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Ballot Title Battle Continues


Yesterday OFF filed our “Reply Memo” to the Attorney General’s response to our challenge to the ballot title for IP 60.

As you know, IP 60 would place extremely onerous restrictions on the possession of modern firearms and firearms feeding devices.

OFF challenged the original ballot title (as we did successfully on IP 40) in an effort to make sure the ballot title reflected the extreme nature of the measure. The original proposed ballot title did nothing of the sort.

You can see the AG’s “Answering Memo” here.

You can see our “Reply Memo” here.

Thank you once again for you amazing support in these battles.

Current events have certainly taught us how fragile our 2nd Amendment rights are and how easily they can disappear in times of crisis.

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Legislative Drama And Ballot Measure Update


It’s entirely possible that this message will be obsolete by the time you read it.

Things are happening very quickly and everything is subject to change.

We’ll start with the positive news and move on from there.

As you know, OFF challenged the ballot title for IP 40. This ballot measure (it is not a legislative bill) would require that you keep your self-defense firearms locked up and useless. It would hold you “strictly liable” for misuse of your guns by other people. (Challenges were filed by both OFF and the NRA.)

Today the Oregon Supreme Court responded with an opinion that agreed in large part with our arguments.

That opinion can be seen here. This is a positive development because now, should this measure make the ballot, Oregon voters will have a clearer idea of how bad it is.

In the legislature, today was all drama. The House Rules Committee held a “hearing” with invited testimony only. As you can imagine, the only testimony invited was testimony that supported the Democrat’s position.

The Oregon House Democrats had issued “subpoenas” to the House Republicans who walked out in protest of the outrageous behavior of the ruling party. Since the beginning of the session, the Democrats have worked to ram through radical legislation with little discussion or input. (One Republican House Member, Cheri Helt, stayed behind with the Democrats.)

The stated intention of this hearing was to have the subpoenaed Republicans show up to be grilled by the Democrats. To no one’s surprise, no Republican legislators were there, but many of their supporters were.

Attorney John DiLorenzo submitted a letter explaining why the subpoenas were not enforceable, but of course was not invited to testify.

Both the Senate and House Republicans announced today that they would be willing to return before the session ended to vote on important budget bills (which should have been done early in the session) but within minutes of the Rules Committee closing its hearing, the House Speaker “adjourned” until 11.59 PM Sunday when the session must officially end.

The Senate President soon did the same.

By all accounts, this should mean the session is over and no more bills can be passed.

However, while this particular legislative session has ended, and no anti-gun bills passed, rest assured the Governor and the Oregon Democrats will be using any trick or procedural move they can to somehow enact their very dangerous and unpopular bills. There can be calls for “special sessions” or even “emergencies” declared.

So while we may be out of the woods as of right now, anything can still happen.

The Democrats are furious that the Republicans stood up to them and protected your rights and pocketbook and it’s certainly possible that this is not over.

Earlier today we told you about our challenges to the ballot titles of IP 61 and 62. While we are grateful for all the support and words of encouragement, we do have to report that we have hit a snag on this process.

Although we are very pleased by the outcome of our challenges to IP 40 and are looking forward to similar success with our challenges to IP 60, the simple fact is, our challenges to IP 61 and 62 were filed a day after the deadline. We learned of this after we sent out this morning’s alert. We take full responsibility for the error and we are working overtime on alternatives to the challenges we filed.

As you can imagine, this is not the outcome we, and you, would have wanted. But rest assured we are looking at every option to correct this.

We do believe that IP 60, which contained all the bad elements of 61 and 62, was the main goal of the gun grabbers, and 61 and 62 were back-ups in the event IP 60 was blocked. However we will still be doing everything in our power to stand in the way of all anti-gun measures and we thank you for your understanding.

Please stay tuned as the landscape could change very quickly and very dramatically.


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Court Challenges Filed


Yesterday Oregon Firearms Federation filed court challenges to the ballot titles for IP’s 61 and 62.

IP 61 would severely restrict ownership and transfer of modern firearms including virtually all rifles, some pistols and even some shotguns that no one would consider “semi-automatic.”

IP 62 would ban the future sale of standard ammunition magazines and outlaw the possession of previously owned magazines outside your home if they are loaded.

