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Portland Peaceful Protests Remain Violent



Oregon’s Marxist revolution continues with one more night of extremely violent peacefulprotests. (Yes, that is one word now.)

Peacefulprotest Portland



The mainstream media is now providing health tips if you plan to riot at a peacefulprotest.

KGW TV reached out to a “Doctor” Bhuyan for this advice:

“For most people, they are able to go to protests safely as long as they are wearing a mask”

KGW suggested the following items to bring along for your next looting spree.

  • A face mask – to protect from COVID-19 and from tear gas and pepper spray
  • Water – to stay hydrated and use to flush out tear gas
  • Snacks – you may be out for many hours

Most of Oregon’s Democrat legislators have signed a letter demanding that Federal agents stop interfering with the Portland Looters nightly shopping and vandalizing sprees. Apparently Senator Floyd Prozanski missed the memo and, after no doubt being dragged before a tribunal, atoned for his transgression with his own clownish demands.

Today the mayor of Portland, in a televised press conference,  expressed his hope that the chaos would continue for years and said that what Portland was facing was a “trial by fire” (he was right about that) and that the madness the city faced was “messy” but so important for our “democracy.”

Peaceful protesters redecorate


While countless rioters have been live streaming the riots on social media, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the Portland Police for….live streaming the riots.

And now looters who are arrested are given permission to go out and riot again while awaiting trial, since to deny them that right would be to violate the first amendment .

But when Mike Strickland was arrested for protecting himself from a violent mob of “Black Lives Matter” thugs, the court forbade him from being at, or videotaping, any public event.

Nora Benavidez, a spokeswoman from PEN America, a nonprofit organization that celebrates literature and free expression, said any restrictions “forcing First Amendment-abiding protesters to sign away their right to demonstrate to be released” were “gross violations” of free speech and assembly.”

“First Amendment abiding protesters.”   The first amendment is for rioters. Not people who videotape rioters.

Meanwhile, as virtually all of the media, and anyone who can get on TV, keeps pretending that the riots are the actions of a tiny group of trouble makers in a sea of peaceful social justice warriors, the Marxist revolutionaries who are burning down cities from coast to coast have made no secret that the shills who pretend to be “peaceful” are all part of the act.

From their own words:

Peaceful Protestors

The non-violent tactics of peaceful protesters served two familiar aims and one unusual one:They created a spectacle of legitimacy, which was intensified as police violence escalated.

They created a front line that blocked police attempts to advance when they deployed outside of the Precinct.

To no one’s surprise, the gun grab crowd has joined the fun.

Gun ban activist “pastor” Mark Knutson appeared behind a Marxist revolutionary calling for the “end of America” bobbing his head in agreement while wearing a pray shawl.

Bloomberg shill, Shannon Watts, has cheered on the Marxist revolution and aligned her well funded anti-rights group “Moms Demand Action” with the rioters.

The chair of the committee seeking to completely hamstring police, Jannelle Bynum, had this to say to about her children:

I am showing them the way of non-violent protest against oppression and government overreach. I am teaching them the true meaning of good trouble, necessary trouble.”

Bynum has had exactly nothing to say about the recent spate of blacks killed in Portland by other blacks. That would be “bad trouble.”

During the hearings Bynum regularly extends the allotted time to anyone promoting the violence while often shutting down anyone who speaks against or even questions some of the provisions in the pending legislation.

Sadly, one of the best sources for “free” fine dining for looters had to close down when they had collected enough money in donations to make it profitable to reassess the wisdom of spending all that money on food.

“The organization had just transferred leadership to Don’t Shoot Portland, a nonprofit community activism group led by Teressa Raiford. The Portland Mercury first reported the news. In the tweet announcing their dissolution, Riot Ribs said they still plan to give back all the money they’ve raised to the community, but didn’t immediately specify how the money would be spent.”

“We ensure you that Portland will continue to be fed,” says Beans. “Food is a human right.”

Well. Maybe not.

We look forward to an announcement of how that 300k will be used to crush white supremacy. Yup. Really.


It is safe to assume that the “unrest” and damage caused by the peacefulprotests will be used as cover for new, draconian gun restrictions. Please be prepared.










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Rioter Protection Legislation

Rioter Protection




While cities across America are burning, Portland continues to make national news as the site of some of the worst violence.

Almost all major media outlets regularly downplay the level of chaos by continuing to perpetuate the myth that most of the rioters are “peaceful protesters” and showing only selective video of the carnage on the streets of the city.
The truth is harder to find.




We have received very reliable reports that persons associated with the “protests” are buying quantities of body armor and distributing them to participants.  No word on who is providing the funds for these items.  Gas masks are also being snatched up by people who have made no secret that they plan to use them while participating in the riots.

Meanwhile, as you may have already noticed, ammunition prices are rising, and supplies are shrinking.

