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Sellouts Double Down




As we previously reported, two Senate Republicans have joined forces with left wing extremist, Rob Wagner, to pass SB 865.

The sole purpose of the bill is to further weaken the Republican Party and attack two Senators who are new party officers.

It’s no coincidence that those targeted Senators are among the 6 who stood up for their constituents’ gun rights and refused to participate in the charade that was SB 554.

SB 554 is the radical anti-gun bill passed with the help of 6 Republican Senators, and almost all Republican House members, who remained on the floor for the vote, thus giving the anti-gun Democrats the quorum they needed to pass this dangerous legislation.

Senators Bill Hansell and Lynn Findley, not content with helping the Democrats pass that bill, are now attacking Senators Dallas Heard and Dennis Linthicum, who walked off the floor in opposition to the bill.

Heard and Linthicum are among the newly elected leaders of the Republican Party.  They took over in February after a vote of party officials. They won overwhelmingly and replaced the old guard whose rudderless leadership has been so costly to the party.

But this victory was not cheered by everyone and forces in the old guard, furious that they have finally been replaced by real leaders, decided to undermine the new team and convinced Findley and Hansell to do their dirty work.

For the record, they also convinced Senator Dick Anderson, but he withdrew his name from the bill.

What the bill does is punish Linthicum and Heard by prohibiting them from serving as Senators and officials in the party.  They are they only two people in the entire state that the bill would apply to.

The bill calls for fines of $250.00 a day if they don’t step down. This is how the left governs.  If they don’t like something they make it a crime. And now they have traitors like Findley and Hansell acting as their water boys.

It’s hard to describe this level of cowardly vindictiveness.

Hansell and Findley have been taking a lot of heat for being part of the cabal, led by Republican “leader” Fred Girod, who sold out gun owners, and all Oregonians, by greasing the skids for the passage of extreme new gun control measures, but they are also letting other terrible bills pass.

They are unlikely to seek reelection so they were the perfect tools to crawl into bed with the left to promote the destruction of the opposition.

Staffers in Fred Girod’s office comically told callers that Girod had “not read the bill” but his comments indicate otherwise.

Bill Hansell issued a particularly lame and unbelievable excuse for his revolting attack on his own party. .

The bill is now scheduled for a hearing on May 18th in the Senate Rules Committee. A committee chaired by, surprise, surprise, leftist Rob Wagner.

If the bill is passed out of Wagner’s committee, which is likely, it will almost certainly pass on the Senate floor. The Democrats would love the opportunity to stick it to the Republican Party, and cowards like Hansell, Findley, and Girod will certainly provide the quorum the Democrats need.

This kind of outrageous meddling in the operations of the party is a disgrace. Something we are growing accustomed to by the sellouts in the Republican Caucus. It’s critical that this bill be stopped.

You can upload testimony in opposition using this link:

Please be sure to use the drop down menu and pick “May 18th”. You can use this link to see examples of opposition testimony.

It’s important to get your testimony on the record, but more important right now would be contacting Senate President Peter Courtney and demand that he stop this vicious attack on two upstanding men and the internal policies of the Republican Party.

A handful of vindictive has-beens should not be allowed to poison the well to satisfy the destructive urges of a collection of losers.

On another note, as you probably know, our friend House Rep Mike Nearman has now been indicted for the “crime” of opening a door. When Mike opened a door to the capitol, the worst possible thing happened.  Oregon voters got into their own building.  A building they have been locked out of for this entire legislative session.

Many of you have generously responded to our call for support of Mike.  We are deeply grateful. If you would like to help Mike fight a rigged system please view this link.

To everyone who has contributed to Mike’s defense, we thank you and Mike thanks you.  To all of you who continue to contribute to our efforts here at OFF, we want to extend or sincerest gratitude as well.

Oregon is facing the greatest crisis in our lifetime.  The state is literally crumbling and the people who are working valiantly to save it are being torpedoed by their own troops.  Everything you do to stand in  the way of the turn coats means a great deal.  Thank you for staying in the fight.



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Does ANYONE Believe This Crap?

Does ANYONE Believe This Crap?



Republican Senator Bill Hansell joined Republican Senator Lynn Findley and Republican Senator Dick Anderson to attack the duly elected leaders of their party and two fellow senators.

We believe none of them had the brains to come up with this scheme and we are sure sooner or later we’ll find out who was responsible.

But for now, we present a press release written by someone, for Hansell, with his pathetic attempt at excusing this act of treachery. 

Read it here.

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Gun Ban Bill Passes. 6 Republicans Made It Happen

The Sellout is Complete



SB 554 as amended by the House, has been passed by the Senate and now goes to the governor for her signature.

The bill was rushed onto the schedule last night after having been posted for a vote on June 11th and then June 15th.

6 Republicans Senators once again provided the quorum needed to pass the bill. Last month almost all House Republicans did the same.

The Republican Senators who helped pass the bill were:

Fred Girod

Dick Anderson

Bill Kennemer

Tim Knopp

Bill Hansell

Lynn Findley

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod rose on the Senate floor to call Oregon Firearms Federation a “fringe group” and said it was not “ok” to threaten people.

This has become a popular theme of Republican “Leaders” who not long ago were calling OFF begging for money.

Apparently we were out bid by the millions in Federal money legislators got in exchange for rolling over.

Of course OFF has never threatened anyone. Ever.

Comically, he also said we were “not welcome in his office and should be banned from the building.”

Perhaps Fred’s mask is cutting off his air and he has not noticed that we, and everyone else, have been banned from the building for a long time. Fred did not consider OFF a “fringe” group when he came to us with his hand out. As you might imagine we will be asking Girod to return the checks we sent to him.

That was YOUR money Girod took to help the sell outs. We hope you’ll join us in our demand for a refund.

Your God given rights to keep your family safe have just been flushed down the toilet by…Republicans.

Throughout this disgraceful display, House Rep Bill Post has attacked OFF, accused us of misleading people and promised that the Republicans had a “secret plan.”  Looks like Bill’s mask was a bit too tight as well.

Not participating in this side show were:

Dallas Heard

Dennis Linthicum

Chuck Thomsen

Kim Thatcher

Brian Boquist

Art Robinson

They stood up for your rights.

Dennis Linthicum posted this today.

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Take A Walk Fred

Take A Walk

After months of watching Republican “leadership” roll over for the supermajority in the Oregon Legislature, some folks had enough.

As you may have heard, a recall campaign has begun against Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod.

Under Girod the Senate Republican Caucus has been fractured and two Senators have officially left it in disgust. 

Dangerous anti-gun legislation has passed the Senate because Girod refused to stand up to the Democrats and managed to convince 5 other Republicans to join him in the sell out.

Since then we have learned that each Republican Senator has been offered 4 million dollars to spend as they like in their districts. Now the reasons for the sell out are becoming clear.

The damage Girod has done to Oregonians and his own caucus is incalculable.  As the state slips further into chaos and people and businesses continue to be crushed, Girod continues to hand victory after victory to the Democrats.

