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The courtroom’s public gallery immediately erupted with laughter at Marshall’s pledge…


“The courtroom’s public gallery immediately erupted with laughter at Marshall’s pledge”


The Oregonian, which regularly gets everything wrong, got one thing right in their article about yesterday’s hearing on our efforts to stop Measure 114.

The courtroom’s gallery did erupt with laughter.

Towards the end of the hearing, the State’s lawyer, Brian Marshall, told the judge that Oregonians would be able to apply for a permit to purchase by December 8th, when this deranged measure is due to take effect.

This is so patently absurd that it’s hard to respond seriously. 

More on that in a moment. But first, the “outcome”  of yesterday’s hearing.

Judge Karin Immuergut explained that this is a “very complex” case and promised a ruling by next Monday “Tuesday at the latest”.

So at the moment, we still have no resolution. But we hope that her intention to take some time with the facts will lead to a positive conclusion.

Meanwhile an update.

One of the first things the judge decided was that we would not be allowed to call any of the witnesses that were experienced with firearms both technically and in terms of their use in self defense. This removed the opportunity to allow the judge to learn about the real life and practical elements of firearm’s ownership.

It also eliminated testimony from people in the business of selling firearms who could have elaborated on the chaos that is the current system. That left us with only far more esoteric legal discussions that did not fully paint a picture of the damage this measure is doing even now.

Furthermore, OFF’s lawsuit is now one of 5 similar cases.  

A suit by the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition  was heard along with ours yesterday. While ours included an objection to the “permitting” system SAF/FPCs focused exclusively on the magazine ban.  And that element was the one that got the most attention at the trial.

Another suit has been filed by National Shooting Sports Federation. While their lawyer was at the hearing, their case was not part of yesterday’s proceedings and it’s unclear when they will get a chance to present  their very well crafted arguments.

Then, late yesterday, a fourth suit was filed on behalf of Sportsman’s Warehouse.  Finally a fifth lawsuit was filed in State Court by Gun Owners of America. Gun Owner’s had previously filed an amicus brief in support of OFF’s lawsuit.

How the introduction of these other suits this late in the game will effect the trajectory of this issue is not clear. We anticipate that at least some will be consolidated. Those details are being worked out.

While all have taken slightly different approaches, they all make the point that BM 114 is clearly and inarguably unconstitutional.

As noted, in spite of the dangers and importance of the proposed “permit-to-purchase,” the hearing focused largely on the magazine ban and, as you would expect, the state once again displayed migraine inducing ignorance.

They insisted that no one’s rights were being violated when they were forbidden from having a magazine that came, from the factory, with their firearm, because they were still allowed to have it in their home. This would be like telling someone who just bought a 100 acre plot that while they were forbidden from farming, logging, or living on it, they were still allowed to own it so their rights were not impacted.

Beyond that, they relied on fabricated statistics about the number of rounds fired in self defense situations claiming that the “average” was only 2.2, and therefore standard magazines were almost never used in self defense situations.

The absurdity of this is self evident. Putting aside the fact that this statistic is meaningless , (for example) the notion that because someone did not fire 11 or 12 rounds somehow means their magazine did not contain that many rounds is moronic.

Their further suggestion that standard capacity magazines are “dangerous  and unusual” begs several questions. What makes 11 rounds more dangerous and unusual than 10?  If the purported purpose is to stop mass shootings ( a ridiculous suggestion in the first place) what possible sense does it make to deny a good person the ability to respond to a criminal who can get all the standard magazines he wants on the black market or with a quick trip across state lines?

They also claim that magazines are not “arms” at all, only “components” of arms and are therefore not protected by the Second Amendment. But that makes as much sense as saying a trigger group or a rifle barrel is only a “component” of a firearm and therefore you have no protected right to own one.

Of course, they simultaneously claim that magazines are not “arms” at all while saying they are “dangerous and unusual arms”.

While the Oregon State Police have made the preposterous assertion that the permit system will be ready to go on December 8th, the people who have to actually administer it, the County Sheriffs, have said no such thing. In fact, the Sheriffs have said unequivocally that this is flat out false. While the State Police, under the direction of Kate Brown (no doubt with input from the new and even worse governor) are claiming they will have some kind of “application” ready on Dec 8th, there has not been a word about where people are supposed to take the non-existent and imaginary “classes” required before one can even apply.