While attempts at firearms sales are way up, we are still hearing, virtually every day, from people who are experiencing lengthy delays in approvals for purchases. In many cases, these delays are before the checks are actually started. Meaning some are waiting just to have the process begin, and then facing delays after the State Police initiate the checks.

While both state and federal law allow a buyer to take possession of a firearm from a dealer without state approval while being “delayed,” (if 3 or more business days have “transpired,”) that only applies once the background check process has actually begun. So if you are waiting days or weeks just to have the process started, you have no such protection.

Keep in mind, although the law allows such transfers, it does not mandate them and very few firearms dealers are willing to risk the wrath and retribution of the ATF by actually transferring a firearm without state “permission.” Furthermore, the background check system is erratic with some getting approvals instantly and others waiting for weeks or more.

Supplies of firearms themselves are down and in some places your chances of finding what you want are iffy at best.

Meanwhile, Oregon’s Democrat majority is responding to the violence with more proposed legislation.

“Legislative Concept 743” implements new rules for police uniforms. Among them:

 Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, at all times that a peace officer is performing official duties other than participating in an undercover law enforcement operation, the peace officer shall wear a uniform consisting of a light blue or white shirt and navy blue pants. The uniform may include a navy blue jacket.

(2) A peace officer may not wear a uniform consisting of all black or dark blue clothing unless the peace officer is participating in a special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team or correctional emergency response team (CERT).

(3) A peace officer may not wear a visible tactical vest unless the peace officer is participating in a special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team or correctional emergency response team (CERT).

Section 2 of the bill says:

SECTION 2. (1)(a) A peace officer performing official duties in uniform shall prominently display, in lettering legible to a person with average vision in all weather and light conditions from a distance of  at least 25 feet, the peace officer’s first and last name, badge number or other identifying number and information sufficient to identify the peace officer’s employer.  

(b) A peace officer who is performing official crowd control duties shall prominently display on both the front and back of the peace officer’s uniform, in lettering legible to a person with average vision in all weather and light conditions from a distance of at least 25 feet,the peace officer’s last name, badge number or other identifying number and either the word “police” or the words “lawenforcement.”

(c) A peace officer performing official duties other than participation in an undercover law enforcement operation shall, upon request, provide a member of the public with the peace officer’s name and badge number.

Of course, the bill has an “emergency clause.”

“Legislative Concept 742” severely restricts use of pepper spray, tear gas, and “less than lethal” devices and requires that police give advance notice to rioters of their use. Less than lethal projectiles may only target certain parts of the body. If a police officer hits any non approved body part his department may be sued for two years. Police may not use these devices against people who are “houseless.”  No word on how “houseless” people are to be identified among rioters. When police are allowed to use these devices, they have to “accommodate disabilities.”

Legislative Concept 745 forbids police and corrections officers from using physical force that impedes the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of another person by applying pressure on the throat or neck of the other person” under any circumstances.

The Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform, which is the committee holding hearings on the police bills, has blatantly stacked the deck with witnesses who openly favor the rioters and shuts down input and questions from Republican members. Committee Chair Janelle Bynum actually shut down the committee proceedings when State Senator Dallas Heard asked who was responsible for the rioting downtown. Bynum said it would “put people in danger” if they were revealed.

The ruling party is making no secret of its efforts to protect the people who are destroying Oregon’s cities while doing all they can to hamstring and neuter the police. Meanwhile, Governor Brown continues to enact new restrictions on gatherings of the law-abiding while encouraging massive crowds of violent anarchists. Apparently rioting keeps you safe from viruses that attack church goers and wedding guests.

There does not seem to be any end in sight for the chaos and we cannot predict how the coming elections will go. Once again, we strongly urge you to take whatever steps you still can to keep yourself and your family safe.

One final note. Due to the extreme bias and blatant censorship of the truth by Facebook, we no longer post there. We are currently using MEWE as our social media platform.





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Victory For Gun Owners In Clackamas County


Gun owners were victorious in Clackamas County today.

Pro Gun Rights Attorney Shawn Kollie successfully defended Warren Mitchell’s right to have an Oregon Concealed Handgun license in spite of the fact that he is technically homeless.

While currently homeless, Mitchell was nevertheless a longtime resident of Clackamas County. He received mail, including a government stimulus check, at a Clackamas County facility and met every other qualification.

Clackamas County denied a renewal for him based on their position that he was not legally a resident of the county.

Oddly, the County said in their petition defending the Sheriff’s refusal to renew:

It should be noted that although the term “resident” is not defined in ORS Chapter 166, it is defined in several other Oregon statutes. A common and helpful definition of “resident” is a person who has resided within a specific city, county, or the State  continuously for at least six months prior to date of an application.

This is strange because ORS 166, the section of Oregon law that deals with firearms, very specifically DOES define “resident”, in this case exactly for the purposes of obtaining an Oregon CHL.

As we noted, and as Attorney Kollie pointed out, Mr. Mitchell met every single requirement.