Oregon cannot survive Fred Girod. If you live in Girod’s district, or know someone who does, please consider helping remove Girod and replacing him with someone who cares more about Oregon than himself.

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Decoding SB 554.


“Drazan said representatives like her, who stayed to vote no against the bill, are not the enemy. She repudiated deceptive language used by activist groups. She said their information is misleading and “buys into the aggressive swarm mentality. Cancel culture with full abandon.”

For more on “deceptive language” read on.

We are at the turning point. The Oregon Legislature is passing extreme attacks on your rights and safety. The Republicans are saying that it’s no big deal because the “people” can always pay many thousands of dollars to refer anti-gun bills to the voters. At the same time, anti-gun organizations are (once again) planning ballot measures that will require many thousands of dollars to challenge. None of the Republicans who accepted donations from gun owners have offered to return any of that money to fund the efforts to reverse anti gun bills or stop new gun control ballot measures.

As you know, SB 554 has passed the House. In exchange for their caving to the Democrats and handing them a victory on this bill, each House Member got 2 million dollars to spend in their districts with very few restrictions. The Senators who voted for, or allowed SB 554 to pass, each got 4 million.

Now that most Senate Republicans, and virtually all House Republicans, have caved, SB554 is much closer to becoming law. Because changes were made to the bill when it was passed in the House, it will have to go back to the Senate for their approval of the changes. If most Senate Republicans fold again, the bill becomes law. If the Senate does not agree to the changes, a “conference committee” will have to be appointed consisting of both House and Senate members.

That committee’s job will be to reach an agreement on final language.

So, while anything can happen, it is entirely possible that they will make the bill even worse than it is.

Because the bill has been through many iterations, we want to tell you what is in the language of the most recent version as passed by the House.

There are some elements of the bill we will not discuss.  We see no reason to point out to the people who are attacking your rights and ability to protect yourself, some of the mistakes they have made.

That would just allow them to go clean up the mess and make the bill even more dangerous. But we’ll point out the most important elements that will make you far less safe should this bill finally pass.

Keep in mind, the Democrats who promoted this bill are the same people who condone the mindless violence that has continued unabated in Oregon for the last year.

The Republicans who claim to oppose this bill but helped pass it by providing a quorum for the Democrats don’t approve of the violence but are willing to place you and your family in increased danger for a few million bucks.

Section 2(1) describes “authorized persons”:

“Authorized person” means a person authorized by the owner or possessor of a firearm to temporarily carry or control the firearm while in the presence of the owner or possessor.

Section 2(9) describes “possessor”:

“Possessor” means a person who possesses a firearm with permission from the owner of the firearm for a period of time when the owner is not present.

So it appears a person, other than the owner of the gun, can be allowed to be in possession of the gun whether the owner is present or not. A person can be given permission to control a gun by someone who does not own the gun if the person who is giving permission has been given permission to give that permission by the owner. But only while in the presence of the “authorized person”.

We hope that’s clear.

Both the sponsors of the bill, and the lawyer who drafted this language, have stated that you may allow your minor child to have access to one of your firearms to protect themselves. However,  Section 2 (3) (b) says that “control” (meaning control of the firearm)  means:

That the owner or possessor of the firearm is in the person’s own residence, either alone or with only authorized persons who also live in the residence and who are not minors, and the residence is secure.

It would appear, that while the owner of a firearm could “authorize” a minor, that minor could still not be in possession of the firearm since neither the owner nor a “possessor” is in the mandated “control” of the firearm if minors are present. We think.   

But while the bill seems to allow an “owner or possessor” to “authorize” another person to “carry or control” a firearm as long as the “owner or possessor” was present, the “authorized person” would still have to be someone who lived in the house. It’s not clear how you “authorize” someone to be a “possessor” instead of an “authorized person.”

Got it? Good, we’ll move on.

Section 3 of the bill deals with mandated storage.

SECTION 3. (1)(a) An owner or possessor of a firearm shall, at all times that the firearm is not carried by or under the control of the owner, possessor or authorized person, secure the firearm:

The bill mandates that all your guns be locked up and useless except in very specific circumstances.

While, as you can see, the bill’s language is mostly incoherent (don’t worry, according to the sponsors the courts will figure it all out) the bill mandates that you lock up anything you are not carrying or are  “…close enough to the firearm to prevent another person who is not an authorized person from obtaining the firearm”.

The bill does not say you must actually “prevent” another person from obtaining the firearm “only that you “be close enough.”

In order to comply with the law your guns must be “secured.” That means:

A) With an engaged trigger or cable lock;

(B) In a locked container; or…..

(C) In a gun room.

So. What’s a “gun room?”

(5) “Gun room” means an area within a building enclosed by walls, a floor and a ceiling, including a closet, that has all entrances secured by a tamper-resistant lock, that is kept locked at all times when unoccupied and that is used for: (a) The storage of firearms, ammunition, components of firearms or ammunition, or equipment for firearm-related activities including but not limited to reloading ammunition, gunsmithing and firearm cleaning and maintenance; or (b) Conducting firearm-related activities, including but not limited to reloading ammunition, gunsmithing and firearm cleaning and maintenance.

That sounds like almost any room in the average gun owner’s home. But since it’s not clear exactly where the “secured entrances” have to be don’t count on it.

There is nothing in the bill that exempts gun stores from all these locking requirements. It is not known how they will be able to comply with these regulations. So far, no one has thought to inquire about that during the floor debates.

A firearm is not considered “secure” if:

A) A key or combination to the trigger or cable lock or the container is readily available to a person the owner or possessor has not authorized to carry or control the firearm.
(B) The firearm is a handgun, is left unattended in a vehicle and is within view of persons outside the vehicle.

We are guessing that (B) means if the gun is locked in your car, but can be seen, it’s not “secure.”

Any gun you do not lock up is a Class C Violation just for not locking it up.

However, if a minor gets an unsecured firearm, it’s a Class A Violation.

(2)(a) A violation of subsection (1) of this section is a Class C violation.
(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection, a violation of subsection (1) of this section is a Class A violation if a minor obtains an unsecured firearm as a result of the violation and the owner or possessor of the firearm knew or should have known that a minor could gain unauthorized access to the unsecured firearm.

Here is what follows in Section 3.

c) Each firearm owned or possessed in violation of subsection (1) of this section constitutes a separate violation.

(3) If a firearm obtained as a result of an owner or possessor of a firearm violating subsection (1) of this section is used to injure a person or property within two years of the violation, in an action against the owner or possessor to recover damages for the injury, the violation constitutes per se negligence, and the presumption of negligence may not be overcome by a showing that the owner or possessor acted reasonably.

(4) Subsection (3) of this section does not apply if:
(a) The injury results from a lawful act of self-defense or defense of another person; or (b) The unsecured firearm was obtained by a person as a result of the person entering or remaining unlawfully in a dwelling, as those terms are defined in ORS 164.205.

So, if a person gets possession of your unlocked firearm you are liable for what they do with it even if you can demonstrate that you acted “reasonably.”  They replaced the term “ strict liability” but it basically means the same thing. There is nothing in the bill that describes how you can prove that guns taken from you were “secured.” So it’s not known if you have to prove they were, or the court has to prove they were not. 


