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Knopp Caves Gun Owners and Good Senators Screwed


It’s about official as it can get. Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp has made a deal with the Democrats and you are on the chopping block.

Personally made firearms will be banned under Knopp’s sell out and while there is some talk of getting something on the record that it will not apply to AR style uppers, we have no reason to think they are actually going to change the language of the bill to clarify that.

But it does not matter.  Americans have a long and proud history of making their own firearms and some of the best innovations in firearms technology were made by individuals in their own shops.

Courts have already declared that banning them or requiring serial numbers is unconstitutional. None of which matters to Knopp and his handful of toadies who went along with this deal.

Now some of the best pro-gun Senators will be prevented from holding office in the future and gun owners still got the shaft.

Senator Hansell is not running again so he does not care, Anderson and Brock Smith stayed on the floor to protect their own sorry backsides and Knopp knows he has no chance of winning his seat again.  But they all got to vote on approving the sell out.

Once again, Republican “leadership” has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Another disgrace for the people who got hired to protect our rights.

It’s not clear exactly who will be returning to the floor or when and some Senators clearly did not approve of this “deal”.

We will know more in the coming days.  Your efforts have been heroic.  But in the end, Knopp and his minions care a lot more about themselves than your rights.

Knopp is pretty much done with, so if you want to express your disgust feel free to contact Anderson and Brock Smith who stayed on the floor to make sure they could run again. We hope the voters in their districts recognize what disgraceful sell outs they are.


Because of changes that are being made in the bill, it still will have to go back to the House to approve those changes. This late in the session, House members can safely walk out and still kill this.  We have no indication they have the courage to do so.  But there is still time to contact the House Minority Leader and tell her that the House now has the chance to do the right thing and not even have to show the courage some Senators have.

Please contact Vikki Breese Iverson and tell her to walk out on the concurrence vote on HB 2005. This one should be a no brainer.