The panic caused by Covid has created many new challenges for gun owners. Obviously for many, simply buying a gun has become very difficult. For quite a long time, Clackamas County used Covid as an excuse to refuse to issue new permits or even renew existing ones.  As of today, they are  issuing and renewing but there is no telling if they will continue given the Governor’s every changing draconian mandates and shut down threats.

We are grateful for the excellent work of Mr. Kollie and pleased that Warren Mitchell is not being denied a basic right because of his current housing situation.

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ANTIFA Bake Sales And Fascists Everywhere.


Yesterday we told you about hearings scheduled for the Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform.”

We were openly skeptical that this committee would be addressing “police reforms” in anything resembling an unbiased fashion.

If anything, that prediction grossly underestimated how extreme the bias would be.

It’s difficult to describe the hearing without sounding like we’re exaggerating so we suggest you consider listening to it yourself.

But if you don’t have the time (or the stomach) for it, here are the highlights.

Dr. Alisha R. Moreland-Capuia, M.D., (Executive Director, Avel Gordly Center for Healing; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University) explained that we need a “cultural shift” and “ongoing training” and then, after expressing astonishment that her time was up, asked for more time and then said the committee “wasn’t going to get everything for free” and suggested people buy her book for more answers.

Michael German (Fellow, Liberty & National Security, Brennan Center for Justice) said Since 2000, law enforcement officials with alleged connections to white supremacy or other far-right militant activities have been exposed…”

Now “allegations” by unnamed accusers are as good as convictions.

His testimony also included this: “It is important to acknowledge that our nation was founded on white supremacy. It was the driving ideology that motivated European colonization of North America, the subjugation of Native Americans, and the enslavement of kidnapped Africans.”

No mention was made of Native American’s enslavement of kidnapped Africans.

You can see more of German’s testimony here.

But for sheer gut wrenching inanity little could compare with the bizarre testimony of Dr. Stanislav Vyostsky, (Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology, University of Wisconsin -Whitewater)

You can see it here and here.

Vyostsky may as well be the propaganda arm of ANTIFA, which he describes this way: “I describe antifa as a decentralized collection of individual activists who mostly use nonviolent methods to achieve their ends.”

He also says:

Antifascists organize social events such as movie screenings, concerts, and even art shows in order to network, spread their message, or fundraise.”

We’re wondering when the first bake sale will be.

According to Vyostsky, ANTIFA is a well intentioned group formed only to stop the spread of fascism, which is everywhere.

Their “confrontational” tactics are only in response to the dangerous and widespread violence of “fascists” who are “driven by an ideology that ascribes innate biological and social differences between people and enforces them through violence.”

To be clear,  Vyostsky is ascribing the violence to “fascists” not the mobs who are nightly destroying our cities and shooting motorists who try to pass roads and highways blocked by ANTIFA. Of course, he managed to lump gun owners in with the ubiquitous and growing scourge of “fascists.”

Dr Jules Boykoff (Chair, Politics & Government Department, Pacific University) , described the average protest as “warm, inviting events” , said that vandalism and violence are not the same thing, and noted that the riots we are experiencing are the signs of a healthy democracy.

As you can imagine, no one who thought that burning buildings, destroying statues and shooting motorists was a bad idea was given the opportunity to testify.

The deck was stacked. And this was just the first hearing.

The daily chaos we are experiencing is directly effecting gun owners and people attempting to acquire firearms. In addition to the extensive delays for “background checks” many firearms are now in short supply and we are hearing more and more reports of shortages of ammo.

It is disturbing that the Democrats in our legislature are making every effort to normalize the rioting and looting and ignoring the dangers faced daily by Oregonians, many of whom are having great difficulty acquiring the means to keep themselves and their families safe.








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Police Reform?


Police “Reform” Hearings.

Starting tomorrow, the “Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform”  will begin three days of hearings on police “reform.”

We have linked to the agendas for the three days below.




At the time of this alert, none of the “presenters” had been announced and no meeting materials have been posted although that could change by the time you read this.

Once again, you, the Oregon voter, may not enter your capitol building and you can only participate if you are one of the lucky ones who somehow manages to get past all the technical failures these “remote” hearings have become notorious for.

We support responsible policing. We also recognize that any authority can be abused. We certainly learned that when Michael Strickland was railroaded and Lavoy Finicum was killed.

We have seen no shortage of police abuses around our country for many years including the misuse of no-knock warrants and illegitimate firearms confiscations.  (Please note, David’s case is over, we are NOT collecting funds on his behalf anymore.)

We believe “qualified immunity” is routinely used to protect bad actors under color of law.

That being said, we also  recognize that the people in power in Oregon are encouraging and promoting the chaos and lawlessness on our streets and doing all they can to undermine the police. Police who, these days, have an absurdly thankless job.