If you read subsection 4 above, you might get the impression that your are not in trouble if an unsecured firearm was used in self defense or was stolen. But not so fast.

Subsection 4 says you will not be subject to being sued if a gun is stolen or used in self defense, but you can still be charged with having it unlocked. And then only if the gun was stolen from a “dwelling.” You have no protections if the gun was stolen from your business or your car. And, as you will see, other parts of the bill almost compel you to leave your gun in your car at times.

Section 4 of the bill requires that firearms be transferred with an “engaged trigger or cable lock or in a locked container.”

That means that every new firearm you purchase must be locked when you get it. And every gun you transfer to someone other than a close family member must be locked up.

If they are not, the person who transfers the gun is liable for misuse of that gun for two years. We don’t even have to discuss the lunacy of this demented provision. But again, no one knows how dealers and others are supposed to prove that guns that were transferred were locked up… two years ago.

Section 5 of the bill mandates that you report lost or stolen guns. You are responsible for any crime or accident associated with any lost or stolen gun for two years after it is lost or stolen if you don’t report the loss or theft. 

Section 6 deals with supervising minors.

We think we’ll just leave this out so the nazis pushing this crap don’t get any worse ideas.

Section 8 is where a lot more trouble happens.

The short version is licensed gun owners will no longer be allowed in their capitol building with firearms. Not even legislators.

The steps and the grounds surrounding the Capitol will still be open and available for blm or antifa or anyone else who wants to riot and threaten people. But licensed gun owners will now be forbidden from going through those gauntlets with any protection. But since we are not allowed in the building anymore anyway, really… what’s the difference ?

You don’t have any meaningful way to participate in the “legislative process” now, why should you expect it in 30 or 40 years when all the new variants of covid have been conquered?

You will also not be allowed in airport terminals. But don’t you worry about that, it’s been a while since there have been significant disruptions at the airport.

And you can always leave your gun in your car. (Ok well, never mind.)

But the bill also bans licensed carry on school grounds.

Any school, college and OHSU can ban licensed carry not only in their buildings, but on any grounds they “control.”

That means you can no longer drop off or pick up your kids. You can no longer attend sporting events. You can no longer participate in any program taking place at any school that decides to banish you. And it means the school shooters, who the supporters of this bill used to generate the tears and pant wetting they employed to pass this crap, get carte blanche to attack the babies unimpeded by CHL holders. And of course, the Democrats also want to eliminate police in schools, declaring open season on the kiddos.

Those are the highlights.  We expect this bill to be back on the Senate floor early next week. The Senate Republicans have one more chance to stand up for you, the people who elected them.

Or they can just keep the loot.

One man is keeping Senate Republicans on the floor to help the Democrats stick it to gun owners.

There is still time to let him know how you feel.

Senator Fred Girod

Republican – District 9 – Stayton

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1709 

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Two Gun Bans Move Forward


While other states continue to reduce restrictions on gun owners, Oregon presses forward to tighten the noose around them.

(The Senate recently passed a bill making the display of a noose a crime, so we won’t illustrate this post. “Noose” means a tied loop in the end of a length of rope or cord. We are not making this up.)

Today after multiple delays and backroom deals so secret even Burdick and Prozanski were apparently excluded, the House Rules Committee amended and passed out SB554.

The final version was made public only hours before the work session and after the public could comment on it. That’s transparency at work.

Here is the version they adopted.

The bill now goes to the full House for a vote.

If the bill is brought to the floor as expected, it will pass. Bills like this do not get to the floor unless Kotek knows she has the votes.  So if it makes it to the floor the only thing the House Republicans can do is walk out and deny a quorum, something most Senate Republicans refused to do when the bill was in the Senate.

The amended version of the bill combines the attacks on law abiding gun owners of SB 554 with the attacks on gun owners that were in HB 2510.

Having only one bill to screw gun owners, while rewarding criminals. is less time consuming than having to run both bills and saves the Senate the hassle of dealing with a House bill.

Under the new version you will still need to lock up your guns and you will still be responsible for crimes committed with stolen guns. Because in Oregon, we don’t punish criminals, only  gun owners.

There were some changes made in the prohibitions on public buildings. Now instead of all public buildings being off limits, you only face prison time and a loss of gun rights if you visit our (your) capitol, a school, or an airport terminal. We have no doubts many Republicans will consider this a massive victory.

The amended bill contains this language:

“(3) ‘Control’ means, in relation to a firearm:

“(a) That the owner or possessor of the firearm is close enough to the firearm to prevent another person who is not an authorized person from obtaining the firearm; or

“(b) That the owner or possessor of the firearm is in the person’s own residence, either alone or with only authorized persons who also live in the residence and who are not minors, and the residence is secure.

The drafter of this bill insists that this means that a minor can be an “authorized person.” The committee accepted that explanation.  We simply cannot see how they can reach that conclusion.

Because of delays in the House caused by a report that someone, somewhere, was exposed to covid, (or maybe exposed to someone who was exposed) we cannot tell you when this bill will reach the floor.

If it passes out of the House it will need to go back to the Senate because of the changes.

So, at this point both the House and Senate Republican leaders STILL have the power to kill this bill.  The ball is in their court.

The Senate and House leader’s contact info follow:

Senator Fred Girod

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1709 

Representative Christine Drazan

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1439

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Important Update on SB 554.

If you are planing to testify (or attempt to testify) on SB 554 today, please be aware of an amendment proposed by Senate President Peter Courtney.

The “dash- 20” amendment combines the lock up law (HB 2510) with SB 554 and makes a few other changes. The most important one is the addition of an “emergency clause.”

The addition of an emergency clause eliminates the ability of the people to refer the bill to the voters. It was the absence of an emergency clause that the turncoat Republicans in the Senate were using to excuse their selling out on the bill. Their position was that the people could always run a ballot measure to reverse the bill.

With the addition of the emergency clause that option virtually disappears.

The amendment also seems to reduce the number of places that will be made off limits to CHL holders but still includes a doubling of the cost of the permit.

A copy of the amendment is included if you want to refer to it in your testimony.

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House Shuts Down Again

Oregon House Closes Again. And that’s fine with us.



It appears we may have jumped the gun on our last alert posted below.

The hearings and work sessions for SB 554 will almost certainly go on tomorrow and Thursday in spite of the House closing for a covid scare.

The hearing and work sessions are held remotely. So there will be no need to stop them. Please refer back to this post for the correct info,


Once again, the Oregon House is closing down because of reported case of Covid.  As of now, the hearing and work sessions on SB 554, that we told you about in today’s earlier alert, will be postponed. We do not have a new date for those meetings.

While this only delays attacks on our freedom, it does give Republicans more time to grow a spine and stop these bills.

We did mention amendments being proposed to SB 554 in our previous alert and there are two new ones so far that may be considered.

Both of these amendments were introduced by Democrat Brian Clem.  Clem used to pretend to be a defender of gun rights and once apologized to us for supporting a gun control bill with the excuse that Speaker Tina Kotek “made him do it.”