As you know OFF has already filed a legal challenge against the ballot title for IP 60 which contains the worst of both IP 61 and IP 62.

We are expecting a Supreme Court decision on our challenge to IP 40 (mandatory gun lockup) sometime today. 

With Bloomberg out of the race for President we can expect him to return full time to his efforts to end gun ownership one state at a time.  Your support has helped us stand in his way.

The clock is ticking on the end of this legislative session and if the Republicans hold fast to their protest against the outrageous abuses of the Democrat majority, no gun bills will pass this session. But no matter what happens in Salem, these ballot measures still represent a very real threat. We want to thank all of you who have so generously contributed to these very expensive legal battles.

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The Other R’s Have Left The Building



Amid a flurry of press releases, today the Oregon House Republicans joined the Senate Republicans and walked out.

Citing the Democrat’s abuse of power, the House Republicans shut down all business on the House floor.

Tomorrow’s scheduled vote on HB 4005 (the gun lock down bill) appears to be a dead issue for now. This is a good thing as the bill’s only purpose was to harass law-abiding gun owners and cripple youth shooting events.

As in the Senate, one “Republican” stayed behind with the Democrats.

Anti-gun militant Cheri Helt stayed on the floor and shows no sign of joining her caucus in this protest.

Helt, you will recall, was still demanding a ban on “bump-stocks” long after they had been outlawed by the Trump Administration.  Maybe she can use this quiet time to catch up on current events.

OFF salutes House Republican leader Christine Drazan for spearheading this walkout and all the Republican House members who have had the courage to stand up for Oregon.

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Time To Go.

Time To Go


Last night the House Rules Committee passed an amended version of HB 4005A to the full House Floor. The bill moved out on a straight party line vote.

The amendment that was added last night was the “dash 12” amendment which may not be included yet in the website version of the bill but will be part of the final bill sent to the floor.

The key part of the amendment says : ‘Control’ means, in relation to a firearm: “(a) That a person is in sufficiently close proximity to the firearm to prevent another person who is not an authorized person from obtaining the firearm; or “(b) That a person is in the person’s residence with the firearm, either alone or only with authorized persons who also live in the residence and who are not minors, and the doors and windows of the residence are closed and locked.”.

The amendment was requested by House Speaker Tina Kotek.

You would not be alone if you wondered how it is possible for people writing laws to be this painfully stupid.

You need to keep your doors and windows locked in the middle of the summer ? If your 17 year old daughter arrives home and has a key to her own house you are suddenly in violation? Does this now mean she cannot be an “authorized person” allowed to protect herself with a firearm if you are not home?

Clearly, no one intent on eliminating your 2nd Amendment rights gives this any thought. They don’t have to. They are in the majority and they are going to do whatever they want, because they can.

All the other really bad provisions of the bill are still intact.

The bill does have the votes to pass on the House Floor because of the Democrat’s super majority and the high likelihood that “Republican” Cheri Helt will vote “yes” as well. But it cannot become law unless it also passes the Senate.

Most Senate Republicans have indicated they are willing to walk out to stop the economy crushing “Cap and Trade” bill, but they have also indicated that they are closely watching this dangerous and counterproductive gun grab.

There has also been quite a bit of talk that many of the Republican House members may walk out as well. Again, this would almost certainly not include Cheri Helt who remained on the floor on Tuesday when the other Republicans refused to attend a late night floor session.

There are a few Democrats who may vote against this bill. Senator Betsy Johnson is virtually a sure “no” but there are indications that House Rep Jeff Barker may also oppose it.

However, given the numbers, the best bet we have to defeat this insanity is if the Republicans just stand up to the tyranny and leave.

Please take a moment to send a message to the Oregon Senate Republican Leader and the Oregon House Republican Leader thanking them for standing up for your rights this session and supporting and encouraging a walk out to put the brakes on the Democrat’s efforts to destroy freedom and common sense in Oregon.

You can use this link to send a pre-written message that you can add to (if you choose) and you can call your own Senators and Reps at 800.332.2313.

We are at a turning point in our battle to save Oregon and your efforts really do count.

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Gun Grab Update


Today we saw action on two bills designed to eliminate your ability to protect yourself and your family.

SB 1538, (visit a library –  go to prison) which we told you about on Monday, was officially moved to the Senate Rules Committee.