Nothing was said about the fact that even now, before this garbage goes into effect, 40 thousand people are stuck in limbo, and perhaps an endless loop, trying to legally acquire a firearm. (Well nothing except that those people waiting in line are screwed come Dec 8th.) 

And while some gun stores are releasing guns without an approval after 3 days, as allowed by law, even that safeguard disappears at midnight Dec 7th.

Meanwhile the frauds who brought you this atrocity, “Lift Every Voice Oregon”, were in court in support of their efforts to make sure that countless businesses and their employees will be ruined and out of work just in time for Christmas. We expect them to be celebrating this in their “churches” for whatever holiday they actually have.

The landscape is changing rapidly. The introduction of these late lawsuits creates new challenges and new opportunities. But, as always, our first and most important goal has been to put this dangerous and mean spirited measure on ice until we can crush it completely.

We’ll share more as it becomes available. Thank you and thank you to the sheriffs who came from across the state to support our efforts yesterday.

Stay tuned.

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114 Goes To Court


Tomorrow is the scheduled court date in our lawsuit to stop the implementation of Ballot Measure 114.

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. Second Amendment Foundation, with Firearms Policy Coalition, has filed a second suit in Federal Court  and Gun Owners of America has filed a friend of the court brief in our case.

The SAF suit essentially mirrors all of the arguments and points we made about the impending magazine ban.  They do not discuss or argue the permit to purchase .

While it’s clear that we consider the magazine ban a significant problem with Ballot Measure 114, we strongly oppose the permit to purchase requirements as well. The amicus brief filed by GOA does a good job of further explaining how that element is both extremely damaging and unconstitutional.

There is really no way to predict what will happen tomorrow and it’s unlikely that we will have an answer from the court before next week. And, of course, the clock is ticking on the complete shut down of gun sales on December 8th.

As you know, the current background check system is in near collapse, and while some transfers are taking place, over 30 thousand people are in limbo waiting for approvals (or any response) from the State Police.  It is impossible to imagine that any of those people will be able to take possession of the firearms they have paid for if Ballot Measure 114 goes into effect.

The State Police, as you can imagine, have no plans or rules in place to implement the onerous restrictions that 114 imposes on law abiding Oregonians, and sheriffs and police chiefs across the state are faced with the impossible situation of having to provide “permits” that do not exist. Meanwhile tens of thousands of Oregonians have had their rights eliminated BEFORE the measure has gone into effect with no reason to believe there will be any kind of resolution any time soon. So, the outcome of tomorrow’s hearing is way beyond critical.

But for right now, we wanted to take a minute to express our gratitude for every single person who has sacrificed and given so generously to this effort. It is an understatement to say that there are simply no words to convey our thanks.

While the suit filed yesterday by Second Amendment Foundation is being funded by large corporate donors such as Patriot Ordinance Factory and Oregon’s Radian Arms, we have no such benefactors. Every dime of this extremely costly effort has come from people like you, individuals, small dealers, gun clubs, and local collector’s organizations. While we certainly would have welcomed the help of companies like Radian when we were the first to jump into this fight, (and the fight at the ballot box) we will always be in debt to you, the people and small business of this state. (And a few other states.)

We also cannot sufficiently express our thanks to the individual sheriffs who have bravely stepped up to either officially join our suit or express an intention to join.

Sheriffs Brad Lohrey of Sherman County, Cody Bowen of Union County, Brian Wolfe of Malheur County, Gary Bettencourt of Gilliam County, Chris Kaber of Klamath County, Mark Garton of Polk County, and Terry Rowan of Umatilla County have all demonstrated unusual courage and. If you live in one of their counties, you are fortunate to have sheriffs who honor their oaths.

Our legal team has been working on this non-stop and have put aside many other commitments to present the best possible case. Because of the last minute introduction of another lawsuit in the same court, we now face even more unknowns.  Of course the minute we know the outcome you will too. 

It has always been our policy to respond to donations with formal “thank you’s” as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, we are a bit behind on that and appreciate your patience.

But, right here and now we wanted each one of you to know how deeply grateful we are for your support.

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Things are moving quickly in our suit to put Mz 114 on ice.

While there is a long battle ahead of us, the first job is to get an injunction to prevent it from going into effect while we demonstrate that it is clearly unconstitutional .