We also believe that Oregon Democrats are twisting the reality of abuse by authorities into a strictly racial issue, which we know it is not. They are very successfully creating division and animosity by turning groups of Oregon citizens against each other.

And as you no doubt know, our cities are becoming very dangerous very quickly at the same time Oregon politicians are following the lead of leftists elsewhere in the country and moving towards slashing police funding.

Meanwhile, extreme left wing operatives are taking over DA’s offices.

And so we are watching with serious concern as our legislature, controlled by radical leftists, addresses “reform.”

What they will not be addressing is the complete disaster the Oregon State Police have become at processing firearm’s transfers. While never a good or even legitimate system, the surge in attempted purchases, coupled with Oregon’s policy of sending many state workers home, has created a monumental backlog in transfer attempts.  People are waiting weeks for an “approval” to exercise a “right”,  and many are waiting days and longer just to have the process begin, only to find out later they are being delayed for weeks or more.

What they also will not be addressing are the many sheriffs who simply stopped issuing concealed handgun licenses with no legal authority to do so. (Clackamas County only yesterday started accepting applications but we have heard from numerous people who said the process was not working and they could not complete applications.)

If you choose to watch the hearings (or at least whatever part of them get past the technical flaws) you can do so at this link:

Locate the meeting date and click on the camera icon at the designated time.

We believe that given the bias of the controlling party and the current environment of lawlessness, that there is a strong possibility that these hearings will be used to further erode police moral and effectiveness while doing nothing to address real abuses that are always a reflection of the party in control at the time.

Please stay safe and prepared.




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First Special Session Report


The first “special session” of 2020 closed on June 26.


The people of Oregon were locked out of the session and the Capitol Building. While the Democrats gave lip service to the notion that the public could still testify, anyone who watched the “remote” hearings could see that actually connecting was a clown show with constant missed or dropped calls and a system totally incapable of keeping people involved.

Arnie Roblan
Peter Courtney
Floyd Prozanski

While numerous bills restricting police passed, the continuing chaos in our streets was ignored.



Five of the police accountability bills begin with the introductory clause “Black Lives Matter.”

By capitalizing “Black Lives Matter” they  enshrined the leftist, anti-police, political organization and not the concept that people of one particular race matter.

Nowhere mentioned in any of the bills was the fact that people of all races suffer when those in authority abuse their power.

While we see nightly violence in many parts of our state and, in fact, across the country, the Democrats in control continue to condone and approve these actions, refusing to condemn the organized destruction.

Even while the governor is instituting more restrictive measures against the law abiding and curtailing their freedom and rights, she and other Democrat leaders are insisting that the mobs of looters and rioters are somehow immune to the spread of the disease she uses as a justification for closing churches. The nightly riots in Portland barely register as “news” showing up in the “Oregonian” well below sports stories.

There is no doubt that these actions are coordinated and well funded. 

No one should underestimate how violent those involved are prepared to be.

Videos from around the country show people, including police, being attacked by armed mobs and whole parts of American cities are now under the control of violent criminals.  All with the blessing of elected Democrats.

Small town mayors are being attacked for standing up to the mobs.

All of this was predicated in 2017. 

So what does all this mean for you?

While Oregon has always done a very bad job of processing the background checks required before you can exercise a God given Constitutional “right”, things have now reached a crisis stage.

Every day OFF hears from people who are waiting days for the State Police simply to start their background checks for gun purchases . Then they have to wait through the process of the check which could delay them for months.

While both Oregon and Federal law allow a buyer to take possession of a firearm if they have not been approved after 3 business days, (barring an outright denial )  this rule only applies to people who have been delayed after a check has been initiated. There is no protection for people who are waiting just to have the process begin. And even then, very few dealers are willing to transfer a firearm on a “delay” because of the years of threats and lies they have received from the ATF and the State Police.

People who are justifiably fearful of the daily violence, and the inability of police to intervene, are facing long and dangerous delays acquiring self defense firearms even if they can find something to buy.

The State Police Firearms Instant Check unit is grossly understaffed as a result of Kate Brown’s stay-at-home dictates while we experience the biggest surge in attempted firearms purchases ever. Furthermore, Kate Brown’s animosity towards gun owners all but guarantees that there will be no effort on the part of the State Police FICS unit to correct the mess they have created.

Add to this the fact that many sheriff’s offices are refusing to issue new concealed handgun licenses and it is becoming the perfect storm for mindless anarchy.

Many people in the worst locations are on their own and defenseless.

There is currently no reason to believe any of this is going improve soon. The Governor has promised more “special sessions.” Anything can happen in those sessions. The Democrats in control demonstrated in this most recent session that Republican bills and input are not welcome. The minority party may as well not even show up.

While Oregon faces an economic crisis created by state mandate, the legislature is in no way compelled to address that. They have the ability to institute any new law they want to and could certainly use the current chaos to ram through new firearms restrictions at the same time our police are being ordered to stand down and having their budgets cut.