This afternoon, HB 4005 (mandatory gun lock downs) was moved to the House Rules Committee.

Two amendments were adopted before it was sent to Rules.

The “dash-1” amendment, which we told you about on Feb 8, and a new amendment , the “dash-7” amendment, requested by anti-gun Paul Evans.

The “dash-1” replaces most of the language of the original bill but keeps almost all of the worst provisions.

The “dash-7” basically says you will not be required to lock up your self defense firearm if you are completely alone in your home and all your doors and windows are locked.You might think we make this stuff up. But we don’t.

So, if your wife comes home unexpectedly, you are in violation.

Summertime and your patio door is open? You are in violation.

Upstairs windows open?  Violation.

Amendments by pro-gun members of the committee were voted down.

House Rep Sherrie Sprenger served notice of a possible “minority report” on HB 4005. A minority report is a substitute for an existing bill. Sprenger is a pro-gun Republican, so while we have not seen the language she is proposing you can assume it will be something positive for gun owners.

Now we need to double down to kill HB 4005 in the form it was sent to the Rules Committee.

Your efforts so far have had an effect.  Keep up the good work.

Please use this link to send a message that you strongly oppose legislation to render your family defenseless and hold you responsible for the crimes of others.

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Anti Gun Bill Hearing Cancelled


The hearing on Senate Bill 1538, a bill that would have sent you to prison for 5 years for visiting a public library, or any public building, while in possession of a CHL licensed handgun, has been cancelled.

The Judiciary Committee as announced that there will be a “work session” instead for the sole purpose of moving the bill to the Rules Committee.

This means no other action will be taken on the bill in Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb 12 and no testimony will be taken.

We will alert you to any other changes as we receive them.

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Santa Is Coming And So Are More Gun Restrictions


Just in time for the Christmas Holiday, the folks at “Lift Every Voice” have presented 3 new ways to send Oregon gun owners to jail.

They’ve introduced three more ballot measures to restrict and regulate the possession of firearms and firearm feeding devices for the 2020 ballot.

In their usual rush to ignore facts, they have created a new category of firearm; the “semi-automatic assault firearm.”

Semi-automatic assault firearm means (among other things and we did not make this up) “A selective fire rifle capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire at the option of the user..” (Or anything that looks like scary.)

They also include many shotguns and handguns in the list of firearms they hope to restrict.

Early news reports not only got the number of new ballot measures wrong but also misidentified one of the ballot measures as “Measure 43” which was a measure dealing with driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

In this report (possibly corrected by the time you read this) Channel 12 said :

“On Monday, they filed Measure 43, the first of two petitions that would require a five-day background check and keep anyone under 21 years old from purchasing assault-style rifles and limit magazines to ten rounds or less.”

Channel 12 did, however, quote us correctly if not completely.

The three new ballot measures (now in addition to the mandatory lock up measure we are currently addressing in court) are IP 60, IP 61 and IP 62.


IP 60. “will implement an enhanced safety training course, add a waiting period and require that the background check be successfully completed before a semiautomatic assault firearm is delivered to the purchaser, so that we ensure these weapons are kept out of dangerous hands; and … follow several other states by raising the minimum age to purchase semiautomatic assault firearms to twenty-one …”


IP 61 “will follow several other states by raising the minimum age to purchase semiautomatic assault firearms to twenty-one; and…enhance the safety of residents, particularly children, of this state by prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or transfer of large-capacity ammunition magazines…”


IP 62 “will enhance the safety of residents, particularly children, of this state by prohibiting the manufacture, sale or purchase of large-capacity ammunition magazines”



As usual, they are doing it all “for the children.”


Obviously these attacks will only be part of the upcoming battles since the Democrats in Salem have promised to get as much of this nonsense as possible passed as legislation in February.


As you can imagine, we’re going to need all the help we can get fighting these attacks as well as the previously filed IP 40 which requires that your firearms be inaccessible.


Please consider donating what you can to protect your rights and the rights of your children and grandchildren.


Details on proposed measures:


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Lock Up Your Self Defense Moves Forward


A ballot measure that will require you to keep your self defense firearms locked up and unavailable is moving forward.

Ballot Measure 40 has collected enough signatures to get a ballot title from the Attorney General.

