at great personal risk. Since 348 has not yet been voted on in the Senate its chances this session are quite slim.

Once again, we thank the Senate Republicans for setting an example of what character means. And we wish you and yours a blessed and safe Memorial Day.

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Today, most Republican Senators again refused to participate in the repellant sideshow that Oregon’s Democrats have made of the legislature.

After a few “courtesies” including Senator Manning’s “courtesy” to another social justice warrior, (we think that was what he was doing) a grim looking Senate President Rob Wagner again dismissed the Senate for lack of a quorum. Manning’s “courtesy” can be enjoyed here.

(Manning’s legislative staffer is Miles Pendleton. While that sounds like a white preppie from Connecticut, young Miles is actually the president of the Eugene NAACP.  He was trotted out by the crackpots behind Ballot Measure 114 to shill for them when OFF was invited to debate the issue on KPTV. None of the people actually behind the measure would appear. Pendleton, as you might imagine, demonstrated a comical lack of knowledge about the measure and predictably accused OFF of being racist.)

For Republicans in the Oregon House however, it was business as usual and they continue to show up to pass Democrat bills.  And once again, Republican Kim Wallan asked that the rules be suspended so the bills they were passing for the Democrats could be voted on without reading them.

While most Senate Republicans have made enormous sacrifices to defend your rights the House Republicans seem determined to move the Democrat agenda forward as quickly as possible.

As you know, two Republicans recently voted to attack self defense and your Second Amendment rights by voting to pass HB 2572.

For their absurd and embarrassing explanations see this link.

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House “Republicans” Sell Out Again



Today, the Senate Republicans continued to deny quorum and continued to block the Democrat’s far left agenda.

On the House side, “Republicans” Charlie Conrad and Kevin Mannix joined the Democrats to pass HB 2572.

All other Republicans voted no.

As we have warned you, this bill is a direct attack on individual 2nd Amendment rights and a free pass for antifa. 

The bill specifically exempts organizations that are not “under a command structure.” And no less a reliable source than our own President has assured us that antifa is merely “an idea”.

The tactics used by the left to disrupt and intimidate; “corkers” and “bike blocks,” were also specifically noted as NOT being subject to the bill, as noted by far left extremist Dacia Grayber, the bill’s sponsor.

The testimony by the Democrat supporters was mostly simple lies. The testimony by “Republicans” Mannix and Conrad were a display of inexcusable, intentional, ignorance.

Grayber inferred in her floor speech that NRA was involved in the crafting of this bill. NRA flatly denies it. In fact, throughout the history of this bill Grayber has been making the same statement even after and NRA stated clearly in a hearing on the bill that this was false.

Kevin Mannix’s anti-gun history goes back almost 25 years. Conrad is new at it.

If the House Republican’s insist on meeting and thereby greasing the skids for the Democrats, you would think they could at least keep their own people on board with protecting your rights.

The bill will now go to the Senate where we hope it gets the death it richly deserves because of the heroic action of the Republicans who have denied quorum.

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If you’ve been with us for a while you know we have never been shy about calling out Republican legislators as well as Democrats.

Today we have a different story.

As we told you earlier, every single Republican Senator refused to show up today for the grotesque parody we have been witnessing in Salem.

Today, three of then reached their tenth day of “unexcused absences” meaning under Ballot Measure 113, they cannot run for office in the next election cycle.  We have no reason to believe more will not follow in the days ahead.

So, before we do one more thing, let’s send our gratitude to those who took the point in the the ugliest time in Oregon politics.

They crossed the Rubicon for us and for something the bottom dwellers in the Democrat caucus could never understand. Principle.

So right now, please reach out with an expression of thanks for a level of courage unheard of in modern politics.


Senator Brian Boquist

Senator Dan Bonham

Senator Dennis Linthicum


Senator Rob Wagner

Wagner personifies everything venal, arrogant, petty and, ultimately, stupid about Oregon’s modern Democrats.

He has no concept of personal integrity, no honor, and no interest in anything except the acquisition of power.  So it’s been instructive to watch him grow increasingly frazzled as his threats and bluster failed to intimidate the Senate Republicans.

Today he blathered on about the Constitution. Something he and his fellow Democrats have never given a damn about before and certainly have not considered as they steamrolled extremist bills they know are unconstitutional.

