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Divide and Conquer


Second Amendment Sanctuary Update

We want to send a big and sincere thank you to everyone who is supporting our battles to protect local Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances.

Our recent victory in Columbia County could not have happened without you. But, as you know, the leftist Oregon establishment is furious, vengeful, and well funded. These will certainly be our most expensive battles to date.

We recently informed you that the State of Oregon, backed by billionaire bucks from Bloomberg’s “Everytown,” has declared war on counties with Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances.

They started with Columbia County and when they failed there, set their sights on Yamhill and Harney County.

When we defeated them in Columbia County they immediately appealed. So there we are facing not only the State of Oregon as adversaries, but also two duplicitous County Commissioners who are suing to repeal their own ordinance.

Now the Oregon Department of “Justice” has filed against the ordinances in Yamhill and Harney counties hoping to intimidate all the other localities that have established rules to protect their citizens from the extreme agendas of Kate Brown and the liberal legislature.

We believe the counties are the last line of defense against Brown and her cronies.  As we learned in the last legislative session, Republican office holders in Salem will not stand up for your rights even when they have a virtual guarantee of victory.

Under the failed “leadership” of Fred Girod in the Senate and Christine Drazan in the House, the Republicans ran away from every fight, leaving Oregon in far worse shape than when the session started.

So, if Oregonians are going to preserve any shred of freedom, we must take these fights to the counties.

But many counties are not well funded and they are fearful of Brown and her henchmen (and women.)

We are concerned that the commissioners in Harney County will be bullied into submission by these lawsuits.

While counties have their own legal counsels, all too often those lawyers lack both the skill and the courage to take on big fights. In many cases, these lawyers are actually trying to undermine the will of the people and the commissioners, as we saw in Columbia and Yamhill County.

So we have to get to work.  Harney County is a long way from Portland. If the leaders of Harney can be bullied and intimidated by Kate Brown and Mike Bloomberg, the rest of the state will be next and what few rights we have will soon be gone.

We already know that Brown’s Department of Justice plans to lie and misrepresent what these ordinances do, just like they did in Columbia County. 

We know they are testing the waters to see where they can get a victory after their defeat in Columbia.

We know that the “elite” in Salem consider the residents and commissioners of Harney County to be rubes and bumpkins they can batter into submission.

These actions will hopefully send the message that we are prepared to preserve the rule of law across our state..” said Oregon’s anti-gun Attorney General and candidate for governor.

But we think they are messing with the wrong cowboys.  Please let the commissioners know they must stand up to Brown and defend their counties.

It makes no sense to create ordinances to protect your citizens from the crushing boots of the state and then fold when the state threatens you. Especially when the state tried that once and failed.

When several counties declared emergencies because of looming shortages of first responders due to vaccine mandates, the governor told them they are “on their own”.

According to “The Salem Reporter”:

“The state Office of Emergency Management maintains that cities and counties are responsible under law to provide emergency services for their citizens, and the state should only step in when local governments are overwhelmed. Spokeswoman Chris Crabb wrote in an email that the office will evaluate requests for help from local governments, but they should try first to solve their own problems. “

So when counties face crises because of state mandates, they are “on their own” but when they create protections for their residents they are sued by Brown. This is outrageous.

Please contact the Harney County Commissioners and tell them to stand up to Brown and her foot soldiers.

Please remind them they work for the people in their county.

Thank them for having the courage to write, and enforce, an ordinance that defends the constitutional rights of Harney County residents and visitors.

Let them know they are the last line of defense against the failed and deadly politics of Portland and Salem.

And remind them that the rest of the state is looking for their leadership.

Rural Oregonians are regularly the victims of dangerous Portland dictates. This has to stop.

The Harney County “Court” (commissioners) are:

Pete RunnelsCounty Judge
450 N. Buena Vista #5
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-6356
FAX: 541-573-8387

Kristen ShelmanCounty Commissioner, Position 1
Phone: 541-589-4384

Patty DorrohCounty Commissioner, Position 2
Phone: 541-589-1898

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Oregon’s anti-rights attorney general has now added Yamhill and Harney Counties to her list of targets.

Both counties have Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances, and now, as in Columbia County, Oregon’s AG has filed suit against them.

Oregon’s AG, along with Bloomberg’s “Every Town For Gun Safety,” and the county of Columbia, sought to have the Columbia County’s Second Amendment ordinance overturned, and as you know, they failed.

But with the limitless resources of New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg and your tax money, all three of them are appealing our victory.

Now Ellen Rosenblum is using your money to attack similar ordinances in Yamhill and Harney Counties.

In an ironically worded press release, Rosenblum said:

“Gun safety laws exist to help keep guns out of dangerous hands and keep people safe. A county commission simply doesn’t get to override state law in this way.  The laws of Oregon remain fully in force – and fully enforceable – notwithstanding these invalid ordinances. No officials should be frightened out of properly doing their job by the threat of illegitimate criminal charges or bogus lawsuits. Although today’s lawsuits are addressed to only these two Oregon counties, other counties have enacted similar illegal ordinances. These actions will hopefully send the message that we are prepared to preserve the rule of law across our state.”

This will be an interesting battle given Oregon’s forceful efforts to thwart immigration law and its legalization of hard drugs.

Once again, the state will be using your tax dollars to attack the rights of Oregonians while they work overtime to protect criminals.

As you are aware, these battles are insanely expensive.  Our victory in Columbia County came at a high cost and now we are not only fighting an appeal of that victory but witnessing the crushing boot of the state coming down in other counties.

You can see the AG’s suit against Harney County here.