Though we had expected others, including large national gun rights groups and representatives of the firearms industry, to take legal action, as of today none, to our knowledge, have.

That makes our case  even more critical.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, the Federal Court took the unusual step of acting on a Federal holiday and scheduling oral arguments for Dec 2nd.

While this greatly reduces the time our legal team has for preparation, we are hoping it means the court has recognized the need to act quickly.  But only time will tell.

OFF wants to assure you that we recognize the gravity of this case.  Not only are the livelihoods of thousands at  risk, for too many to count, their very lives could be at risk.

The promoters of this measure were more than happy to crush small businesses across the state and send a message to the most vulnerable Oregonians that their safety and privacy are meaningless. They have callously placed security guards and off duty police at risk of being seriously outgunned by criminals.

They continue to lie about the measure and its impacts.

And people who should know better keep giving out ridiculous advice to gun owners who face jail time for simply being in possession of constitutionally protected magazines they have owned for decades.

To prove a gun owner had possession of higher-capacity magazines prior to Measure 114 going into effect , the owner could take a photo with a timestamp of the magazines, state police Capt. Stephanie Bigman suggested

This clearly preposterous suggestion will only serve to mislead and endanger people.

Obviously, magazines cannot be identified in a photograph since they all look exactly the same. And it’s laughable to think a court is going to accept a “time stamped” digital photo when, as you can see, they can be so easily altered.

Magazines from the past.
Magazines from the future.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who has been contributing to this fight. The opening salvo comes on Dec 2nd.  But no matter how the court rules, this is just the beginning, and your continued support is critical.

Please share this link with your friends and family as we are going to need all the help we can get.

Thank you. We will not back down.



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Oregon Firearms has filed the first of what we believe will be numerous lawsuits to put the brakes on Ballot Measure 114, Oregon’s gun ban initiative.

Although the media is not giving it much attention yet, in the lawsuit filed with the court, our lawyer, John Kaempf, also challenges the “permit to purchase” provisions of Measure 114. This is a separate argument in addition to challenging the gun magazines ban. 

A number of other gun rights organizations have announced their intentions to challenge this truly evil measure and we look forward to, and welcome, any legal action that will stand in the way of this clearly unconstitutional attack on common sense and the rights of Oregonians.

As you probably know, most people assumed the measure would take effect on or around January 15th. That’s because most people assumed that State of Oregon would not declare that an election had been “certified” while votes were still being counted in many counties. Well, most people were wrong.

In spite of the fact that there are STILL uncounted ballots, Oregon’s Secretary of State has declared that the ban on new gun sales, and the outlawing of standard capacity magazines, goes into effect on Dec. 8th.

This came as a shock not only to gun owners, and gun stores (who stand to lose everything that day) but to the State Police and Sheriffs who have been saddled with implementing this nightmare with no direction, no funding, and no resources . And that’s exactly how it was intended.

The liars who promoted this measure are still absurdly claiming that the measure won’t go into effect until the rules are created ,while also claiming that creating and imposing the rules are the cop’s problem.

While the legislature could make changes to this new assault on rights, they don’t even START work until more than a month after it goes into effect, turning countless Oregonians into criminals overnight and crushing small businesses across the state.

As you can imagine the accelerated date of implementation left us with far less time to act in court. Having to respond to a measure that somehow was declared “certified” while the votes were still being counted was, to say the least, unprecedented. But that is how the Secretary of State rolls in Oregon.

Our lawsuit was joined by the Sherman County Sheriff (and civil rights champion) Brad Lohrey and firearms dealer Adam Johnson of Coat of Arms firearms in Keizer, Oregon.  Numerous other sheriffs have volunteered to join the suit as have other small dealers and many, many individuals.

Because of the rush to force this measure into law, the devastation it would create came at us faster than we expected so we had no choice but to act quickly. We simply could not wait. There are too many good people whose personal safety and life savings were at risk.

As you would expect, we cannot predict how the courts will rule. We know the state has said they will vigorously defend this measure and work to shut down gun stores as quickly as possible.  And as you know, virtually every firearms related legal challenge has been lengthy, expensive, and wrought with setbacks.

The courts were more than happy to uphold orders that closed schools and crippled small businesses during covid.

We also have no way of knowing what actions the legislature could take, either after it’s too late or sooner. in an unlikely “special session.”

But the threat was too grave to wait.

