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“Today is a victory for Oregonian’s parental rights and law-abiding gun owners. After months of being promised a bipartisan session, Democrats chose to prioritize a partisan and extreme agenda. Republicans held the line and were able to amend the worst parts of House Bill 2002 and the Democrats Omnibus Gun Bill, House Bill 2005. I appreciated working with Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp throughout this process to ensure better outcomes for all Oregonians,” said House Republican Leader Vikki Breese- Iverson (R-Prineville)

That was an email Breese Iverson sent out today under the heading “Click to Edit This Heading.”

Apparently in a rush to claim victory for another embarrassing surrender, she forgot to replace the headline in her template.

This was in the wake of the Senate racing through the amended HB 2005.

The Oregonian noted:

“House Republican leader Vikki Breese-Iverson, R-Prineville, applauded the deal she helped broker in an email, calling it a “victory” for “law-abiding gun owners…”

So it’s interesting that even the Republican Senators who showed up to provide quorum voted “no”.   Some victory for gun owners.

Iverson has always been in the tank doing all she can to torpedo real conservative candidates including attacking the primary opponent of House Rep Charlie Conrad, who has now proven himself to be a pretty reliable supporter of the far left extremists Iverson pretends to oppose.

Based on her rush to embrace defeat, there is little reason to expect the House Republicans to take a stand and defend your rights to build or possess a personally made firearm that does not have an approved serial number.  That Iverson and some Senate Republicans are calling this a victory for gun owners borders on the bizarre.

While there are still a handful of Republican Senators who opposed this disgraceful and cowardly surrender, at the moment there is not a single House Republican we can imagine supporting going forward.

Today on Senate floor for the passage of this dangerous and clearly unconstitutional bill were Senators Knopp, Findley, and Anderson who provided the quorum the Democrats needed to outlaw personally made firearms.    

Currently the schedule has the House voting to repass the amended bill on June 21st.

Keep in mind, this bill was the one the House Republicans claimed they were going to bring to court.  Now they are calling it a great victory.  That should save them a few bucks.

All bill information can be found here: