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Useful Links For Activists.


This is information every gun rights activist needs to be informed and effective.

Hate Groups .

Federal Legislator Info and Contacts

Oregon House Members

Oregon Senators

PROHIBITED PLACES. Where can you take that gun?




Audio of Clueless Portland Police Discussing
Seizing a CHL Because the Holder Did Not Volunteer That He Had One.

DC Gun Ban Overturned. Court Decision.

Macdonald Vs Chicago Oral Arguments

A Linguistic Analysis Of The Second Amendment

Questions and Answers With The State Police

A Response From The State Police.

Ted Kulongoski’s Letter.
In this letter, the Governor claims to have applied for a concealed handgun license.

Gun Facts. An indispensable guide.

Burdick’s Banned Gun List
(List of guns Ginny Burdick attempted to outlaw in the 2005 legislative session.Thanks to you, she failed again.)

Port of Portland Fiasco. If you ever need to be in the Portland Airport, you need to read this page.

How A Bill Becomes A Law — A must read for activists.

Appeals Court Decision In Our Lawsuit Against The City of Portland. The Court decides that the facts are in the way, so they ignore them.

Questions and Answers After The Ban. Post ban FAQ’s from our good friends at the BATF. (Now the BATFE) What you may and may not do in the era after the dumbest gun law ever died. (For now anyway.)

Roll Call Memo From The Portland PD. 11/6/04 Keep this in mind if you’re in Portland. And keep in mind that NO law requires you to inform a police officer that you have a CHL or a gun during a routine traffic stop.

Department of Justice Report On “Assault Weapons.”

Department Of Human Services Backs Down.
Document admitting their previous policy banning CHL holders from their offices was bogus.

Court Opinion. Stubbs Vs Oregon University System.
Our lawsuit about guns in schools. Federal makes no decision in this decision.

Ron Wyden Says You’re a Deranged Hate Group Member.

“Tri-Met’s” Rule Book. No matter what you’ve been told, you can’t be thrown off the Portland buses and trains if you have a handgun and a CHL.

ATF Regulations. The entire collection of rules that Americans must follow in order to own a Constitutionally protected firearm in the land of the free. (A huge file in PDF, but something you should have.

Children’s Defense Fund Report.

Anti gun organization report. Filled with useful statistics disproving their own arguments. (PDF)

Gun Control Timeline. A History.

Legal Info. Find Lawyers, legal forms and more.

Oregon Administrative Rules. The rules behind the laws.

Oregon District Maps. Know your district.

Local Codes (Know before you go.)

Stolen And Lost FBI Weapons. For the next time you’re told civilian gun owners are irresponsible.

United States Code. The Federal Laws. Gun laws can be found by searching under “Title 18”. Not pretty and not understandable. Your tax dollars at work.

United States Congress. Info on the US House. Vote histories, rules of the House and Senate and more.

United States Senate. Vote histories and lots of other important information.

Letter From Southern Oregon University To Students Banning Toy Guns For Kids What happens when idiots are in charge.