Clem is now an avowed anti-gun militant.  His two amendments ban firearms in parks and add a complete removal of Oregon’s preemption statute to SB 554. Repealing Oregon’s preemption statute would basically allow any locality to ban anything anywhere.

Meanwhile, anti-gun Democrat Brad Witt messes with the wrong gal.

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Gun Ban Bill Gets Work Hearing




Yesterday, in our second alert of the day, we told you that the Oregon House had scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday for SB 554.  554 is the bill that will turn law abiding gun owners into felons and double the cost of a concealed handgun license. A license that will be worth far less should 554 become law.

This bill already passed the Senate with the help of 6 Republican Senators who greased the skids by providing a quorum for the leftists who pushed the bill.

Earlier yesterday we told you the House had delayed a vote on HB 2510, a bill to require that your self defense firearms be locked up and useless and hold you responsible for the crimes committed with stolen guns.

Now the House has scheduled a “work session” for SB 554 the day after the public hearing. Work sessions are were the committee votes to move the bill to the floor for a vote of the entire House.  But it’s also where bills are amended. The work session is scheduled for Thursday April 22 at 8 am.

We don’t know if the delay on HB 2510 has anything to do with the immediate scheduling of SB 554, but there are not a lot of coincidences in Salem.

SB 554 already lists a number of possible amendments. But the committee can always add more, right up to the last second. In fact they can add amendments the public, and even some committee members, have never seen.

We are going to go way out on a limb here and predict that if the bill is amended, it will still not be something gun owners will accept. Let’s face it, the Democrats despise gun owners and they have the votes to do what they want.

At this point there is NO reason to believe the House Republicans under  Christine Drazan will step up and stop the bill. The Democrats greatly outnumber the Republicans, so the only way the House Republicans can stop it is to walk out, which did not happen when the bill was in the Senate. But early in the session the House Republicans willingly gave up any leverage they had when they agreed to be on the floor for a vote on rules that would fine them if they walked out. How they could allow that is anyone’s guess.

If the bill is amended it will have to go back to the Senate for concurrence.

There are a few possibilities if the bill does have to go back to the Senate.

First, the Senate Republicans can roll over and agree to whatever the Democrats have put in the bill… and the bill will pass.

Second the Republicans can put on another absurd dog and any pony show like they did the first time SB 554 was in their chamber and pretend to fight the bill… and the bill will pass.

Last, the Republicans can do the right thing and walk out, denying the Democrats the quorum they need to pass the bill.  Given the past cowardly behavior of the Senate Republican “leader” and the 5 sell out Republican followers who passed the first version of the bill, this is highly unlikely.

Anything can happen in Salem and nothing is over till the last gavel falls. So keeping up the pressure is essential. Both the House and Senate Republican “leaders” need to keep hearing from you.

The worst case scenario of course is the Democrats get everything they want. A ban on guns in countless places and a requirement that the guns you have be locked up.
We think it wise that you prepare for the worst while we keep doing everything we can to prevent it.

While few things are certain in life, one thing is. Portland, like many other places, is going to continue to burn.  The rioters are not going to be stopped and the people in power are going to continue to protect them.  We are heading for a very dangerous summer. The Democrats will be doing all they can to make sure you and your family are defenseless in the face of the thugs they align themselves with.

Make sure you have made whatever preparations you deem wise to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

The Senate and House leader’s contact info follow:

Senator Fred Girod

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1709 

Representative Christine Drazan

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1439

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Go To The Library Go To Jail Bill Moving

Oregon House Now Moving Bill To Make Gun Owners Felons.



Earlier today we told you that HB 2510 had been held over until next Monday.

The Oregon House has just announced that on Wednesday it will be holding a public hearing on SB 554.

The hearing will be in the House Rules Committee. That committee is run by anti-rights extremist Barbara Smith Warner.

554 will make Concealed Handgun License holders FELONS if they stray too close to any public building that has been declared off limits by whoever controls that building.

The bill also doubles the cost of a concealed handgun license. 

This  link:  will provide info on viewing the hearing , submitting testimony, and “attempting” to testify “live remotely.” Note, these links often fail. If that link is broken try this link: 
We have no control over the legislative website but that link should at least allow you to upload written testimony.

While we encourage the submission of testimony and making an attempt to testify to the committee itself, history has shown that these remote hearings are typically train wrecks where pro-gun testimony is often shut out.

(See also this video. )

We encourage you to continue to contact the House Republican Leader who is also on the committee that will be hearing this bill.

Remember, if the Democrats are determined to pass this bill as a goodbye present to Ginny Burdick, they have the votes.  The Republicans can only stop them by refusing to cooperate.



House Republican Leader Christine Drazan

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1400
Email the House Republican Leader: 


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Lock Up Your Guns Bill Delayed Again


HB 2510, the bill to hold you accountable for crimes committed with guns stolen from you, was NOT heard on the House floor today. It was held over again until next Monday.

(This bill would also require that your guns be locked away and useless.)

This is good news and bad news.

Every day the bill is delayed is another day for the Republicans to step up, grow a spine, and stop this madness.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is we have no reason to believe the bill is being delayed for any reason other than to make it worse.

The Democrats behind this bill live and breathe to attack law abiding gun owners so this bill will not die quietly.

HB 2510 is awaiting action in the House, but so is SB 554. So the future of both bills is in the hands of the House members.

554 would make gun owners felons if they were NEAR a public building with a firearm, even while in possession of a concealed handgun license.  So it’s possible the House Democrats are trying to combine the measures. Or they may just be biding their time. Or they may be hearing from so many angry voters that they are reconsidering. We think that’s the least likely option. Senator Ginny Burdick, Oregon’s premier, pathological gun grabber was just given a cushy payoff, so she will not be completing her term, but she will not be leaving before the end of the session. The Democrats believe they “owe” her the passage of more damaging gun restrictions , so there is no reason to relax.

No matter what, the bill did NOT get a floor session today so it did not pass…today.

That means we have another few days to contact House Republican Leader Christine Drazan and remind her that your gun rights are not negotiable.

The Republicans have caved on the requirement to read the bills. In exchange they got a “seat at the table” for redistricting. The fight over redistricting is really an effort for incumbents to save their seats.

If Republicans save their seats so they can continue to pass Democrat legislation, we do not win.

Please contact Drazan and tell her we expect her to do what she was hired do to, protect our rights.

Representative Christine Drazan

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1439

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The House of Cards Is Crumbling

The House of Cards Is Crumbling


With the Oregon Senate a lost cause due to the cowardly actions of half the Republican Senators, the Oregon House Republicans have now followed suit.

As you may know, the House Republicans had been slowing the pace of the leftist thugs by requiring that each bill be read in its entirety before being voted on. That has all changed.

The House Republicans have capitulated and given up any effort to slow down the pace of the destruction and are no longer demanding that the bills be read before they are voted on.  As House Rep Mike Nearman said, “Fasten your chinstraps,the speed of legislation is going to get fast and the tone of the legislation is going to make a hard turn left.”