Now would be a good time to assess your current needs and situation and consider making whatever preparations you can as the lawlessness moves out of the larger cities. Oregon’s ruling party has shown no interest in restoring order and in fact demonstrated a strong affinity for the rioters.

Please be cautious and we’ll keep you informed of any legislative action the may effect you even while you as voters are locked out of the process.



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“Special” Session…

“Special” Session Set For June 24.

Kate Brown has called for a “special session” starting June 24th.

It appears at this time that there will be NO budget bills but plenty of “police accountability” bills considered.

Most Democrats have been very supportive of recent anti-police demonstrations while still warning us to wear masks and stay away from crowds.

Any pretense of reason and objectivity has been abandoned.

The same people who are calling for the “defunding” or outright abolition of police forces are demanding that your right to defend yourself and your family evaporate. We have seen the outcome of state support of looting and rioting and there is no reason to believe it is going to get better anytime soon.

Democrat Rob Wagner, the new Senate Majority Leader, said:

We have the opportunity to listen to our colleagues in the People of Color Caucus and the tens of thousands of Oregonians calling for an end to police brutality and systemic racism. We must start that work now.”

Democrat House Speaker Tina Kotek said:

“And, across the state, we’ve seen the public take to the streets for weeks demanding police accountability reforms to address the tragic prevalence of police brutality and racial injustice in our society.”

So far we have not seen a word from any elected Democrat condemning the massive destruction caused by those demanding an end to “brutality”.

It’s become undeniable that the people in power are supporting the violence that we have seen in Oregon’s cities, and that’s what will make a “special session” so dangerous.

While we always expect the majority (with a few turncoat Republicans) to use every opportunity to ram through new attacks on your rights, this “special” session will not even have the normal procedures for the public to monitor the actions of the legislature.

The Capitol building is still closed to the public and there will be no opportunity for live public testimony.

The ruling party is NOT limited in any way in terms of what bills they can promote and ram through.

We know they are still furious that they were unable to force more dangerous gun bans through in the last regular session because of the Republican walkout.

The Governor has made no secret of her desire for “revenge” nor has she hidden her allegiance to the rioters. 

While attempted gun sales are at an all time high, Oregon’s “instant” background check system is in the worst shape ever as most of the employees who work the “Firearms Instant Check System” unit are “working from home” with no reliable access to the system. Those attempting to buy guns are facing up to 5000 people ahead of them in the “queue.”

So, while law enforcement in many places is standing down, the law abiding are struggling to have the means to defend their homes.

This “perfect storm” of events has created the most perilous situation in memory.

OFF will be doing everything in our power to monitor events in Salem, but the circumstances we are facing are unprecedented.

We have to assume that the Democrats will be taking advantage of the current chaos to force their radical agenda.  We strongly urge you to take whatever steps you deem necessary to keep yourself and family safe.

We’ll keep you informed.

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Gun Sales Spike. Oregon Legislators Wonder Why.


The Senate Judiciary Committee met today via Zoom, to discuss a number of issues related to COVID.

This meeting was scheduled before Covid became yesterday’s crisis to be replaced by today’s crisis of “extreme asset reallocation through looting in the interest of social justice”.

On the agenda was Increase in Firearm Sales and Background Check Issues During COVID-19 Epidemic.”

Whatever slowing in gun sales we may have seen after the initial Covid spike has no doubt been replaced by another upsurge due to the opening of riot season.


Photo by Warren Wong


For the complete powerpoint presentation provided by the State Police’s Major Tom Worthy, please see this link.  

The increased numbers and excessive wait times are documented.

The presentation was brief, as were the other presentations on today’s agenda, and there were no real surprises:

OSP has had a large spike in sales, they have a shortage of staff and most of them are working from home where they lack the right equipment to get the job done efficiently.

There was a not-so-subtle push for raising the cost of a background check when it was brought up then when they have to do any kind of investigation the $10.00 fee does not cover their costs. What was not mentioned was how much profit there is in the large number of cases where the background check sails through.

Another point the Major made was (we have not verified this) that in some other states, the authorities conducting the background checks say either “yes” or “no” and there are no “pending” or “delayed” status checks. And boy doesn’t that make their lives easy.

This was something he seemed to indicate would be a good idea in Oregon. Since the overwhelming number of delayed purchases in Oregon turn out to be unjustified this is obviously something we would strongly oppose.

Senator Michael Dembrow  wondered where gun sales were increasing (everywhere) but just when you think you’ve heard the dumbest questions, Senator James Manning proves it can always get worse.

Disturbingly, Manning wanted to know if the State Police kept records of “why” people were buying guns and asked if it was “just hey I’m buying this new shiny firearm because it matches my eyes.” (1:48:32 in the archived video.)

(So once again you can see how important it is to vote.)

Oddly, Major Worthy said he’d like to know too.