In Oregon, the Attorney General is a vocal anti-gun radical. You can rest assured she will do all she can to write the most sympathetic ballot title possible. Of course, we will be doing all we can to prevent that.

The simple truth is, mandatory gun l0ck up laws are unconstitutional. This is not in doubt. The US Supreme Court made that clear in the Heller decision.

So now we have no choice but to gear up to fight them in court. We simply must not allow them to write a ballot title that misleads Oregon voters. They need to know that under the proposed ballot measure, victims of theft in Oregon will face harsher penalties than gun thieves will. It’s insane.

Please consider contributing as much as you can to our legal fund to  stand in the way of this madness. If we don’t succeed all Oregonian gun owners will  face severe legal jeopardy simply for having the means to defend themselves and their loved ones.

You can make a tax deductible donation here .

Please choose “Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation” from the “Donation Category” drop down menu to ensure that your donation qualifies for a tax deduction. Thank you for your commitment to liberty.

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Lock Up Your Safety Re-introduced As Ballot Measure


The Bloomberg funded “Oregonians For Safe Gun Storage” is back with another effort to force you to keep your self defense firearm locked up and useless.

Ballot measure 2020-040 is a rehash of all the dangerous and vindictive language we have seen in previous ballot measures and failed legislation.

The measure not only requires that your self defense firearms be rendered useless, it also, (once again) holds you responsible for the criminal misuse of a firearm stolen from you. As has been the case in all previous ballot measures and failed legislation, the measure contains not one single word about stiffer penalties for people who actually steal guns. In effect, you face greater liability than the thief who stole your firearm.

But there is another interesting provision that these measures always contain but is often overlooked. While the measure requires you to lock your guns in a “container” or with a “trigger” or “cable” lock, it holds you responsible for the misuse of a stolen firearm even if you did lock it up!

Section 1 (B) (b)  says the firearm is not secured if “any other means” of opening a lock or container is available to the person who stole your gun!

Clearly, except for an expensive gun safe, almost any “gun lock” is easily defeated.

Despite what the Bloomberg stooges say in their ballot measure, this new attack on rights is not intended to “prevent tragedies,” it is intended to punish gun owners and put them in danger while continuing to do nothing to perpetrators and thieves .

We were successful in defeating the worst of the gun legislation in the 2019 session. But the battle never ends.  The Bloomberg stooges are very wealthy and not likely to make the mistakes they made in the past.

This fight will be all about legal bills and this last session was costly.  Please consider the most generous donation you can afford. Your donation to the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation is tax deductible, Please use this link and choose “Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation” from the “Donation Category” tab.

Thank you.


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This may well be the shortest notice we have ever asked people to take action on.

HB 2020 is racing through the Oregon legislature. This is NOT a gun bill, but it has the potential to be the most destructive piece of legislation in Oregon history. This is not hype folks. If this bill passes energy costs will skyrocket and rural Oregonians will be decimated. The same people who are working overtime to steal your guns are working overtime to steal everything else.

If this bill becomes law, we will be locked into contracts with other states and countries that will crush anyone who makes a living off the land and severely attack every other Oregonian.

The Senate Republicans who killed the vicious gun ban bill (SB 978) by walking off the floor are willing to take aggressive action to stop this job killing, wage destroying bill. They have asked that we get as many people as possible to the Capitol steps tomorrow in a show of support for liberty and sanity.

Please, if you can be there tomorrow at noon, it could make all the difference. 

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Senator Knopp Sells Out


Today Senator Tim Knopp sold out his fellow Republicans and returned to the floor in an effort to give gun grabbing Democrats the quorum they need to pass devastating legislation.

Yesterday the “Oregon Catalyst” ran a glowing puff piece on Knopp praising him for  walking off the floor with other Republicans. Today Knopp folded. 

The Senate needs two Republicans to abandon their principles and Knopp gave them half of what they need.

If  the grossly understaffed Oregon State Police are pulled off our roads to hunt down the other Republicans who have refused to participate in this side show, and they can locate and arrest one more Republican and force them back to the floor, the Democrats can pass ANYTHING.  So bills like the gun grabbing SB 978 are almost sure to become law.

Please contact Knopp and let him know how outraged you are at this betrayal.