Here is what the Republicans got in exchange for handing the Democrats the keys to the car and the liquor cabinet and 100 bucks in cash…

Now the Republicans will get “equality” on the House Committee that handles redistricting. (Or is it equity?)

Republicans in both Houses have been using redistricting as an excuse to continue selling Oregonians down the river. The claim has been that if they walked out, they could not influence the redistricting process. That was laughable on a number of levels.

First of all, walk outs are never intended to last forever. They last until your demands are met.

Second, the Republicans have nothing to say about anything. Period. If the Democrats want it, the Democrats get it. The Republicans can only get what they ask for if they are asking for something the Democrats want.

But now, the House Republicans bargained away your rights for the illusion that having equal membership on the committee means anything.  For one thing, it has no effect on the Senate Redistricting committee. Furthermore, now all the Democrats have to do is refuse to agree to anything the Republicans wanted (which they would have done anyway) and stall the process long enough for leftist radical, Shemia Fagan, (our ultra activist Secretary of State) to take over the process. Which was the plan all along.

The Republicans threw in the towel as soon as they got what they thought would be cover.

Now, HB 2510, the bill to force you to be defenseless in the face of criminal attacks, AND be responsible for guns stolen from you will be the first thing on the agenda Monday.

The bill was carried over from April 12th so the Republicans would not have to fold so soon after another humiliating defeat.

As you know, if a bill gets to the floor, it WILL pass. The exceptions are so rare as to be meaningless.

This means the Republicans KNOW, that barring divine intervention, HB 2510 is going to pass Monday. And all the theatrics the Republicans have planned will be nothing more than another side show for the unwashed masses.

Meanwhile, the Republicans in both Houses keep shoveling their usual load of horse manure that they are “doing all they can” to stop these bills, when they refuse to do the only thing that actually can stop them and that’s to walk out.

The Senate (with the help of six Republicans) has already passed SB 554 and that bill is now awaiting action on the House side. The House will vote on Monday on HB 2510, and if all goes according to plan most of your gun rights will soon be gone.

As you may know, in reaction to this disgraceful behavior, a recall campaign has been filed against Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod.  Girod is on record in numerous places saying he “doesn’t care” about the recall. (This, in spite of the fact that the recall is being run by conservatives, the very people who elected Girod.)

We have had numerous reports of people contacting Girod’s office to object to his sell outs only to be rudely told by Girod’s staff that they “don’t matter.”

While there is an official recall underway, others who appear to have no connection to the official recall are expressing their outrage with signage calling for Girod’s ouster.

The website on their sign was not active when we first were made aware of it, but  clearly other people are independently fed up.

Interestingly, this effort has been mocked by House Rep Bill Post, and Dru Draper.

Bill Post is a Republican who has courted gun owners for years and regularly asked OFF’s PAC for donations.  Dru Draper is the flack who is responsible for the endless stream of fundraising pitches the Senate Republicans have been sending since they began their sell outs.  Apparently, they think people who are upset with Girod (and other turn coat Republicans) are “clowns.”

It now appears that the sellout is nearly complete. While both SB 554 and HB 2510 still have a way to go to become law, it’s clear that the Republican leadership and most Republican legislators are committed to let that happen.

We fully support the recall of Fred Girod. We believe strongly that this kind of duplicity and cowardice cannot be rewarded. Girod came to us and asked for help when the election was underway. And we helped. That was your money he took and your votes he got so he could kick gun owners in the teeth.

Recalls are expensive. But in this case, we strongly believe there is no other option.

If you agree, we’d love your help. Donations to our PAC will go to the recall campaign.  Thank you.

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It’s really hard to say if this man is actually this stupid or if he is just a raving coward. He could be both.

In this article, this fraud says the Senators who had the courage to protect our rights by walking out on the vote for 554 “ran and hid.”

This, on a bill that had NO chance of defeat in spite of the clownish theater created by Hansell and the 5 other sell outs who helped the Democrats pass this bill by providing a quorum.

Hansell regurgitates the absurd nonsense that the people don’t like walk outs. He ignores the reality that, with only one exception, every single legislator who walked out was re-elected if they were up for election and the duplicitous Republicans GAINED seats after the last walk out. And the one Republican who did NOT get re-elected would not have gotten re-elected under any circumstances.

Hansell repeats the garbage that they could not walk out and protect your rights because the bill “would still be there.” Ok here is a clue Bill, since you clearly lack the intellect to figure this stuff out yourself, walk outs are tools used to negotiate. Exactly like they were when your caucus had a real leader and not the gelding Girod. Your walk out negotiates the bill away. It does not “stay there.” This is beyond brainless.

Hansell is quoted in this story as follows:

When Oregon State Sen. Bill Hansell told a colleague he was planning to show up to work on March 25, he received a firm warning.

“His immediate words to me were, ‘Bill, you’ll be crucified,’” the Athena Republican said.

This is very interesting. One the day of the vote, Senate President Peter Courtney had an unfortunate open mike moment and was heard saying “I saw Hansell out there, they’re going to get crushed.”

When we reported that (with the audio) Hansell and Courtney stepped all over themselves attacking us and insisting that Courtney was talking about Hansell’s favorite sports team. Nice try Bill.

5 Republican Senators and one independent refused to contribute to the sideshow that Hansell and his fellow travelers produced to help the Democrats put law abiding gun owners in prison. Now this disgraceful , greedy, coward has the nerve to say they “ran and hid.”

Give it up Hansell. The people know you’re a fraud.

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Brian Boquist Post

NOTE. This is a republished email from Senator Brian Boquist from April 8 2021.  We cut and pasted it into  webpage on our site because Boquist does not make these newsletters available on any website and so there is no practical way to share the on social media and keep the embedded links.

Boquist did not provide permission for us to repost this but we believe he will not object to our sharing it.  It has not been edited in any way.


Welcome to this week’s alternative clips prepared by other Oregonians.  As usual, you can unsubscribe below at your convenience.

The Oregon State Senate this week brought out the fact it is not really divided by so-called political parties: the Democratic Party of Oregon or Oregon Republican Party.  While voters for the most part will only elect a Democrat or Republican, the fact remains most legislators have little to do with their own so-called political parties.  Being a registered Republican (House or Senate) does not mean that legislator believes in republican values, as they may be a neocon big government socialist as example.  There is not less than three sides within the legislature of registered Republican legislators in my observations.  Being a registered Democrat (House or Senate) does not mean that legislator believes in democrat values, as they may espouse communism or fascist socialism instead of JFK ideals in my observations as example.  There are at least two sides inside the Senate Democrat Caucusto my knowledge.  There are really very few republican Republicans or democrat Democrats in the Oregon State Senate in my experience.  Bills this week may provide some insight to the readers for consideration.

SJM 5 is a memorial letter to Congress, which they never read, demanding Congress enact nationwide carbon taxes of some sort to stop climate change.  Multiple Republicans were enthusiastic about making this a federal issue.  One Legislator on the Floor claimed a long-gone legislator of another party was supportive but that is not accurate as I know personally.  SJM 5 passed with registered Democrat and registered Republican votes.

