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Note to gmail users.

 Gmail has added 3 tabs to the top of their mail interface page: Primary, Social, and Promotions. (Note, not all users will see this.)

The default tab is Primary. Some mails are now automatically filtered into the Social and Promotions tabs, and when they are filtered to these tabs they DO NOT appear under the default tab. OFF’s emails are sometimes being filtered into the Promotions tab, so unless Gmail users are checking that tab, you won’t see our alerts.

Users can over-ride this behavior by dragging an OFF email from promotions tab and onto the Primary tab. Once they do that, they will be presented with an alert which will ask them if they wish future messages from OFF to be moved to the Primary tab (hint: say “Yes!”). Please note. If you experience any trouble signing up with this form, please send us an email with “ADD ME” in the subject line and we will add you. Thanks.

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