Wagner is outraged ! OUTRAGED! that Republican Senators have peacefully walked away from this disgraceful sideshow even as his ilk praise the riots and disruptions that take place when something happens his party does not like. 

He continually refers to the passage of Ballot Measure 113 as some kind of holy grail because the “people” of Oregon passed it, never mentioning that they also passed the catastrophic Ballot Measure 110 and a series of other ballot measures the leftists in the legislature immediately went to work to overturn.  The will of the “people” only counts when it aligns with his extremist agenda.

The “will of the people” meant nothing when the people of Columbia County voted twice for a Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance.

But now Wagner and his fellow travelers are out of plays.  The Senators they have been threatening have called their bluff and placed integrity over self interest. And cowards and liars like Wagner have no cards left to play.

Please take a minute to send a message of support to the men who stood up for us today.


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Showdown Day 6


Today, most Oregon Republican Senators again refused to play the Democrat’s game and again denied quorum which prevented the left from ramming through more attacks… for one more day.

Of  course, on the other side of the building, for the Republicans in the House it was business as usual. And business for the House Republicans is passing Democrat bills. Today, it was Republican Shelly Davis who made the motion to suspend the rules so they could speed things up by NOT reading the bills. And by doing so, once again the Republicans have streamlined the process of advancing the Democrat’s agenda.

 Far left Senate mouthpiece Kate Lieber used her now daily press release to acknowledge the support the House Republicans are giving the Democrat agenda. In today’s propaganda piece she noted “House Republicans have cited the importance of debating bills on the chamber floor as the reason why they did not walk off the job.”

She went on to continue her outlandish and absurd lies about Democrat bills. Referring to the bill to eliminate parental rights, she deceitfully says “It simply restores the abortion rights Oregonians had under Roe v. Wade, expands insurance coverage for gender-affirming care, and protects Oregon medical providers’ ability to give the best, most appropriate care to their patients.”

The bill “restores” nothing as nothing was taken in the first place. Lieber is a liar, period, full stop. But of course that lie was not enough. She goes on to say ” The goals of the Gun Violence Prevention Package (HB 2005) are to improve community safety, help law enforcement do their jobs, and keep guns out of the wrong hands….The bill balances community safety and individual liberty – an Oregon solution to a growing challenge.”

Anyone who does not smoke crack for breakfast and has read the bill knows this is complete nonsense, the bill is a naked attempt to disarm the most vulnerable Oregonians.

We cannot predict where this is going. But consider this, the minute any Senator reaches ten “unexcused absences” the Democrats have NO leverage of any kind against them. And while they may not be able to have their seats in the future, they can’t be removed before the next election. And for some that’s a few years off.

In their hateful zeal for vengeance and control the Democrats may have stepped in it.  Senate President Rob Wagner’s  has rescinded virtually all “excused absences.”  His arrogance and belligerence may leave the Republicans with nothing to lose.  And that is NOT something you want to do to your enemies. . 

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Dacia Grayber’s bigoted “paramilitary “ bill is back from the dead.

HB 2572 is now scheduled for a hearing tomorrow in the House Committee on Rules which has no deadlines.

We warned you about this dangerous anti-rights bill here.

This outrageous and insulting bill has massive opposition and is only supported by the most extreme anti-gun organizations like the “League of Women Voters”, the “Alliance for Gun Responsibility” and the Oregon Department of “Justice.”

While the promoters of the bill have insisted it’s “not a gun” bill, as you can see by the alert linked above, the people pushing it are radical anti-gunners.

There is no question this bill is intended to strip the rights of legally armed people to protect their property.  And while the leftists promoting it are trying to mislead voters, this bill defines “paramilitary organizations” as:

‘Private paramilitary organization’ means any group of three or more persons associating under a command structure for the purpose of functioning in public or training to function in public as a combat, combat support, law enforcement or security services unit.

As we told you, an opinion from “Legislative Counsel,” the lawyers who write the bills, stated:

“In section 2 of HB 2572, the definition of “private paramilitary organization” is quite broad and could in fact apply to a private security company, since a private security company would not fall within the law enforcement exception in subsection (3).”

It could also apply to your church security team.

Please contact the Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson, who is vice chair of that committee, and remind her that this bill is not only an attack on private citizens protecting property, it is almost certainly unconstitutional.

You can submit testimony here.

You can sign up to testify remotely here. The link to sign up to testify will be in the toolbar at the top of that link.