SB 513 sponsored by the Republican caucus leader, with strong Democrat leadership support, requires the state bureaucrats to prepare a curriculum on civics then every school district is required to have its teachers indoctrinate students.  Or an alternative is the urban liberal school districts will prepare their curriculum in opposition to the rural conservative school district curriculum.  Think every reader can see the pros and cons, career government bureaucrats defining civics, revisionist history impacts, union involvement, urban verses rural, yet the bill is supposed to solve the uncivility that exists today.  The bill is purely an ‘establishment’ bill for status quo not a real solution.  There was lots of kumbaya in this regard.

SB 513 has a side note.  The Senate Democrat Caucus leader co-sponsored this civics bill plus spoke on the Floor in support of Senator Girod the Chief Sponsor.  The Democrat Leader’s civics Op-ed in the Portland Tribune is a perfect display of establishment civics on both major party side.  There certainly are some similarities between the two majority party caucus leaders as half the Senate Republicans continue to vote to suspend the Oregon Constitution every Floor Session in lock-step with the Democrats.  Oh and both these establishment caucus leaders chair prime committees for Senate Democrat President Courtney.  Wow!

SB 296 regarding the Chief Justice suspending the law in any emergency passed with Republican votes as well.  In short, habeas corpus can be suspended but the issue is complex.  The need expressed to manage court proceedings in an emergency as expressed by the Chief Justice is critical but the solution is more than problematic.  You can see my SB 296 Vote Explanation for details. 

Then today there was SCR-17 a non-binding resolution with zero weight of any law put forth apparently for pure virtue signaling to cover political posturers. If it was meant to be action for environmental justice than a bill enacting statutes or funding programs for all would have been used not a non-binding statement in the form of a resolution.  Portland’s registered Democrat elected officials have faced anti-establishment protesters from their side of the political spectrum for a year who want results after decades of Democrat failures not non-binding written political statements.  I will not be party to any masquerades as the truth matters. 

Sometimes bills are so complex or strange when I vote ‘No,’ I have a vote explanation placed in the Senate records as many times these type bills end up in court:  SB 204 City Auditor Access to LEDS vote explanation, SB 759 Separation of Powers Vote Explanation, and SB 175 AG Address HidingVote Explanation are examples.  Interesting to me all these bills got registered Republican Senator support while SB 759 and SB 175 protect the Attorney General who approves of arresting Republican State Senators with physical force for political purposes, with no due process, and outside the judicial process in direct violation of the Oregon Constitution.  Must be Stockholm Syndrome?  Yep, the establishment is in charge in Salem not political parties.  Government serves government not the People!

Back to the establishment in Salem with a final point.  The establishment contains both Democrats and Republican registered Legislators more concerned with the status quo and re-election than serving their own Districts.  But it is up to the citizens in those Districts to hold their elected officials accountable.  I understand one Republican State Senator is under recall petition now. The cooperation amongst the establishment was displayed in bills above, and procedural Calls of the Senate this week to ensure they keep themselves in power.  It is time for change.

Below are this week’s alternative clips prepared by other Oregonians:


Title: Vaccine passports are discriminatory


In an ironic twist, Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner (D-Lake Oswego) wrote a hit-piece on Senator Dallas Heard (R-Roseburg), while simultaneously co-sponsoring SB 513, a bill that “Requires student to demonstrate proficiency in civics in order to receive high school diploma”. Civics courses have traditionally given attention to the rights and duties of citizens and how government works.

In describing civics courses, this article says, “What good is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people if the people have no idea of what their role as citizens entails or their civic rights as citizens.”

That civics education is greatly lacking in Oregon has been made abundantly clear by the bewildering success of Democrats’ message that Republicans “aren’t doing their jobs” by denying quorum.

Oregonians do not know that the 60 delegates chosen by the people to write the Oregon Constitution in 1857 put the 2/3 quorum requirement in the Constitution for a reason: To protect the minority from the rule of the majority. Republicans in the House and Senate have used denying quorum as a tool to defend hard-working Oregonians from government overreach. Denial of quorum forces both parties to connect in conversation. Super majority rule presents consequential impacts for all Oregonians because Democrats have no incentive to make concessions.

On the issue of cap and trade, a bill that put Portland’s carbon emissions problem on the backs of working Oregonians, was killed by Republicans and incredible grassroots involvement twice, only for it to be passed by Gov. Kate Brown’s dictatorial executive order. Cap and trade is back this session with HB 2021.

To deny quorum or not is highly contentious and Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod (R-Stayton) is facing a recall on the issue.

Read here: the Oregon Senate Housing & Development committee will be hearing SB 852 on Thursday which strips away mortgage interest deductions for secondary property.

Read here: In the Senate Judiciary committee, SB 191 is expected to reduce the voter-approved prison time for rapists, child molesters, attempted murderers and people who use firearms to injure others. One woman shared her tragic story; read the transcript here.

Oregon lawmakers close in on new police oversight laws: “The Oregon Legislature inched closer Monday to implementing a sweeping set of laws that would loosen the grip police unions have on oversight and discipline in the state. Senate Bill 621 eliminates the requirement for cities to collectively bargain with police unions if they wish to implement a voter-approved oversight board with authority to discipline officers. The bill is the first in a series of three that Senate Democrats hope to pass tackling police accountability.”

After proposed 2,800% tax on beer and wine stalls, Oregon lawmakers consider new alcohol price hikes: “Now, Oregon Recovers wants the state to set up a task force to figure out how to reduce alcohol consumption by 15% by increasing alcohol costs.” Increased alcohol costs goes into the states coffers and Oregon is doing markedly well, despite the COVID-19 government-mandated shutdowns.


Since we live in a world constantly on the verge of another lockdown, on April 6, Gov. Kate Brown decided to move multiple Oregon counties into the COVID-19 “high risk” category on April 9. From KATU: “Multnomah, Clackamas, Deschutes, Klamath, Linn and Tillamook counties all shifted to the High Risk category, which means indoor dining capacities at restaurants would drop from 50% to 25%. Additionally, outdoor capacities will be dropped from 150 to 75 people.”

Sandy Mayor had some things to say about how the data in Clackamas County does not reflect the need to enter the “high risk” category.

Last week this newsletter included news stories about how the focus for COVID-19 vaccination has shifted to children as some Big Pharma companies are testing the vaccination on children as young as 6 months. The narrative has continued to shift in Oregon. For example, the media is now reporting on an increase in COVID-19 cases in kids ages 10-19This was never a topic of discussion before. Remember when the government ripped away routines from these children and proceeded to leave them in isolation for a year?  YouTube purged a video with a panel of doctors and the governor of Florida. The topic? Kids do not need to wear masks. From the article: “…When the CDC and WHO began to contradict themselves on many issues, among which included immunities and their source, YouTube took a different direction, curating the “science” themselves and deleting any video that its employees didn’t like.”

This isn’t about being “pro” or “anti” vaccine. The root of the issue here is following the science, we know children are not the primary drivers of COVID-19 transmission and pose very little risk of catching or spreading the virus. Why are grown adults pushing the vaccination on people who do not need it? It should absolutely alarm all Oregonians (with or without kids of their own) that the message has shifted to focus on children.