This will be the single most expensive battle in the history of our organization. The legal bills are already mounting. To everyone who has generously donated to this critical fight, we deeply and sincerely thank you.  But it’s just getting started.

If you can help, we would be extremely grateful for anything you can contribute.  You can donate on line here:

If you prefer to donate through the mail, the mailing address is at the top of that page. (PO Box 556 Canby OR, 97013)

While donations to any of our three organizations (OFF, the PAC or OFEF) go to the same fight, it is the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation that is paying the bills. You can select that from the “Donation Category” drop down menu in the above link.

The big box stores that sell sleeping bags and treadmills can survive this. The family gun store where the owner knows your name cannot. 

We will not back down.

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Things Just Got Worse


Ok, we are not going to sugar coat it. 

The situation with Ballot Measure 114 just got a whole lot worse.

While many assumed that the implementation date would be 30 days after the election was actually “certified” (given that votes were being counted long after Nov 7th) now we are being told the Secretary of State has no plans to wait and the ban of new gun sales and magazines will begin December 8th.

While this seems insane even by Oregon standards we have to assume it’s true.

As you may know, the background check system is in total collapse as people attempt to purchase firearms before the ban goes into effect. While some people have been successful tens of thousands of would-be buyers are stuck in limbo while their background checks languish.

There is no way the legislature can “fix” this since they don’t even BEGIN to meet for well over a month after the ban goes into effect. The folks who brought you this nightmare, “Lift Every Voice” are now pretending that things will be just fine. As always they are lying.

Our lawyers have been working non stop on this issue but of course this news makes the matter more urgent than ever.

We know other organizations are planning legal action as well. The more people fighting this the better.

It’s now in the hands of unelected judges. If you want to contribute to what is going to be a very expensive but crucial legal battle please consider a donation to the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation which is funding this fight in conjunction with Gun Owners of America.  You can do that here:

Be sure to pick Oregon Firearms Eductional Foundation from the Donation Category drop down menu.

Thank you.

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Stopping 114


Measure 114

Due to Oregon’s progressive and very advanced voting systems, we will be waiting for final results on ballot measures long after most of the rest of the country has called all their races.

Ballots in Oregon can still come in a week after Election Day.

As of right this minute, it appears all ballot measures are passing. That includes an end to slavery in Oregon (glad we finally got around to that) and “free” healthcare for all.

Oregon also voted to crush minority dissent and end the use of “denial of quorum” to guarantee that the party in power ( the Democrats) can ram through ANYTHING they want and the minority party no longer has a single tool to stop it.

Of course, in Oregon, the minority party refused to use that tool out of fear that someday they might be prohibited from using it. So they were rewarded for their cowardice with a new law… that prohibits them from using it. And they made exactly no attempt of any kind to educate the voters about the danger of this measure, so it passed handily.

Now that we have finally banned slavery (bad news for all Oregon’s slave holders) we have also made it harder to actually lock up criminals and apparently ended prison work programs.  And because of our new “free” healthcare for all, you can rest assured that our state will see mass arrivals of those who are sick or just want a no cost sex change.  There are exactly no plans for how all this will be paid for, but we are pretty sure it will be…you.

And, unless there are some big last minute changes, it looks like the voters have passed Ballot Measure 114. 

So half the people in Oregon used their vote to eliminate the rights of the other half and crush small businesses.  (All in the name of religion of course.)

114 is clearly unconstitutional. Of that there is little doubt.  It’s just a matter of whether or not the courts can read the simple language of both the Oregon and United State’s Constitutions and the recent Supreme Court decision in New York.

114 is also incoherent and impossible to comply with, something just now being noticed by the Oregonian who of course, endorsed this garbage.

We are all in on this fight. Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation will use every resource at our disposal to overturn this mean spirited, evil attack on our rights in court. Period. But we have to act fast to save the many small businesses that the “people of faith” in Portland have been working to destroy.

If you want to contribute to what will no doubt be an expensive fight, we welcome your support .

You can donate here.

Please be sure to note that your donation is to the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation in the Donation Category drop down menu.

Thank you. Game on.

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The Wire. We Are Down To It.

The Wire. 
We Are Down To It

The last day to vote is almost here. Your ballot must be returned by Tuesday.

