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Delayed On A Firearms Purchase?
Senator Floyd Prozanski 503-986-1704

A Note To  Gun Buyers.

As expected, Oregon Firearms Federation is receiving a large number of calls and emails from people who are attempting to purchase firearms and are experiencing long delays.

OFF cannot offer any help in expediting these transactions.

Background checks for gun purchases are conducted by the Oregon State Police using numerous databases. They also contact the FBI which conducts checks for other states’ gun dealers  at no charge. The Oregon State Police charge $10.00 to do what many other states can do for no cost.

Under normal circumstances the Oregon State Police Firearms Instant Check System does a mediocre to awful job conducting background checks, and delays and denies frequently for no cause. Under the current circumstances their job performance has gone from bad to abysmal.

Under State and Federal law, you may still legally take possession of a firearm if you have been delayed (NOT DENIED) after three business days have “transpired”. However, while this is permitted, it is NOT mandated and few dealers will risk retribution from the ATF and the OSP and transfer under these circumstances.

As of 2015 the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature have also outlawed almost all private transfers. You may still obtain a firearm from a close family member, but any other “transfer” between individuals must be conducted by a licensed gun dealer using the same failed system they use to sell their own guns. (This includes a “loan” of a firearm.) If you feel it’s wrong that you cannot obtain a firearm from another law-abiding private citizen in this unusual time of need, please contact the person who created this failed system. Senator Floyd Prozanski .

And as you wait weeks or months for “approval” from the hilariously named  Firearms “Instant” Check System, keep in mind that the killers in so many mass shootings were approved when they made their purchases. Something you may want to remind the elected garbage that wrote this.

Or you could save time on your next purchase and just tell them your name is Hunter Biden.

The following info is from the OSP website.  For what little it is worth.

FICS Instant Check and Stolen Gun Checks

Toll-Free: 1-800-432-5059

Phone: 503-585-6245

Fax: 503-370-8584


 Hours 8 am – 10 pm every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas

 Challenge or Information Line Phone: 503-373-1808

 FICS Unit Manager Phone: 503-934-2330

FICS Unit Supervisors

Phone: 503-934-2364

Phone: 503-934-2372

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