You can view the AG’s suit against Yamhill County here.

What counties in Oregon and around the country have been saying in these ordinances is that they will decide how to prioritize their law enforcement budgets, no differently than Portland refusing to cite people for traffic violations or rioting.

The state’s position is that they can compel the counties to enforce laws while allowing places like Portland to choose to ignore laws. The hypocrisy is blinding, but the anti-gun left will stop at nothing to eliminate your right to protect yourself and your family while ensuring that criminals walk free.

If you have not already booked that U-Haul to leave the state, please consider supporting our efforts to throw roadblocks at the anti-rights machine that is in power in our state. They have your money and Bloomberg’s billions. All we have is you.

You can make a secure donation online here:

If you prefer PayPal, there is a yellow “Donate” button at this link:

If you prefer to donate through the regular mail our address is:


PO Box 556

Canby OR


We are grateful and humbled by your generous support. We know these battles seem endless. Thank you for your generosity.

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The Final Nail


Today the Oregon Legislature passed the Democrat’s redistricting bills.

These versions got no public input and have been exposed as power grabs by even left wing media outlets.

Keep in mind that the reason Republican leaders gave for refusing to stand up and protect your rights (by walking out of a legislative session that was a mortal lock to eviscerate your liberty and the safety of your family) was their supposed need to be around for redistricting.

This was, as we have pointed out, a giant side show and smokescreen for the real reason, which was to collect millions of federal handouts to spend as they wished.

Instead of taking the one action that could have protected the people who elected them, they stayed on the floor, made meaningless speeches and allowed the Democrats to pass bill after bill which will cripple Oregon. In many cases, they even voted in favor of these bills.

All along they complained that there was nothing they could do and no one should blame them because they were, in the end, powerless to do anything. Yet for some bizarre reason they kept pretending that somehow, in spite of their admitted impotence, they were going to affect redistricting.

House Republican leader Christine Drazan even claimed victory when House Speaker Kotek promised to give Republicans equal representation on redistricting committees. In exchange for that fairy tale, Drazan agreed to accelerate the passage of Democrat bills by dropping the constitutional requirement to read them on the floor.

In trade for that give away Drazan and the Republicans got… screwed.

Kotek reneged on the deal, rearranged the committees to guarantee no opposition and demonstrated, once again, that Drazan is a dupe.

Today, after many Republicans returned to the House floor to participate in a clown show with only one possible outcome, Drazan decided to strike back with a motion to censure Kotek, a motion made for the media with exactly NO chance of passing. Especially with fellow Republicans like Ron Noble and Greg Smith running for the exits so they would not have to vote.

Remember, the Republicans showed no reluctance to censure one of their own, Mike Nearman, who had the temerity to allow Oregonians into the Capitol.

This should be the final act of the most embarrassing session in Oregon history.  Our rights have been violated, our public safety front line has been attacked and neutered, our freedoms have virtually evaporated while most Republicans made speeches.

Our hats are still off to the few Republican Senators who have stood in the gap. Not an easy task with the rudderless leadership of Fred Girod.  But not one single House rep stood up.

Time to regroup.

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Oregon Republicans

SB 554, the rights crushing bill brought to us by leftist Democrats and cowardly Republicans is now in effect .

We have received numerous requests for an explanation of exactly what the bill does. But given the contradictions between what its proponents said it would do, and what the actual language of the bill says, any attempt at an in-depth explanation of the bill would be a fool’s errand.

Just one example of what a cesspool of state efforts at entrapment it is,  is this line from Section 2 of the bill:

(It apparently is referring to a definition of what an integral firearm’s locking device is)

(b) A device incorporated into the design of the firearm that is designed to prevent the operation of the firearm by any person not having access to the device.

If you are scratching your head, you are not alone.

During the time the bill was being debated its proponents insisted that you could lawfully allow a minor child to have access to a firearm for self defense in the home. They repeated this over and over. And over and over we contacted Republican legislators to request that they ask how that position could be reconciled with this language in the bill:

(b)That the owner or possessor of the firearm is in the person’s own residence, either alone or with only authorized persons who also live in the residence and who are not minors, and the residence is secure. (Emphasis added)

As you probably have concluded, the Republicans repeatedly let this contradiction slide.

So, while we will in no way attempt to dissect this poorly written garbage, we are confident telling you this:

Under the law, you need to keep any gun you are not carrying locked up and useless.

You can be held responsible for any crimes committed with guns that have been stolen from you.

Your rights to allow a minor to use one of your firearms are now extremely restricted and very complicated.

Your liability when you LAWFULLY transfer a firearm is now exponentially higher.

You may no longer carry a firearm with a concealed handgun license in the Portland Airport Terminal, the Capitol Building (YOUR building) and the grounds of any school that chooses to make its property off limits.

The cost of a CHL has doubled.

Those are the highlights.

As you have been hearing, there is a massive uproar in the legislature because House Speaker Tina Kotek pulled the rug out from under the House Republicans by reneging on a deal she made to give them equal representation on a redistricting committee.

This is all theater and a giant fraud. Anyone with a functioning brain cell knew that having equal votes on ONE redistricting committee meant nothing.  All the Democrats had to do was not agree to anything the Republicans wanted and refuse to pass anything. And then redistricting would be taken away from the legislature and handed over to militant anti-gunner, Secretary of State Shemia Fagan.

The Democrats never had anything to lose.  And now, with the football yanked away again as they set up for a kick, the Republicans are whining about what a bad deal they got and acting surprised that Kotek would lie to them.  It’s all nonsense.

The deal was always about money and nothing else.

Suddenly, the Republicans who refused to stand up for anything this session and watched as our rights were stolen, are outraged that the same people who screwed us are screwing them.  Because you see, while losing your rights is YOUR problem, getting redistricted and maybe losing their seats is THEIR problem.

No matter how this ends, we lose.  Of course, if the Democrat’s plans to gerrymander all of Oregon to forge even bigger majorities for the party of left wing extremists are successful, it’s hard to imagine that things could get worse considering the complete refusal of almost all Republicans to stand for anything but a payoff.

Meanwhile, we want to thank everyone who has contributed to our battle in Columbia County and our fights against two anti-gun ballot measures. No other organization stepped up to fight these ballot measures and these fights are very expensive. So your support has been critical.

We are facing some of the most challenging times in our history. Across the state medical and emergency service workers are facing termination for refusing to have their bodily autonomy stolen by the same people who are working to steal our Second Amendment Rights.

Violent crime is soaring as police numbers dwindle and nationally our country is under the control of people who clearly are determined to destroy it.

You are the front lines now. There is no other way to put it.  Thank you again for your uncompromising support and stay safe and strong.

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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again.

Zach Savinar Photo


As you know, we had a significant victory recently defending the Second Amendment in Columbia County.

When the County, with the help of radical anti-rights groups, attempted to overturn Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances in place in the county, we fought them and won.

None of that would have been possible without your help. Unlike the county officials who  count on the backing of New York billionaires, all we have here at Oregon Firearms Federation is you.

But now they are back with a vengeance and a big bankroll.

The county, the Oregon Attorney General, and Everytown For Gun Safety are all separately appealing our victory.  This is not a surprise even though county officials and their legal counsel falsely claimed the were not trying to overturn the will of the people.

Please note, one County Commissioner, Casey Garrett, has opposed these attacks on our rights but the county lawyer and Commissioners Henry Heimuller and Margaret Magruder have joined forces to reverse the sanctuary ordinances passed by the people.

Now these enemies of the Second Amendment have the backing of not only Mike Bloomberg’s billions, but your tax dollars which will be used by our own Attorney General to try to strip away the rights of Columbia County residents and visitors.

This is a case with national implications and that’s why Gun Owners of America has stepped up to help, but we are still facing a new round of very large legal bills.

One thing we have learned in the last year is that in spite of the self serving and phony claims of our elected officials, we can expect no help from politicians. Their greed and cowardice is no longer a matter of debate.  We are on our own.

As much as we prefer NOT to have our battles in courtrooms, in this case we simply have no choice.  With your help we won the first round.  The anti-gun forces faced a humiliating defeat that reverberated across the country and now they will stop at nothing and spare no expense to get revenge.

So we have no choice but to ask you once again for the most generous support you can give us to defeat them one more time.

If we lose this fight, Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances across Oregon and the country will be at immediate risk and we could very well see the end of local resistance to the demented policies of Salem and Washington DC.

Please consider whatever contribution you can afford to help us pay these legal bills.

Thank you for your help and all you have done to get us this far.

Secure online donations can be made at this link:

For those who prefer to use PAYPAL, there is a PAYPAL “Donate” button in this link:

For those who prefer to donate by check our address is:

PO Box 556

Canby OR


You can donate to either OFF or our foundation, Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, since it all goes to the same fight. Donations to “OFEF”, our foundation, are tax deductible.

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Gun Confiscation Update.



Photo Amber Kipp


While you probably have not seen any mention in the cartel media, the mob violence continues in Portland. Now the target of the leftist thugs are people committing the unforgivable act of…praying.

While Christian worshippers are violently attacked on the streets of Portland the police have become little more than disinterested observers.

Meanwhile, frauds pretending to be “religious,” who are aligned with the thugs, are doing all they can to make sure you are disarmed and helpless while the mobs attack innocent people unimpeded by police.

Two ballot measures are in the works to virtually eliminate firearms ownership in Oregon. The obvious end goal here is to ensure that the gangs who now rule our streets can do so without fear. See the chief petitioner, Walter  “Mark” Knutson, here  and here with leftist extremists.

Ballot Measure 17 would require a “permit” before you could purchase a firearm. This would be IN ADDITION to the permission required from the Oregon State Police that is current law.

The permit would require the same training currently required to get a permit to carry a handgun concealed and also require :

(A) Review of federal and state laws in place at the time of the class and other safe practices related to ownership, purchase, transfer, use and transportation of firearms;

(B) Review of federal and state safe storage laws in place at the time of the class and other safe practices related to safe storage, including reporting lost and stolen guns;

(C) Prevention of abuse or misuse of firearms, including the impact of homicide and suicide on families, communities and the country as a whole; and

(D) In-person demonstration of the applicant’s ability to lock, load, unload, fire and store a firearm before an instructor certified by a law enforcement agency. This requirement may be met separately from the other course requirements in subpargagraphs (A), (B) and (C) of paragraph (c), which may be completed in an on-line course, provided the on-line course has been conducted by a trainer certified by law enforcement.

(Note, this means NRA certified instructors no longer qualify.)

You would have to wait a month for the permit. The fee would be $65.00. The police who would issue (or refuse to issue) these permits, would, of course,maintain a database for future confiscation in addition to the database kept by the Oregon State Police of every firearms transfer.

“A permit-to-purchase issued under this section does not create any right of the permit holder to receive a firearm.”

The permit can be denied by whatever police agency refuses to issue it based on their own completely unprofessional and unqualified assessment of your  “mental or psychological state.”