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Roblan’s Game


Gun owners have been deluging Senator Arnie Roblan with calls and emails telling him to vote against SB 978.

What follows is a typical response from his office. A careful reading reveals his game plan.

We are currently receiving over 1,000 emails a day regarding this issue, and that is not taking into account the phone calls as well. We are doing our best to work through and respond to everyone but you’ll have to understand that we just don’t have the capacity to respond to everyone in a timely fashion; this is why we advise folks to reach out to their respective Legislator.
 Arnie is planning to vote no on this measure when it goes to the floor. Folks’ time and effort regarding this issue is a bit wasted on us and would be better spent trying to persuade a third democrat to vote in opposition.

 Thank you for reaching out to our office, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.


Note that they say he is going to vote against it “on the floor.”  But his office is also telling people that he plans to vote “yes” in the Rules Committee when the bill gets a “work session” there. The bill has to move out of that committee before anything can happen on the floor.  If Roblan joins the Republicans on that committee, the bill is dead. If he votes yes, the bill goes to the Senate floor where it will almost certainly pass even if Roblan votes  “no.”

The plan is to vote it out of committee and then vote “no” on the floor so when this demented attack on your rights becomes law, and most of us become felons, Roblan can say “But I voted against it.” Classic bait and switch.

Some people are being told by his office that if he does not promise to vote “yes” in committee, the Senate President can pull him off that committee for that one vote and replace him with another Democrat who will promise to vote “yes.”  It’s true, the Senate President has the power to do that. But if Roblan is truly committed to voting “no” there is no reason he should care if he is pulled off the committee for that one vote.

Roblan is playing a game hoping to convince gun owners he is not trying to turn them into felons while at the same time doing what he can to get this bill passed.


Please contact his office and tell him you don’t care how he votes “on the floor” if he does not use his power to kill this bill in committee.
Roblan’s Phone 503-986-1705
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Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill Sent To Rules Committee


It’s official. SB 978, the omnibus anti-gun bill, has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.

This means the fate of this malicious attack is in the hands of one Democrat Senator, Arnie Roblan.

Roblan has stated that he does not support the bill, but he will be pressured by other Democrats to vote it out of committee. We have to do everything we can to counteract that pressure and urge him to vote NO and keep hundreds of thousands of Oregonians from becoming felons overnight.

Please contact Roblan and strongly urge him to join the Republicans on the Rules Committee and vote NO on SB 978.

Roblan’s phone  503-986-1705

Roblan’s email

Please use the points below to explain how dangerous SB 978 is.

SB 978 would create a patchwork of back alley gun control laws and eliminate Oregon’s pre-emption statute.

SB 978 would make you a felon if you traveled anywhere near any public building that chose to prohibit firearms, even if you had a concealed handgun license.

It would allow school districts, colleges and universities to make up policies concerning firearms in buildings they did not even own.

It would make traveling to and from an airport with a firearm, even with a concealed handgun license, a felony.

It would mandate that guns be locked up (already declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court) and allow you to be charged with a crime even if they were locked up and stolen.

It would make possession of many firearms made before 1968 a felony.

It would make possession of any gun you made yourself a felony. There is no provision for adding a serial number to a firearm you made yourself.

It would eliminate or severely restrict youth firearms programs.

It would require that all firearms “transferred” be equipped with cable or trigger locks and hold you responsible for crimes committed with any firearm that you transferred without such locks.

It would ban possession of “unfinished frames or receivers” which are so poorly defined the term could mean anything.

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Ready To Rumble?


Things are heating up and it’s because of you.

Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger told NRA TV  (starting at 16 minutes) that the Republicans have had it and are ready to dig in their heels.

Democrat policies are bankrupting Oregon and their efforts to turn good Oregonians into felons have just gone too far.

Now is the time to really turn up the heat. If the Republicans stand up, we can still beat the worst gun control bills, or at least go down swinging.

Please make every effort you can to contact Oregon legislators and tell them to stop wasting time attacking your rights and fix some of Oregon’s real problems.

Please contact Senate President Peter Courtney and tell him that gun owners are not the problem. Failed government agencies are the problem. Oregon is falling apart and all the Democrats are doing is harassing the state’s most law abiding residents.

Then please use the button below to send a message to all Oregon Senators.

Now is not the time to relax.