The Major told him they do not keep that information and doubts the public would want to share it. We, however, are willing to speculate on the upsurge in sales. (Just a wild guess of course.)

A recording of the hearing is posted here

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A Clear Choice.

The election results are in.


Once again, the Republicans have nominated several candidates who strongly embrace liberal Democrat values.

In HD 14, the Republican House nominee is Richard Cunningham who proudly identifies as an anti gun, Hillary Clinton supporter. His opponent in the race was Alison Rhodes, a strong supporter of gun rights.

In House District 20, liberal gun grabber Selma Pierce narrowly defeated pro-gun Kevin Chambers.

Once again, the Republican Party allowed candidates to run under their banner who either stand for the principles of the other side or who can hardly be taken seriously.

In the Second Congressional district, liberal gun grabber Knute Buehler reinvented himself as a conservative supporter of gun rights and devotee of Donald Trump, whom he attacked regularly when he was running as a liberal for Governor.

Fortunately he was running against several real conservatives and was defeated by Cliff Bentz. Unfortunately he scored enough votes to demonstrate that with the Republican name in your ads, you really can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time. His inexplicable “B+” rating from the NRA probably contributed to the confusion.

As long as it continues to be the policy of the Republican Party to allow anyone to run as a “Republican” irrespective of their policies or even their fitness for office, we will continue to get candidates whose presence on the ballot can only be described as an embarrassment .

The Republican nominee for Attorney General is not only not an attorney, he did not even appear in the voter’s guide. Had you attempted to contribute to his campaign you would have found a link to PayPal that informs you that “The receiver doesn’t have a valid PayPal account.”  Maybe the party can help him correct that before the general election.

Kim Thatcher

There were bright spots. But perhaps the brightest was the nomination of Kim Thatcher for Secretary of State.

Thatcher is without doubt one of the shining stars of the Oregon legislature. In her tenures in the Oregon House and Senate, Thatcher has consistently demonstrated a commitment to constitutional liberties and an unflinching dedication to the Second Amendment. Few legislators have sponsored as many pro-gun bills as Kim. But, just as importantly, she has always taken principled stands with grace, dignity and character. And, given who her Democrat opponent will be, this race will certainly provide a striking contrast.

The Democrat nominee for Secretary of State won, as many ultra leftist’s do. At the last minute, after it appeared her less radical opponent, Mark Hass, had won.

To describe her as a contrast to Kim Thatcher would be to redefine the term “understatement”.

While Thatcher is thoughtful and statesman like, Shemia Fagan is angry, volatile and rude. She wears her hatred for gun owners on her sleeve and was completely bankrolled by Oregon’s public employees unions.

The fact that the public employees own her was not lost even on Willamette Week, which typically can not find a candidate far enough to the left for their liking. During their endorsement process they wrote:

“The way Fagan entered the race, however, raises questions about how she would govern. She filed late, at the end of February, deciding to run only after former state Rep. Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland) dropped out on the eve of a WW story about her misuse of campaign funds.

Public employee unions went looking for a replacement for Williamson and found Fagan. When asked why public employee unions didn’t like Hass in WW’s endorsement interview, Fagan was uncharacteristically reticent. She would only say she was a longtime ally of labor.

To be sure, Fagan has the seal of approval from the left wing of her party, groups that often work in concert to achieve the greatest effect. She has the pro-choice forces and environmental lobby on her side. But two-thirds of the $175,000 in her campaign coffers so far come from the three major public employee unions. If she’s reluctant to be forthright about why she and not others was the recipient of such generosity, it calls into question her willingness to challenge public employees when she’s handed the authority to audit the state’s books.”


Even  far-left legislator Alissa Keny-Guyer was so offended by Fagan’s deceitful campaign tactics she distanced herself from Fagan saying “But I’ve been dismayed at the tactics used in your campaign, ESPECIALLY for someone running for a position overseeing election integrity and campaign finance.”


Shemia Fagan


Rarely have Oregon voters had a clearer choice for candidates. But this race is more than a choice between integrity and vulgarity, between principles and political payoffs. Remember, the Secretary of State is next in line if the governor leaves office. You will recall that is how we got saddled with Kate Brown in the first place.  If Brown were to be removed from office, as her predecessor was, the Secretary of State would be our new governor.

We have seen the power governors have in Oregon. Kate Brown, one of the most unpopular governors in America, who has built a career on being appointed to jobs she was not elected to, has proven how one person can crush an entire economy and enforce her dangerous will on the people.

If Shemia Fagan were to become the next Governor of Oregon, rest assured you would be reminiscing fondly for the days of Kate Brown.

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We Are All At Risk


There has rarely been a time when our liberties were not only in danger, but were being actively destroyed more than now.

All across our state (in fact all across our country) not only are people losing their jobs, their businesses and their investments, they are losing their rights.

The right to assemble, the right to move freely, the right to make informed decisions for themselves.