If, after receiving the “permit” from the local police, the Oregon State Police refused to complete their own background check , dealers would be prohibited from transferring the firearm to you for as long as OSP decided to withhold their “permission.”

These “permits” would be required for all transfers, not just purchases from gun dealers. Before a person could acquire a firearm they would first need a “permit” from local police and then “permission” from the State Police.  This process could literally take… forever.

IP 17 also bans most firearms magazines.

Ballot Measure 18 bans virtually all modern firearms with extremely restricted exceptions that do not include self defense.

Under the very restrictive scheme you could keep (but not freely use) the banned firearms if you “registered” them with the police for future confiscation. But it goes further. It actually requires that you turn in your registered firearms to the police BEFORE you have been charged with a crime!

Section 5 of the measure actually requires that you…Permanently and voluntarily relinquish the semiautomatic assault firearm to law enforcement or to a buyback or turn in program approved by law enforcement, prior to commencement of prosecution by arrest, citation or a formal charge.”

When we submitted comments to the Secretary of State about the proposed ballot titles given to both these measures, the Attorney General responded that this confiscation of firearms PRIOR to even being charged with a crime was not a “major effect” of the measure!

As you may know, the Attorney General is considering a run for governor. Let that sink in for a moment.

Because OFF submitted comments on the “proposed” ballot titles for both these measures, we are qualified to challenge the “certified ballot titles.”

Today we submitted our legal challenges to the “certified” ballot titles for both measures.  In both cases, the “titles,”  “summaries” and “results of yes and no votes” do not come close to letting Oregon voters know how dangerous, extreme and misleading these ballot measures are.

Every legal challenge places one more obstacle in the way of the hateful, anti-freedom bigots who are promoting these attacks on our rights and safety.

If you want to contribute to the mounting legal bills for these efforts you can do so here.  Thank you for your support and activism.

All details for Ballot Measure 17 can be viewed here.

All details for Ballot Measure 18 can be viewed here.

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Today the Columbia County Court shot down “Everytown For Gun Safety”,  Mike Bloomberg’s New York Lawyers, and the usual gaggle of state worshippers and upheld the County’s 2nd Amendment Sanctuary ordinance, an ordinance the county commissioners hoped to torpedo.*

We cannot adequately express our gratitude to attorneys Rob Olsen and Tyler Smith, Gun Owners of America, and OFF Columbia County Coordinator Chris Brumbles who made this possible.

This is a victory with national implications and a repudiation to the politics of division that Bloomberg and the gun grabbers are so famous for.

But mostly we cannot ever adequately thank every single one of you whose generous and timely contributions allowed us to fund this extremely important action.  We are deeply grateful.

There will be many more battles to fight, but for today pat yourself on the back for making this happen and when you are looking at the challenges on a national level please keep in mind that only one national organization stepped up in this pivotal battle. Gun Owners of America.

*“To be clear, the County is not seeking to invalidate the Ordinance, only to get answers to the many legal questions raised by it, County Counsel Sarah Hanson said.”

“Sarah Hansen, an attorney for the county, told the Columbia County Spotlight that “I strongly disagree with Judge Grove’s decision that there is no justiciable controversy in this case and his dismissal of the petition for validation” 

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Columbia County and Bloomberg vs the People


Today the Columbia County Court held a hearing on the county’s effort to invalidate their own Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance.

A little background.

Twice in the last three years the people of Columbia County have passed ballot measures protecting the Second Amendment.

The first was the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance which was followed by the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance.

Recently the Columbia County Commission sought to overturn the will of the people by revoking the ordinances as passed by the people and replacing them with their own version, which they then sought to have the courts invalidate.

Yes, they passed a law they then asked the courts to declare unconstitutional. But they were not alone, they colluded with  Bloomberg’s “Everytown For Gun Safety” which provided the big bucks lawyers who they hoped would provide the legal muscle to overturn the will of the people.

Joining in the fun was Oregon’s own militantly anti-gun attorney general.

OFF, along with Gun Owners of America, intervened in the case and today was the “remote” hearing.

As they had done in their briefs, Everytown and the County Commission repeatedly attempted to misrepresent what the ballot measures did. The ballot measures did NOT invalidate or nullify any laws. All they did was require that attacks on the Second Amendment rights by forces outside the county  be enforced by the people who created the attack, meaning the state or the feds, and the County Sheriff would not do their dirty work for them.

The ordinances did not even apply to the employees of cities in the county. Only county employees.

But Everytown, the Commission, and the AG’s office tried over and over to suggest they did.

Interestingly they often attacked the ballot measure ordinances which the county declared void when they passed their own version.  But technically those were not even the subject of the case at hand. Only the County Commissioner’s version was really being litigated.

The County has repeatedly asserted that they were really trying to uphold the will of the people in spite of the fact that it was the County which asked the court to challenge the ordinance and repeatedly provided arguments for its invalidation.

We believe our legal team did an outstanding job of demolishing the other side’s arguments.  We expect a decision from the judge on July 29th.

We want to extend a very sincere thank you for everyone who has contributed to this fight.  Legal battles are expensive.

We cannot predict the outcome of this case, and as with all legal battles any ruling can be appealed.  But we’ll keep you informed.

Once again, we are up against billionaires, so we are extremely grateful for your support.

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Legal Battles Heating Up


In spite of what you may hear from the press release wing of the minority party, gun owners, and anyone who thinks rationally, took a serious beating this last legislative session.

The Democrats are crowing about all the damage they were able to do, while even Democrat Senate President Peter Courtney has expressed his fears about the nature of the Democrats now in power.

You can hear what Courtney has to say about his fellow travelers in this extraordinary interview.

But while for the moment, the politicians are away from the building they locked the rest of us out of, there are still multiple battles taking place right this minute.  And as we have told you before, these are not fights that can be won with activism.

These fights can only be won with money.

Our two principle battles right now are initiative petitions 17 and 18, (see below for measure details) and our battle to protect the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance in Columbia County.

I wanted to update you on both these fights.

As you know, if measures 17 and 18 pass, firearm’s rights as we know them in Oregon will quite simply be a thing of the past. These measures are so extreme, and so dangerous that we have to do everything we can to stop them.

Given the political attitudes of Oregon’s population centers and their complete disdain for people who live anywhere else, it’s perfectly believable that these demented measures could pass.  And given the bottomless war chest of the east coast leftists who support these attacks on our rights, it’s reasonable to expect massive media buys to convince low information voters that they will be safer if Oregonians are denied the ability to protect themselves and their families.

The last time the Portland Marxists attempted these measures we were able to prevent them from getting on the ballot because of your support. We must do it again.

As we have done in past ballot measure fights, OFF submitted comments to the Secretary of State on the proposed ballot titles for these measures.  Ballot titles are critical during initiative fights because often that’s all many voters read.  While any sane person would vote “no” if they read the entire measures, all too often all they read are the titles and summaries that the anti gun attorney general writes.

As you would expect, the proposed ballot titles and summaries did not begin to describe the damage these ballot measures would do.

By submitting comments that pointed out the deficiencies in the titles and summaries, OFF became legally qualified to challenge whatever ballot titles the Attorney General decides on.  No signature gathering can begin until all the court battles are complete, so it’s essential that we be prepared to go into court and demand titles that reflect just how dangerous and draconian these measures are.

The most effective way to do this is with attorneys who are experienced in the ballot measure process.  We believe the comments we submitted made a strong case for considerable changes but as you might guess, all that lawyer time adds up.

The second front is our battle in Columbia County.  The citizens of Columbia County twice passed citizen ballot measures to protect gun rights against outside infringement .

These sanctuary ordinances have been spreading rapidly across the country as more efforts are made by state and federal bureaucrats to crush gun rights.

The anti-gun billionaire cartel has been looking for an opportunity to challenge them in court and lucky us… they chose Columbia County.

After both Second Amendment Ordinances were passed, the Columbia County Commissioners decided they were losing control of the people who pay them. So they conspired with wealthy east coast anti-gun groups to overturn the will of the voters.

The commissioners basically re-wrote the ordinances the people passed, made unwanted changes and then requested that a court declare their own ordinance invalid.  They did all this while pretending they supported the decision the people made and were just seeking clarification, but in fact, were working behind the scenes with a radical, leftist, anti-gun group to torpedo the sanctuary ordinances.  The case was to be a test to see how many Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances they could shoot down.

The good news is that all their briefs and pleadings demonstrate little more than a grotesque and willing disregard for what the measures actually do.

While they threw a barrage of baseless allegations against the Sanctuary ordinances, they provided hardly any statutory or other legal basis for the myriad of false claims they made.

But what is even more interesting was their repeated confusion about what they were actually seeking to overturn.  The measures passed by the people were, according to the county commission, replaced by their rewritten ordinance, which they claim was all that was in effect.  But the arguments made by the anti-rights cabal weave drunkenly between attacking the ballot measures that purportedly are no longer in effect, and the bogus “ordinance” drafted by the county.

We believe our lawyers have done an outstanding job of demolishing the propaganda created by the unholy alliance of the county commission and Mike Bloomberg’s paid anti-gun hacks.

The hearing on the case is scheduled for July 21st. Either way it will have national implications. But as we have pointed out, it will be very costly.

We would be grateful for any financial support you can offer to help us cover the legal fees. The past session was rough and these two legal battles are expensive.  But they have grave implications for all gun owners in Oregon and nationwide.

You can make a secure online donation here.

For those who prefer PAYPAL please use the orange button that says “Donate” on this page:

If you prefer to donate through the mail you can send a donation to :

PO Box 556

Canby OR


Donations can be made to either OFF  or the OFEF, the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation.

Thank you for your support.

Info on Ballot Measure 17

Info on Ballot Measure 18

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County Commissioners Ignore The People


Today the County Commissioners of Benton, Marion, Yamhill, and Polk County voted to appoint Anna Scharf to the House Seat vacated when the Oregon Legislature expelled House Rep Mike Nearman.

Mike was one of 5 candidates chosen by the precinct committee people of the Republican Party in House District 23. Mike won that vote by a substantial margin.

The Commissioners chose to ignore the vote of the PCP’s and instead picked Scharf who used to work for Nearman. When asked during the PCP selection process if she would have voted to expel her former boss, she joined the entire Republican House Caucus and said she would have expelled him.

The only Commissioner to honor the overwhelming decision of the PCP’s was Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett.

Marion County Commissioner Colm Willis did not vote.

All the other candidates made clear their intentions to compromise and grovel to the Democrat majority. Only Nearman spoke of standing up to them.

The Republican PCP’s demonstrated a lot more integrity than the Republican House members.

And with only one exception, the commissioners also demonstrated that politics beats principle.

Thanks to commissioner Starrett.  The others will be remembered.


Email links for commissioners.


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Worst Ever Session Over


The most destructive and disgraceful legislative session in Oregon history ended on Saturday June 26th.

It was a perfect game for the hard left. Not only did they pass strict and dangerous new restrictions on your right to protect yourself and your family, they also passed a massive and crushing agenda of tax increases, rewards for criminals, attacks on the police, a guarantee of future power failures at greatly increased cost and an official incorporation into Oregon statutes of Marxist ideology and racist Marxist for-profit corporations.

It was breathtaking in its sheer, humiliating magnitude.  The damage that has been done to our state can barely be measured.

And through it all, the “loyal opposition,” the Republicans, responded with… press releases.

House Republican “leader” Christine Drazan announced in her release “ We have accomplished much for our communities and for Oregonians across the state this session…”  before a list of Republican failures.

House Rep Bill Post bragged about the money that will be spent in his district and his success “working across the aisle.”   “Working across the aisle” is Post’s slang for “crawling into bed with the left for another slap on the back of the head.”

Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod presided over a caucus he split in half. Half doing their best to stand for principle, and the other half, Anderson, Kennemer, Knopp, Findley and Hansell, siding with the enemy on bill after leftist bill.

Through it all, the Republicans meekly complained about the left wing steamroller that was crushing Oregon, while handing them victory after victory with no attempt to stop or even slow down the mudslide of devastating policies.

This was the “equity” session.  And while the Democrats completely intimidated and neutered Republicans with that word, everyone knew what it really means:

The institutionalization of rabid racism and identical, failed, outcomes for all.

Democrats even introduced a bill at the end of the session saying racism was a “health crisis” and demanding “redistribution of resources.” Undisguised communist doctrine.

We sent a note to Democrat House Rep Andrea Salinas, the chief sponsor of that bill, HB 3414. We pointed out  that while this entire session has been dominated by rhetoric and legislation condemning the brutal behavior of white men and demanding revenge, the session has been completely controlled by the “BIPOC Caucus.”  All of whom identify as non white.  Salinas is in this caucus although she looks whiter than half the people in the legislature and she lives in that downtrodden ghetto… Lake Oswego.

We got a reply from her chief of staff, “Miranda Miller”.  She said:

“I will be forwarding this email to the Oregon State Police, and if our office continues to receive messages from you that are in anyway similar to the one you just sent, I will be sure to escalate the Oregon State Police’s response to this behavior.”

We saved her the time and sent it to the OSP ourselves with a promise to go quietly when they came for us.

Miller went on to say:

“I also have many connections with the many gun groups that lobby across Oregon because I worked for a year and a half at Pac/West Communications. I will be forwarding this message to every gun lobbying group so they are aware of the fact that any association with your group will mean they do not get a meeting with our office.”

You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Republicans in both Houses even abandoned the tactic of a full reading of the bills and thereby guaranteed a timely passage of the crippling policies of the left.

They caved with barely a whimper.

The Republicans in the House did stand together on one issue. The expulsion of the only real patriot in the House, Mike Nearman.

Not a single Republican House Rep demonstrated a shred of integrity when they bowed to the demands of Democrat overlord Tina Kotek and expelled Mike for doing what the other Republicans only give lip service to.  Opening the people’s house to… the people.

We have received countless emails from Oregonians expressing their disgust with the vast majority of elected Republicans. We share their disdain.

And now for some good news. 

Since Nearman’s colleagues banded together to remove him from the House (in order to assure they got their $ 2 million dollar payoffs) Nearman’s seat was declared vacant.

When a vacancy occurs in a legislative seat the process to replace that person requires the “precinct committee persons” of the same party (in Mike’s case the Republican Party) who reside in the affected district, to pick three to five candidates to fill the seat.

The final candidate is then chosen by the commissioners of the county, or counties, that are in the district in question.

In Mike Nearman’s case, his House district spread through parts of 4 counties; Polk, Yamhill, Marion and Benton.

The commissioners of those counties get votes that are weighted by the number of people that are in the House district.

In this case, Polk County will get the most votes followed by Yamhill, Marion and Benton.

Last Friday the Republican PCP’s met to pick the candidates for the vacant seat. And the top vote getter was…Mike Nearman.

Clearly, the PCP’s of the Republican Party in House District 23 have far more courage and integrity than does the entire Republican House Caucus. And while we have a long way to go to weed out the turn coats we helped elect, this is indeed a hopeful sign.

The other candidates that the commissioners will pick from are:

John Swanson

Anna Scharf

Jim Bunn

Micky Garus

But Nearman got the most votes by far. 

We have been informed that Anna Scharf (who actually worked for Nearman at one time) and Micky Garus, both said that had they been in the House when Mike was expelled, they would have joined in that vote and expelled him.

Some things never change.

It is clear that the people in Mike’s district want Mike as their Rep. And while we can’t imagine why anyone would want to go back to work side by side with that collection of cowards, Mike’s committed to the people who elected him and the Constitution.

The Commissioners will have to pick a replacement by July 9. If they fail to do so, Kate Brown will chose a lackey to fill Mike’s seat.

You can urge the commissioners to act quickly and in the best interests of the voters of Mike’s district.

Remember, Polk and Yamhill counties have the most votes.

This has been a bad year for patriots.  But there is still time to demand a resounding and historic victory and return Mike to the Oregon House.

Commissioner’s websites follow:

Email links for commissioners.

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We’re Surrounded.


As we enter into the last days of the most destructive legislative session in Oregon history, the pace of the destruction is not slowing.

The Oregon Legislature is passing bills that will cause incalculable damage to our state for many years to come. And, as has become their custom, elected Republicans are rolling over like whipped dogs and watching the state crumble, pausing only to play dead or offer their paws to the majority party while waiting for a command to “fetch.” 

Anything to make sure their payoffs are not endangered.

The Republican House “leader” continues to have delusions of relevance with pointless, theatrical “demands” that the governor open our wounded state while the Senate Republicans demonstrate a complete disconnect from reality with endless requests that people sign “petitions” to stop the Democrat juggernaut, and hey while your at it, will you please send them more money.

To call all this an embarrassment would be to understate it immensely.

Yesterday the entire Portland Police riot squad resigned from that detail making the Rose City one step closer to the goal of its elected leaders…turning Portland into Mogadishu.

As we previously reported, OFF is now in a legal fight to uphold the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances twice passed by the residents of Columbia County.  The Columbia County Commissioners joined forces with Bloomberg’s “Everytown” to challenge the ordinances and now we are faced with a costly battle to defend them.  But this fight is absolutely critical as it might well set a precedent for Second Amendment protection ordinances across the state and country. Unfortunately the main ingredient in court battles is money. And we’re going to need a lot of it.

Meanwhile, another of the “gang of six” sellout cowards in the Republican Senate Caucus is facing a recall.

Lynn Findley, who never met a surrender he could not embrace, is the latest target of completely disgusted voters.

As you know, Senate Republican ‘leader” Fred Girod is also facing a recall.

In his defense Findley said:

“I chose to stand and fight and put stuff on the record,and by staying in the session, I was able to work hard for the constituents. And that’s what I’m supposed to do.”

This is, of course, complete and utter hogwash. The Republican Senators who stayed on the floor for the vote on SB 554, were the servile enablers of their Democrat overlords. But Findley also shines as one of the Republicans most likely to vote for any demented legislation the Democrats beat him over the head with. (Although Hansell, Knopp, Kennemer, Anderson and Girod are doing their best to keep up.)

You may recall that Findley is one of the two bootlicks who turned on the new leaders of the Republican Party to assist the left in doing as much damage as they could to anything rational. Findley is a detestable laughing stock who should be removed from any job with any responsibilities that do not require a mop and dust cloth.

A measure has been filed to refer SB 554 to the ballot. This will be another costly and risky fight. In the event the voters do reject 554 (and given the make up of voters in Portland this is quite the hill to climb) nothing prevents the legislature from simply reinstating another version of it the next time they are in session.

To date, none of the Republicans who we helped elect, who then turned their backs on gun owners, have offered a single dime from their coffers to help in the effort. Of course many of them were eager to remind us that refusing to walk out to stop 554 was no big deal since gun owners could expend massive amounts of money and time to refer it to the ballot. No real need for them to do their job since the people could do it for them. And no need for them to offer any financial assistance either because seriously, they have to get re-elected.

The chief petitioner on the referral to stop SB 554 is Mike Nearman who was recently expelled from the legislature for actually doing what the others only talk about.

Ironically, the other two petitioners are House Reps who voted to expel Mike, so don’t hold your breathe expecting any help from them. And by all means, pray they are never in your foxhole. No way they are risking their payoffs.

You can learn more about the referral and get petitions and offer help here.

But wait, there’s more.

The “faith fakers” of Portland are back with two new anti-rights ballot measures.  Both have been approved to receive “ballot titles.”

In their past incarnations we have been able to hold them at bay with legal challenges. But, the impulse to crush liberty never rests so they are back.

Ballot measure 17 will require that you obtain a “permit” to simply purchase a firearm.  The permit will require “training” and a hefty fee. Ballot Measure 17 also bans most firearms magazines.

Full info on the measure and its sponsors is here.

Ballot Measure 18 bans virtually all modern firearms. The “people of faith” who are pushing this will allow you to keep firearms you already own if you jump through a complex set of hoops. But nothing new or off to jail you go. It’s interesting to note that the folks behind these measures are also big supporters of anti-cop efforts and apologists for the friendly folks who are burning down Portland.  To date we have not seen a single word of condemnation from them for the gun toting thugs who now rule the streets of Bridge Town, but they are quite determined to make sure you white supremacists are disarmed.

Full info on the measure and its sponsors is here.

As you can see, gun owners have a full plate right now. We are battling on multiple fronts, we have virtually no support from the people we helped elect and the cavalry is NOT coming.

All of these efforts are going to be very costly. That’s just the way it is.    Writing and calling your legislators is not going to matter.  Few of them have the courage or the willingness to help anyway.  This is going to come down to money. Pure and simple.

As you know, OFF does not include a request that you “chip in” with every alert we send you. We don’t tell you that we are “tragically short of our goal for the week” or that we need to raise “$10,456.00 tonight to meet the deadline.”  But let’s face it.  We really have our back to the wall now.

We gave generously to candidates who walked away from the fight. That’s money we could have spent on these battles. But the fight did not walk away.  We need your help.

Anything you give will be an investment in your rights and property. Anything you can afford will be used to put the brakes on the blood thirsty leftists who are determined to crush liberty and sanity in our state.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

You can use either of the following links to contribute to this battle.

If you prefer, there is an orange button on this page to donate through PAYPAL.

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Oregon Republican House….United At Last


The Oregon House Republicans. United At Last.

Last night, after a cringeworthy hearing where Democrats spewed nonsense and Republicans sat whimpering like whipped dogs, the Oregon House voted to expel Rep. Mike Nearman.

Nearman has been charged with a crime for opening a door to the Oregon Capitol and allowing into the building, the folks most hated by the legislature…Oregon voters.

For months, we have been subjected to the pathetic bleating of Republican “leaders” about how unfair it is for the public to be locked out of their building and their process.