Currently Ballot Measure 114, which will cripple the Second Amendment, destroy small businesses, expose and endanger the most vulnerable Oregonians and turn countless law abiding Oregonians into criminals, is polling almost dead even.

In a state where most of the media has joined forces with the frauds who are promoting this dangerous and unconstitutional attack on liberty and common sense, that alone is amazing.

But what it means is that every single vote is going to matter. Every single one.

This demented policy could pass or fail on fewer votes than virtually any other in memory.

The destructive policies of the left have Oregon literally disintegrating before our eyes. Crime is skyrocketing, people are in danger and if this twisted measure passes it will be a clear message to the thugs that they are not only getting a free pass from the “justice system” but that no one will have the means to protect themselves from the surging violence.

Please be sure you ballot is turned in before the end of the day Tuesday. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT rely on the post office. If you can, bring your ballot to your county clerk.  Be sure your friends and family have voted and encourage them to safeguard their ballots as well. Drop boxes are the second best option but the US Mail simply cannot be trusted with your ballot.

Oregon is sliding into chaos. Your vote can help slow the destruction. Please be sure your vote will count.

Thank you.

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We have now concluded the third of our “debates” with the proponents of Ballot Measure 114.

If you have not received your ballot in the mail it should arrive soon.

One thing has become clear about the proponents of the measure, they cannot defend what’s in it and they cannot answer a question.

Instead they prefer to divert the conversation into meaningless and rambling diatribes about, well, we don’t really know what they are about, except that it has something to do with equity. Or something.

Here are the links to the three debates or “interviews” as the case may be.

The first one is with Portland’s far left newspaper “Willamette Week.”  Some time after this debate, we were shocked (shocked I tell you) to see they endorsed the measure.

The  second is with the Portland “Oregonian”, Portland’s other far left newspaper. As with Willy Week, after this “interview” the Oregonian endorsed the measure. Once again, who would have ever imagined that an aging, far left “newspaper” would have done that?

In this interview, Mark Knutson, who runs the “church” that has collected thousands and thousands of dollars to promote firearms confiscation, accused OFF’s Kevin Starrett of anti-semitic racism.  For those who are wondering why, this is the page he is referring to:

The final debate was presented by the Portland City Club and moderated by Fox 12 TV in Portland.  As a side note, the Eugene City Club invited OFF to debate Mark Knutson. A date was set and agreed upon. Shortly before that date, the Eugene City Club emailed us and disinvited us with no explanation.  The Salem City Club extended an invite to debate but no one from the other side agreed to.

While OFF would have eagerly accepted any opportunity to debate Knutson one on one, he was …not available. So we accepted the Portland City Club where it was only two on one to keep it fair. Neither of our opponents actually had anything to do with writing the measure. Those folks prefer to stay in hiding.

That debate can be seen here:

Maybe the highlight of the last debate was the closing moments when we got to ask the proponents a question. We think you’ll be amused by their answer.

Ballots are hitting. Oregonians have legitimate concerns about the integrity of our voting systems. We strongly recommend you NOT mail in your ballot but take it to your county clerk yourself. Early voting does allow for potential mischief, so you may want to consider not sending in your ballot right away. But you MUST vote. Your rights and safety are on the line.

Special bonus video.

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The Clock Is Ticking


Ballots will be arriving soon. We wanted to give you an update on Mz 114 and our efforts to defeat it.

Currently we have radio ads running in most parts of the state. Our thanks go out to Sheriff Brad Lohrey for his help on one ad, and Damian Bunting for producing the second one. (You can see the video from Damian’s ad here.) Our efforts to buy time to run his video on digital platforms were turned down. So we are running it as a radio ad.

The Stop114 committee produced and distributed thousands of “No on 114” signs around the state.  Thank you to everyone who requested one. We are sorry we could not fill every request.

We have too many volunteers to thank for their efforts getting those signs transported, distributed and placed. After this is behind us we hope to be able to thank each one individually.  And for everyone who just took action themselves, getting the word out, producing and distributing their own signs and buying ad time, we can’t thank you enough.

At this point we have completed two “endorsement interviews.” These were basically debates at Willamette Week and the Oregonian.

As of today we have seen no articles or the video from the Willamette Week* interview but you can see the Oregonian debate here;

The follow up article is available here

We have not seen either paper actually take a position yet. But it is interesting to note that this measure is so extreme even the Democrat Party refuses to endorse it. And for that you can thank some diehard Democrats who refused to be bullied by the extreme left and insisted on sharing the truth.

As you might expect, other cartel media outlets have endorsed it and it will come as no surprise that proponents are lying about the measure every chance they get, including in voter pamphlet statements.  There ought to be a law…

But the fun is not over yet.  On October 21st OFF will be debating the proponents of this measure at the Portland City Club. Oregon Firearms director Kevin Starrett will debate Deschutes County DA John Hummel and NAACP’s Eugene President Miles Pendleton.

Hummel, by the way, has his name attached to one of the voter guide arguments that contains a blatant lie. No surprise there.

Hummel has made the hilarious and preposterous claim that the live fire requirement in the measure can be satisfied by pretending to shoot a gun. No, really. And this guy prosecutes people. (Unless those people make false allegations against gun owners and then he protects them. Look up the outrageous case of what happened to Shane Morgan in Bend after being falsely accused.)

In the Oregonian interview Hummel claimed the measure was “perfect” even though the people who drafted it and promoted it have repeatedly admitted it has to be “fixed” by the legislature. Even though it is so badly written that it refers to Oregon statues that do not exist. And even though one of its drafters has admitted that not only does she know nothing about firearms, she also admits to having irrational fears of them. (An admission she made while serving on the committee that drafted the “explanatory statement” for the measure ironically enough.)

Pendleton, the NAACP President, has repeatedly stated that he does not believe people should go to prison for committing crimes. Most recently he shared that position in the Oregonian interview. Of course, while Measure 114 does create a whole new category of crimes, and it does make criminals out of good (formerly) law abiding Oregonians, it does not contain one single word about actually punishing people who commit crimes. But none of the laws attacking gun ownership ever do.

Missing from the Portland City Club debate will be Mark Knutson, the fraud in vestments who poses as a man of faith while pushing a measure that will publish the names and addresses of rape victims. This is a disappointment. We’d love to have the opportunity to expose this creep again.

Knutson likes to start his speeches talking about the army of volunteers who helped get the measure on the ballot. He never mentions the almost $200,000.00 dollars he spent on paid signature gatherers who lied to people to get them to sign the measure. He also does not talk about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they have received from Kate Brown, the ACLU, Gabby Giffords, the Oregon Education Association, Nurses United etc. The National Eduction Association threw in half a million.

As you can imagine, we were not exactly competitive in the fund raising department. 

The Portland City Club Debate will be on ZOOM.

If you would like to watch it, the City Club has provided this link.

Here is the flyer they provided for it.  Ok, they are not graphic artists. We’re not judging…











KQEN interview.

Please visit and share and thank you for all you are doing.

*UPDATE  Willamette Week has endorsed the measure.

Video of the interview can be viewed here.

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Ballots Are Arriving



Ballots are arriving. You may be disgusted, you may be frustrated, but you must vote.

All indications are that Ballot Measure 114 is very close.  If this passes we will face a long time and a lot of money to defeat it in court.

Make no mistake, it will be defeated. The proponents know it, the Secretary of State knows it, and the media knows it. But why should they care? When it comes time to fight it, we get to pay for our lawyers and their lawyers. So please get your friends and family to fill out those ballots and bring them to a “secure” drop box or directly to your elections office.  Do NOT assume the Post Office will deliver them.

114 is the most extreme anti-gun effort in the country. If it passes, we see no way for most gun dealers to survive while the legal battles get sorted out.  So every single vote is going to count.

In other races, there is no question this has been the strangest election we have ever witnessed.

The Republican Caucus (the people already in office) have done everything in their power to torpedo good, independent thinking, candidates. They have gone so far as to threaten candidates OFF supported and recruit opponents to principled, pro-gun candidates.  In short, most Republicans in office, and their hired lackeys, have done all they can to assure that strong candidates have no chance.

After Republican House “Leader”  Vikki Breeze Iverson, had her consultant husband attack OFF as a “fringe group” who should be ignored, we received a request for money from… Vikki Breeze Iverson.

Meanwhile the Republican Party has done little but sabotage any effort to accomplish anything positive by continuing to allow the most destructive people to hold party office and attack the few who actually ever did anything.

The Governor’s race features three liberal women. And while everyone agrees that a Tina Kotek victory will mean a rapid acceleration of Oregon into a complete dystopian nightmare, it’s impossible to tell which of the other two choices is the least bad. We cannot support either of them.

The following are candidates for the legislature who we believe truly want to make a difference and are not in the pocket of the greedy failures currently in office. If you are in their districts they deserve your support.

For Senate:

Kim Thatcher District 11

John Verbeek District 17

Kim Rice District 18

Ben Edtl  District 19

For House:

Jason Fields District 26

Sandra Nelson District 27

Gina Munster Moore District  29

John Woods District 34

Greer Trice District 36

Rob Reynolds District 41

James Hieb District 51*

*Hieb certainly screwed up. But from the moment he was appointed to the seat vacated by Christine Drazan, the Republican Caucus did all it could to undermine him. That has to count for something.

You can view voter guide statements here.

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The Media Is Lying And Losing


The Media Is Lying And Losing

We have what we hope will be good news on Ballot Measure 114.

In spite of massive spending by the leftists who are promoting the measure, a poll published by the Oregonian shows support from only 51% of Oregon voters.

Why would that be good news?

Well, if you read the whole story the Oregonian published, it’s clear, that just like the rest of the cartel media, they are doing everything they can to deceive Oregon voters about what the measure does.

It’s safe to say that the poll is as slanted as the article was and even with grossly biased polls, massive spending, and endless deception by the media, there is not overwhelming support for the measure. And with a margin of error of 4%, it looks even worse for the extremists who are attempting to destroy civil rights.

In spite of gifts of $100,000.00 from Gabby Giffords, $50,000.00 from the Oregon Raindrop Fund, $48,000.00 from the “Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety”, $20,000.00 from the “Nurses United Political Action Committee”, $10,000.00 from Kate Brown, $10,000.00 from ACLU and others, they have still not been able to fool most Oregonians.

But make no mistake. The media is completely in the tank to pass this measure and they are not going to let up any time soon.

This quote from the article demonstrates how misinformed people who answered the poll are:  Mark Magee, a voter in Southeast Portland who participated in the poll, said he supported the measure because he feels there are too many “over-the-top weapons” out there.”

Unless Magee considers common sporting shotguns to be “over the top” weapons his comment makes no sense when discussing this measure.

After a lengthy interview with the Oregonian “reporter” who wrote this article, even after she was fully informed that the new “rules” were impossible to comply with, that the police oppose this measure, that there is NO cap on the cost for required “classes” (that virtually no one will be able to give) that this will have a devastating effect on low income communities, destroy youth shotgun competition, and put countless small shops out of business, she absurdly stated Opponents call the measure an overreach that doesn’t guarantee adequate funding from permit fees to pay for the required classes and the database, among other objections.”

And that highly biased comment does not even make sense.  “Permit fees” won’t pay for the required classes.  People trying to exercise their rights will pay for the required classes. That is if any are even available.

The pattern is clear and has been since this measure made the ballot.  The legacy media has, and will continue to, do all it can to hide what this measure actually does. It’s so extreme even the Oregon Democrat Party has refused to endorse it.

Police from across the state oppose it and with every new court decision it becomes undeniably clear that it will, if passed, be declared unconstitutional. Eventually.

But that fight will take years and millions to battle through the Kate Brown controlled courts.  So it’s essential that we beat this atrocity at the ballot box.

Please share the website with everyone you know. Whether they are gun owners or not, voters need to be informed about how dangerous and extreme this deceptive measure is.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this fight with donations and volunteer efforts. You are making a difference.

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Ballot 114 News


As you would expect, the media is working overtime to deceive Oregonians about Ballot Measure 114. A perfect example is this con job from the Yamhill County News Register.

Note this absurd misrepresentation of what’s in the measure:

“Requirements would include a photo ID, set of fingerprints, safety course certificate, criminal background check and a relatively modest fee payment.

This is an outright lie and they know it. In fact, the measure requires a class that not only will almost no one be able to provide, but there is NO CAP on the fees that can be charged for it.  We alerted the liars at the News Register to their “error”  but as part of the cartel media they will continue to lie about the measure.

OFF was invited to debate the proponents of the measure at the Salem City Club, the Eugene City Club, and the Portland City Club.

The Salem City Club quickly cancelled when no one from the anti-rights “Lift Every Voice” would agree to debate.

The Eugene City Club locked in a date and sent an official invite to OFF and then rescinded it with no explanation.