Irrespective of your views on current events, one thing is clear, the state is using this situation for a massive power grab.

Under Oregon law, in emergencies, the Governor has enormous and almost unlimited powers. And, in the absence of an agreement by the legislature, (unlikely under the current circumstances) the Governor alone decides when  the “emergency” is over.

As you know, Kate Brown was unable to ram through everything she wanted in the last legislative session because of the Republican walk out. As you also know, Brown has made no secret of her intention to seek “revenge” (her words) on her political opponents. Brown is also not in any way confined by a need to seek reelection. In short, Kate Brown can do almost anything she wants right now.

If you’ve watched her press conferences or read her statements, you know Brown has no plans, no ideas and no strategy for saving Oregon’s crumbling economy. Countless jobs are gone and many businesses will never come back. But one thing you can be sure of, Brown and her staff will continue to get paid.

So we are in a very dangerous period. Our flawed “background check” system is in worse shape than ever and many sheriffs across our state are not issuing, and in some cases, not even renewing, concealed handgun licenses. There is no policy in place for law enforcement’s dealing with expired CHL’s and anyone who needs a new one may just be out of luck. Oregon law says “shall issue.” It does not say “shall issue unless it’s inconvenient.”

We want to assure you that we are watching  events very carefully and are monitoring  any efforts to use the current situation to attack gun rights. 

On another topic, you are aware that Oregon’s only Republican Congressman, Greg Walden, is not seeking re-election.

Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District is the only district that typically votes Republican and this year the Republican primary has drawn numerous contenders. One of them is failed governor candidate Knute Buehler.

As you can see, there is big money behind his race. And that’s the problem.

When Buehler ran for governor against Kate Brown, he ran as an avowed liberal. He was a vocal basher of President Trump, a supporter of virtually all liberal causes and a proponent of more gun restrictions. When he served in the legislature, Buehler introduced several anti-gun bills and was one of only three Republicans to vote for a third. (None of those folks are still in the legislature.)

Now Buehler has reinvented himself as a Trump loving, 2nd Amendment advocate because he is running in a pro-gun Republican district.

Buehler is a fraud but he is gaining traction because of his large war chest and name recognition. Do not be fooled if you live in the 2nd Congressional District.  Buehler is no friend of gun owners and would be a disaster as the only “Republican” from Oregon in Congress. Please stay informed.

We are wishing you courage in these very dangerous and unprecedented times. We know many of you are struggling with lost income and a rudderless, stumbling government that has taken your livelihood and replaced it with broken promises. We are not going to bore you with platitudes. Stay close to your friends, family and fellow patriots. We will prevail.

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2020 Oregon Primary


Oregon Firearms Federation wants to extend our prayers to all who are experiencing unprecedented hardship due to the state mandated shut down of so many businesses.

Current events have created a loss of liberties the likes of which we have never before seen. Many are out of work and many closed businesses will not reopen. As of today, the state shows no signs of reducing the restrictions that have caused these closures and job losses.

So far however, there is no indication that the Oregon Primary election will be postponed.

Voter’s pamphlets are scheduled to be delivered April 22 – 24. The deadline for registering to vote is April 28. Ballots will be mailed starting April 29 and the due date for returning them is May 19.

If you are not registered to vote you may do so here. Given the endless efforts of the Oregon Democrat majority to eliminate gun rights, we cannot overemphasize how critical voting is.

The May primary election will determine who will run in November. Your support for pro-gun candidates now will be the deciding factor in who has a chance to represent you in Salem next year.

Oregon Firearms has posted our candidate grades for the 2020 primary election here. Please consider it a starting point when you make your decision on your ballot. Most candidates have websites or Facebook pages that will provide contact info for further information on their positions.

 Stay strong and stay free.

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Ballot Title Battle Continues


Yesterday OFF filed our “Reply Memo” to the Attorney General’s response to our challenge to the ballot title for IP 60.

As you know, IP 60 would place extremely onerous restrictions on the possession of modern firearms and firearms feeding devices.

OFF challenged the original ballot title (as we did successfully on IP 40) in an effort to make sure the ballot title reflected the extreme nature of the measure. The original proposed ballot title did nothing of the sort.

You can see the AG’s “Answering Memo” here.

You can see our “Reply Memo” here.

Thank you once again for you amazing support in these battles.

Current events have certainly taught us how fragile our 2nd Amendment rights are and how easily they can disappear in times of crisis.

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Legislative Drama And Ballot Measure Update


It’s entirely possible that this message will be obsolete by the time you read it.

Things are happening very quickly and everything is subject to change.

We’ll start with the positive news and move on from there.

As you know, OFF challenged the ballot title for IP 40. This ballot measure (it is not a legislative bill) would require that you keep your self-defense firearms locked up and useless. It would hold you “strictly liable” for misuse of your guns by other people. (Challenges were filed by both OFF and the NRA.)