Don’t forget, just last week OPB reported: “Gov. Kate Brown’s office announced Friday morning that frontline workers, as defined by the CDC, and all adults 16 and older with underlying health conditions will be eligible for vaccine appointments starting April 5.”

According to the Oregon State Bar, “In the United States, the age of majority, except for purposes of federal law, is set by the states. In Oregon, it is 18, although legal emancipation by the court, which here can take place at age 16, automatically confers the status of majority.”

The state needs to clarify how it is legally classifying 16-year-olds as adults.

The state-run media is continuing the focus on COVID-19 variants. As of March 30, COVID-19 variants B.1.427 and B.1.429, classified as “variants of concern” by the CDC, have allegedly been circulating in Oregon since late 2020 and had not been previously reportable. RED FLAG! How is it possible that the state knew about “variants” but was unable to report on them? The variant is convenient now because it is a way to maintain controlthrough fear.

States like Florida and Texas completely undermine the COVID-19 government overreach because these states have “compiled an incontrovertible record that proves how intellectually wrong, substantively disastrous, and politically malevolent those directives were and are.” One week after ending the statewide mask mandate, Texas’ case numbers are slightly lower. Granted, time will tell a story on this, but in Michigan, a state like Oregon with some of the strictest lockdown policies, of the twelve worst-hit communities in the U.S. over the past two weeks, ten are in Michigan. Of the 17 communities in the U.S. where cases are rising fastest, 15 are in Michigan.

  • 246 fully vaccinated people got COVID-19 in Michigan and 3 of them died.
  • Oregon Health Authority is now reporting breakthrough cases in Oregon. From this article: “Of the more than 700,000 Oregonians who are now fully vaccinated, health officials identified only 168 breakthrough cases as of April 2.”

One reader brought up questions about the COVID-19 vaccination and if people should get it if already having had SARS-CoV-2. This articlerecommends that, yes, individuals should still get the vaccine. In the case of measles, the CDC says it “isn’t harmful” to get the MMR vaccine after having measles. This article compares the 3 COVID vaccines being used in America.

Speaking of vaccines, the concept of a discriminatory vaccine passport is facing opposition. Some states are against the idea, but the nerve-wracking thing about this is the concept seems entirely dependent on the whims of individual governors. Maybe Florida is against vaccine passports today, but what about the next governor?

Vaccine passports are discriminatory. The concept tosses HIPAA and medical privacy out the window and would create “tiers” of citizens.

From this article: “Here are the questions we should be asking the people in charge of rolling this program out. Why do we need these if the vaccines work? The point of the vaccine is to protect us from the virus when we’re out in the world and it turns out — they’re working!… Why are people so invested in controlling whether or not everyone around them has the vaccine if this is the case? Get your vaccine, stop asking everyone else if they got theirs — it’s none of your business — and get on with your life.”

Don’t forget, the Left wants voting for all without proof of an ID, even going so far as to pressure MLB to move its all-star game from Atlanta to Colorado (a state that does have voter ID laws – kind of ironic, isn’t it?). On the other hand, the Left wants to require all Americans to show proof of vaccination for COVID-19, an illness with an over 99% survival rate.

If the horrific government and big tech overreach continues in the form of “vaxports”, what’s the limiting principle here that will confine these to covid-19 vaccinations? We saw this summer that “public health” can be used to justify allowing massive marches and we often hear that dissident speech causes harm. What’s to prevent “anti-hate passports”?

Last, a pastor in Canada stopped police from shutting down Good Friday worship services. More bravery like this. A different pastor in Alberta, Canada was imprisoned for more than a month after holding church services in defiance of Alberta’s Public Health Act, and the church was raided at dawn on Wednesday and shut down by government order.


Another reason to pursue “homeschool pods” in this state: Oregon education officials are promoting a left-wing “social justice” training program for high school students, prompting pushback from parent groups who want ideology out of the classroom. Read the email for yourself.

One reader shared an excellent YouTube documentary called “Seattle is Dying”. Two years old now and before the government-mandated lockdowns that destroyed the livelihoods of Americans across the country, it profiles the homelessness problem in Seattle and provides clear solutions at the end.

Another reader is working in his community of Grant County to bring back in person voting.


New data from Portland Police (via Morgan Romero) show an explosion of homicides in 2021 which can be attributed to Portland liberal politicians defund police and cutting 100 positions.

The violence continues. On April 3, Portland Police said a group of about 40 people gathered outside the Portland Police Association headquarters and lit fires.

Journalist and antifa target, Andy Ngô told Fox News that Antifa had a huge “membership explosion” after 2016 “because they had the narrative support of the mainstream media with its daily commentary about fascism in America and how Trump was a Hitler-like figure.” He also said: “These extremist, radical, unfounded ideas were given space to propagate in our papers of legacy, in our homes and… through broadcast and radio, and of course to online news sites,” Ngô said. “That helped to really radicalize the left, in my opinion.”

In an interview with a Left-wing state-run media channel, Gov. Brown expressed sympathy for antifa gunman Michael Reinoehl and blamed the Trump Admin for her failure to stop the nightly violence. Reinoehl killed an innocent man and was later shot by police. Recent news articles have come out to change the narrative surrounding Reinoehl.

Indiana man charged with attempted murder of Portland Police officers to be extradited to Oregon: The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office on Monday announced a 28-count indictment against 24-year-old Malik Muhammed of Indianapolis. Prosecutors allege Muhammed traveled from Indiana to Portland in September 2020 “for the specific purpose of engaging in multiple criminal acts.”

Sickening: Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said the group is mourning its “brother” who died assaulting Capitol cops last week — saying the man who murdered a law enforcement officer could have been a future “star” for the movement.


Been saying this for months: If corporations want to go “woke”, they need to be prepared to go broke. Vote with your wallet and limit purchases or stop buying from companies that are determined to undermine the United States.

Along the same lines, this article is long, but a must read. An excerpt here: “Corporate executives, not legislatures, governors, or presidents are the ones who decide what happens to the trillions of dollars created jointly by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. They are the ones who regulate speech and attitudes, who for the most part decide who rises and who does not. And they are the part of the oligarchy most insulated from republican institutions.”

Continuing in the above article: “Once a majority of Americans understand that Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, the Times, and Gannett are partisan instruments—that they use lies, censorship, and insults to subjugate us to a form of oligarchical totalitarianism—a substantial portion of their customers will begin to patronize alternatives, and their power over information will cease.”

  • DELETE Facebook, Instagram too (they are owned by Facebook) and Twitter accounts off of smartphones at the very least. Delete your accounts all together if possible. Download your data first.
  • Consider purchasing word searches or crossword puzzles and leave them around your home. Every time you go to grab your phone to scroll through a (now-deleted) app, pick up a word search instead. It’s better for your brain and doesn’t give away your data for free.
  • Look around at the life you have created for yourself – the media and garbage online doesn’t touch that. Soak it up and live in it.
  • Duck Duck Go instead of Google as a search engine.
  • Gannett owns the Statesman Journal, USA Today and a number of other state-run media publications.
  • The New York Times is a blatant mouthpiece for the totalitarian Left.
  • Amazon is banning books, today’s modern-day book burning. Limit your purchasing with the online giant or stop purchasing there all together. Americans still have power with their wallets.

Another example of how the state-run media serves a destructive purpose: CBS and 60 Minutes invented a scandal to attack both Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Publix grocery stores, a DeSantis donor, over COVID vaccines. 60 Minutes selectively edited Governor DeSantis during an ambush interview to make something innocent look like a scandal. Watch this interview to see the selective editing.

People are actually paying thousands of dollars to be told how they are “racist” over dinner.

2 Men on Terror Watchlist Caught Crossing Southern Border: Two men from Yemen were apprehended and found to be on the FBI’s terrorism watchlist after illegally crossing the southern border in January and March, Customs and Border Protection announced Monday.

On Tuesday, United Airlines—the only major U.S. airline with its own flight school, United Aviate Academy—announced its plan to train 5,000 new pilots by 2030. The airline wants at least half of the pilots to be women and people of color. Meaning: the focus will be on how a pilot LOOKS, rather than their ability TO DO THE JOB.

Joe Biden won’t have U.S. boycott 2022 Olympics despite China’s genocide, forced abortions

What can you do? The little things matter!

  • If you pray, PRAY: The Bible in a Year podcast is a great way to connect with other Americans seeking truth in the chaos. You are not alone.
  • KINDNESS: Make the extra effort to smile (if possible) and say hello to strangers. Hellos, simple conversations, eye contact… these are small things, but they make a difference and are reminders of our shared humanity. Kindness makes us strong.
  • EDUCATION: Read about American history and your rights. Education is the best investment you can make in yourself; no one can ever take it from you. Check out the 1776 Commission about American history without the damaging and inaccurate critical race theory rhetoric.
  • READ and LISTEN: Listen to this and this. Buy your favorite books from local stores and Barnes & Noble while you still can. Consider purchasing DVDs and CDs because it is only a matter of time before the content we love is “disappeared”.
  • PUT THE PHONE DOWN: Do what you can to stay off of Twitter, Facebook and Google, as they censor conservative voices while promoting the leftist agenda.

Recommended listening: Chicken Fried (the song starts at 1:11) by Zac Brown Band (fittingly from Atlanta, Georgia), released in 2008. One of the verses is:

“I thank god for my life And for the stars and stripes May freedom forever fly, let it ring. Salute the ones who died The ones that give their lives so we don’t have to sacrifice All the things we love Like our chicken fried”

Patriotism is defined as “love for or devotion to one’s country”. The above verse is a classic way to view patriotism; one that many Americans used to connect with. How has showing patriotism for America changed in the last 5 years? How do you express patriotism today? Do you think it is important to have patriotic sentiments?


There is lots to ponder this week as you consider the clips by other Oregonians along with your own news sources.  Having just finished a hearing on fire and ice damage in Western Oregon let me remind you all to get your family and neighbors prepared for future emergencies of all kinds.  And your best defense against getting sick is taking care of your own health and fitness.

Remember you can follow the votes on bills on OLIS by clicking the date, then click third readings, then click the bill itself, then scroll down to measure history for how Legislators voted in the work session and on the Floor.  You can look at vote explanations on OLIS as well.  Then regardless of ideology contact your Legislators to express your opinion on legislative matters.

Again, you can unsubscribe below if you so choose.


Brian Boquist

Oregon State Senator

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Lock Up Your Guns And Still Be Liable Bill Moves Forward


Gun Theft Victim Liability Bill Advances.

                                                                               Fred Girod


HB 2510, which will hold gun owners liable for crimes committed with firearms stolen from them, received a “second reading” today and is now scheduled for a “third reading” tomorrow on the House floor.

“Third reading” is the term used for that part of the process where a bill is actually voted on, on the floor of the House or Senate.

While it is scheduled for a vote tomorrow, that is unlikely.  The House Republicans have slowed down the process of ramming through legislation by requiring that all bills be read in their entirety before being voted on, a process usually waived with consent of the legislators.

As a result, progress on voting on bills has slowed tremendously in the House. And this is a good thing.  So unless something really out of the ordinary happens, the bill will not receive a vote tomorrow, but because it has been scheduled, it will receive a vote at some point.

Given the Democrats supermajority in the House, there is no question the bill will pass.

In addition to holding theft victims liable for the crimes committed with guns stolen from them, the bill requires that your self defense firearms be kept locked up and useless.

The Oregon Democrats have chosen an interesting time to make sure you are defenseless. Violent crime is surging to terrifying highs and the police admit they can’t handle it.

Make no mistake, none of this is an accident.

Once the bill passes in the House, it will go to the Senate where the Senate Republican “leader” has vowed not to walk out to stop this madness.

He and the five other Republicans who stayed behind on the Senate floor, to assure that SB 554 (go to the library go to prison) would pass, insist it would “look bad” for them to walk out, in some cases actually citing Democrats disapproval of a walk out.

It seems like we should not have to point out that Democrats did not elect them, or in almost every case, reelect them, after the last walkout which successfully killed dangerous legislation in the last session. They are also claiming that it would be “impractical” to walk out now when there is so much time left in the session.  This is particularly inane since they did not walk out for the entire session last time, only until their demands were met.(Senator Tim Knopp, who has made a career of staying behind to help the Democrats when others walked out, actually excused his betrayal of gun owners by telling one voter “Independents and Democrats oppose walkouts by 2/3rds or more.”

So the Republicans who refuse to leave, and thereby guarantee passage of extreme anti-gun bills, are now in the business of making excuses instead of protecting your rights.

In emails to voters who question them about their refusal to stand up, they dismiss voters concerns by telling them that they can always spend their own money and time and take the chance that they could repeal these bills by costly ballot measure. They also say “hey we voted against that bill” and ignore that fact that just by being on the floor they guaranteed passage.

While the slow down in place in the House is helping, it is highly unlikely that it will kill any legislation that the Democrats are determined to pass. So the House’s refusal to walk out is every bit as dangerous as the refusal by some Senate Republicans. But at least the House is slowing things down.

On the Senate side, not only are they speeding bills along, but Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod has actually made motions on the floor himself to speed the process up.

You can still  let the Oregon Republicans know how you feel about their complicity in this outrage by using this link:

It’s true that many legislators are now not even looking at your emails so if you prefer to call you can reach the voice mailboxes of House Leader Christine Drazan here 503-986-1439 and Senate Republican Leader Girod here 503-986-1709. 

Some folks have received messages back from Girod saying their email was “deleted unread” so a phone call may be a better bet.

The six Republican Senators who sold out gun owners on the vote on SB 554 are listed in this alert. They are all working overtime to cover their tracks, but the fact remains, they came to the floor knowing the bill would pass no matter how they voted, and now they want you to fix the mess they made.

If the majority of the Republican House members also refuse to walk, gun owners will have very little left at the end of this session.