The Eugene City Club now lists anti-gun extremist Mark Knutson as debating… himself.

The Portland City Club has scheduled a debate for October 21st and we’ll see if the other side actually shows up.

In addition, we are scheduled to debate the gun grabbers at “endorsement interviews” with the Oregonian and Willamette Week.

Willamette Week’s is scheduled for Oct. 5th and the Oregonian’s is Oct. 12th.  If they make these available to the public we will share that info when we have it.

Since the media, and the leftists pushing this, are determined to prevent the public from knowing what is actually in this measure, we are greatly looking forward to these “conversations.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear from information we are getting about the people who support this measure that they know it is terribly flawed and has gross racist elements, but are determined to keep this information from voters.

This past weekend we distributed hundreds of Stop114 lawn signs at the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club Gun show. We want to sincerely thank ARPC for providing a forum and the volunteers who came and made it all happen.  We also want to thank the Powder River Sportsman’s Club for stepping up and making their own signs that they contributed as well.

All of this, and our voter guide arguments, were made possible by your generous donations. 

Because of them, the Stop 114 Committee has also been able to purchase a significant number of radio ads scheduled to begin airing soon.

We want to sincerely thank Damian Bunting for the production of this excellent video.  Please share it. The other side has seen a massive upswing in large donations so every dollar you donate, and every time you share the truth about Mz 114 helps tremendously .

The website is still the single best source for information about this truly demented ballot measure so please share it as well.

You can donate to the fight here.

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Measure 114 Update


As you know, Oregon is facing a ballot measure which will create the most extreme restrictions on firearm’s rights in America.

The cartel media is all in on promoting this measure as a simple “permit to purchase”…  a “minor inconvenience to keep people safe.”

In fact, this measure will make it almost impossible to purchase a firearm in Oregon. Not only will gun buyers be locked out, it will essentially destroy gun dealers as well.

In the last few weeks the proponents of this dangerous measure have ramped up their fundraising and now have raised considerably more than we have.

With the media in the tank for them, they will not have to spend much on spreading their message, while we have been forced to spend a lot.

An excellent video produced for us is being denied digital distribution because it “involves guns.” Of course it does. It’s a gun ban ballot measure!

That has forced us to confine our media buys to radio.  We are in the process of acquiring yard signs and expect have them available at the Albany Gun Show this weekend. 

Please visit the Stop 114 website.   It is essential that we share this info with as many people as possible.

The media is doing all it can to mislead Oregonians about what Measure 114 does.  The STOP 114 website contains vital information and downloadable fact sheets to share.

You can make a much needed donation to fight the gun grabbers here:

The elections are coming. The gun grabbers are determined to make sure people cannot protect themselves even as the police no longer respond to violent crime. Please help us stop them.

Share the site and donate to

Thank you.

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Anti-Gun School Board Members Face Recall


As you know, the Salem Keizer School Board recently voted to ban parents and other adults with concealed handgun licenses from their property if lawfully armed.

This policy, like so many forced through by leftist school board members, is mindlessly dangerous. And now parents are fighting back.

Local parents have banded together to recall three of the members who needlessly endangered the kids in the schools they control. They are already getting death threats.

The residents promoting the recall have shared the following information on the members they are working to remove.

Former Board chair, Osvaldo Avila, supported removal of SRO’s when data included 170+ interactions involving weapons in 2021-2022 school year. He also voted to ban lawful background checked concealed carry.  

 Karina Guzman Ortiz has supported putting a ban on expulsion and suspension for students despite the growing number of disciplinary incidents occurring in our schools since the cancelation of School Resource Officers. She also voted to ban concealed carry on district grounds.

 Current Chair, Ashley Carson-Cottingham, is in support of graphic books in the district libraries that portray teenagers giving and receiving oral sex. She voted to ban concealed carry on district grounds, is against renewing the SRO contract, and is in favor of the transgender policies that were created without parent input.  

Volunteers will be collecting signatures for the recall at 752 Hawthorne Ave. NE (corner of Hawthorne & Center – Center Street Plaza) Salem, OR 97301-4675 Friday Sept 2nd from 2pm-6:00 pm and Friday Sept 9th from 9am-12pm

If you are registered to vote in the Salem Keizer School District please stop by and help remove these people from office.


Contacts for Salem Keizer Education First, the parents protecting children.