Today the Oregon Supreme Court responded with an opinion that agreed in large part with our arguments.

That opinion can be seen here. This is a positive development because now, should this measure make the ballot, Oregon voters will have a clearer idea of how bad it is.

In the legislature, today was all drama. The House Rules Committee held a “hearing” with invited testimony only. As you can imagine, the only testimony invited was testimony that supported the Democrat’s position.

The Oregon House Democrats had issued “subpoenas” to the House Republicans who walked out in protest of the outrageous behavior of the ruling party. Since the beginning of the session, the Democrats have worked to ram through radical legislation with little discussion or input. (One Republican House Member, Cheri Helt, stayed behind with the Democrats.)

The stated intention of this hearing was to have the subpoenaed Republicans show up to be grilled by the Democrats. To no one’s surprise, no Republican legislators were there, but many of their supporters were.

Attorney John DiLorenzo submitted a letter explaining why the subpoenas were not enforceable, but of course was not invited to testify.

Both the Senate and House Republicans announced today that they would be willing to return before the session ended to vote on important budget bills (which should have been done early in the session) but within minutes of the Rules Committee closing its hearing, the House Speaker “adjourned” until 11.59 PM Sunday when the session must officially end.

The Senate President soon did the same.

By all accounts, this should mean the session is over and no more bills can be passed.

However, while this particular legislative session has ended, and no anti-gun bills passed, rest assured the Governor and the Oregon Democrats will be using any trick or procedural move they can to somehow enact their very dangerous and unpopular bills. There can be calls for “special sessions” or even “emergencies” declared.

So while we may be out of the woods as of right now, anything can still happen.

The Democrats are furious that the Republicans stood up to them and protected your rights and pocketbook and it’s certainly possible that this is not over.

Earlier today we told you about our challenges to the ballot titles of IP 61 and 62. While we are grateful for all the support and words of encouragement, we do have to report that we have hit a snag on this process.

Although we are very pleased by the outcome of our challenges to IP 40 and are looking forward to similar success with our challenges to IP 60, the simple fact is, our challenges to IP 61 and 62 were filed a day after the deadline. We learned of this after we sent out this morning’s alert. We take full responsibility for the error and we are working overtime on alternatives to the challenges we filed.

As you can imagine, this is not the outcome we, and you, would have wanted. But rest assured we are looking at every option to correct this.

We do believe that IP 60, which contained all the bad elements of 61 and 62, was the main goal of the gun grabbers, and 61 and 62 were back-ups in the event IP 60 was blocked. However we will still be doing everything in our power to stand in the way of all anti-gun measures and we thank you for your understanding.

Please stay tuned as the landscape could change very quickly and very dramatically.


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Walkout Stalls Bad Gun Bills. OFF Challenges Bad Ballot Measures.


While the brave walkout by most Republican legislators has stalled (and we hope, killed) the worst anti-gun legislation for 2020, gun owners are still facing several hate driven gun confiscation ballot measures.

Today, Oregon Firearms Federation submitted a challenge to the “certified ballot title” for IP 60.

Our challenge covered many of the flaws in the ballot title and pointed out some of the absurdities of the measure itself.

As we pointed out in our petition;

In addition to covering most semiautomatic rifles and certain semiautomatic handguns, IP 60 also includes other types of firearms within its catch-all definition of “semiautomatic assault firearms” that do not properly fit within that makeshift category. IP 60 also applies to shotguns with revolving cylinders even though they do not possess any semi-automatic functionality.”

Rest assured OFF will be doing everything in our power to put the brakes on this dangerous and ignorant ballot measure and others like it.

We are very grateful for the support you have provided to help us cover the cost of  these, and coming legal proceedings.  We are also extremely grateful for the courage of those Republicans who stood up at great personal cost to themselves to defend your liberties.

If ever there was a time to send a personal note of appreciation to legislators now is the time.

Please consider a brief “thank you” to the leaders of Oregon’s Republican House and Senate.

House Republican Leader Rep Christine Drazan:

Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr:


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The Other R’s Have Left The Building



Amid a flurry of press releases, today the Oregon House Republicans joined the Senate Republicans and walked out.

Citing the Democrat’s abuse of power, the House Republicans shut down all business on the House floor.

Tomorrow’s scheduled vote on HB 4005 (the gun lock down bill) appears to be a dead issue for now. This is a good thing as the bill’s only purpose was to harass law-abiding gun owners and cripple youth shooting events.

As in the Senate, one “Republican” stayed behind with the Democrats.

Anti-gun militant Cheri Helt stayed on the floor and shows no sign of joining her caucus in this protest.

Helt, you will recall, was still demanding a ban on “bump-stocks” long after they had been outlawed by the Trump Administration.  Maybe she can use this quiet time to catch up on current events.

OFF salutes House Republican leader Christine Drazan for spearheading this walkout and all the Republican House members who have had the courage to stand up for Oregon.