And for months, the Democrats have slammed through bill after bill that served few purposes except to remind Oregonians that they are worthless racists who need to grovel and beg for forgiveness for their many sins. And while all this took place, the Republicans lapped it up, and in many cases actually voted for this crap.

But when Nearman actually allowed Oregonians into the building, he was charged with a crime, and yesterday became the first legislator in Oregon history to be expelled.

Not a single Republican uttered a word in his defense.

Not a single Republican even bothered to point out the unbelievable hypocrisy of the proceeding. They were too busy looking down at their shoes and contemplating their next surrender. It was a gut churning disgrace.

House Rep Ron Nosse used the proceedings to drone on about his romantic love for men. Rep Julie Fahey prattled on about her absurd and comical claims that she ran through the building “making sure people were safe.”

(If Julie Fahey is keeping you safe you’re already done for.)

Andrea Salinas, the whitest person in the “people of color” caucus, recounted the trauma she and other Democrats felt when faced with the threat of facing actual voters.

Andrea Salinas


“Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, said it was, “upsetting to learn that Rep. Nearman was planning and coordinating an attack on our Capitol… The trauma of that day will not leave with Rep. Nearman.”

Over and over the Democrats recounted their personal stories of dread when it was their raggedy butts in jeopardy and not the poor schmucks getting dragged out of their cars in Portland by antifa, (who the Democrats openly support.)

And through it all, every excruciating second, the Republicans sat sphinx-like demonstrating one more time, what utter cowards each and every one of them are.

“House Republican Leader Christine Drazan told OPB on Thursday, she had not believed Nearman intended to allow people into the Capitol until footage emerged June 4. She said she believes people might have been killed without the quick intervention of police.”


“Leader” Drazan


And yet Drazan, who broke from her usual policy of never calling anyone unless her hand was out, called our office twice that day and was so oblivious to the terrifying, life and death, battle outside that we had to tell her about it and suggest there might be a better time for a phone call.

House Rep Bill Post, who only takes time out of asking for donations to post on any of his countless social media, shock jock sites, shared this, his personal excuse for his own craven cowardice.

“My fear was not from the crowd but rather FOR the crowd IF they were to get into the building. Those of us who carry firearms, were prepared to defend ourselves. I am afraid there would have been deaths that day.”

Sure you would Bill, if you were not cowering behind your desk scared to death of the same people who had carried guns in the capitol countless times before. People you ENCOURAGED to come to the capitol armed when it suited your personal political goals, when you responded to “Moms Demanding Attention” with a tweet that said “Oregonfirearms be ready, be there!”


Post Tweet


In the days before the House Republicans curled up in a fetal position and begged for mercy, they all signed a letter telling Nearman to resign. All so they would not have to go on record.  And in the end, every single one of them voted against him.

The Oregon House Republicans are finally united. In shame.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Mike’s legal defense. He is still facing staggering legal bills. You can help him here.

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They’re Back


The jesters from the faux “faith” movement are back.

In a burst of creativity and originality this is what “Rabbi” Michael Cahana said about his attempts to outlaw the most popular firearms in America:

 these are weapons designed and used to kill as many human beings as possible in as short as time as possible…”

Cahana has joined his usual gaggle of fake “church leaders” whose only real god seems to be the crushing power of the state, to once again attempt to push numerous ballot measures to deny American’s gun rights.

The last time Cahana and his fellow travelers pushed this Marxist nonsense when we pointed out that it was this kind of deprivation of the right of self defense that preceded the murder of millions of Jews, the gun ban mob and the media cartel immediately attacked us as anti-semitic for noting the obvious. We have no doubts they will again.

But clearly some people simply never learn.

As you know, our battles are now on multiple fronts.  Gun owners have all but been abandoned  (with a few notable exceptions) by the Republican legislators they helped elect.

We are in a very expensive legal fight in Columbia County where the commissioners have stomped on the will of the people. They replaced the Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances, invoked by the people, with their own weaker version and then joined with superrich anti-gun groups to overturn their own version.

And, as expected, the Governor has signed SB 554, a bill that not only excludes gun owners from the buildings they pay for and requires that their guns be locked up and useless, but holds them liable for crimes committed by others.

Oregon is truly facing an unprecedented attack on liberty.

The legislative session is not over. There is still more damage that can be done.

We now have virtually no representation in the House and only a handful of out numbered patriots in the Senate.

We’re going to need all the help we can get in the coming months. We’ll be watching the closing days of the worst legislative session in Oregon history. Please be vigilant too.

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An American Patriot Attacked



As the left continues to tighten its grip around the throat of Oregon, the cartel media continues to idolize the marxist thugs who have turned our cities into cesspools.

And while the minority party continues to grovel and roll over for the petty tyrants in power, that same cabal of extremists are hard at work destroying anyone who stands up to them.

One of those people is Mike Nearman.

Mike is a Republican House Rep who has been a consistent voice of reason in his years serving in the Oregon Legislature. Time and again Mike has stood up to the woke mob, something fewer and fewer are willing to do.

We told you Mike’s story here.

Because Mike committed  the unforgivable sin of leaving the building he works in by opening a door, the full force of the left is being rained down on him.

He has been stripped of committee assignments, locked out of his own workplace unless he daily asks for permission, pilloried in the press and is now facing criminal charges.

Many of you have contributed to Mike’s legal defense. We want to thank each of you for supporting Mike far more than his own colleagues have.

But Mike’s legal defense bills are staggering and mounting everyday. And, as we have learned, the Oregon Judicial System is no friend to people whose values conflict with the mob.

Mike has set up a website where you can contribute via PAYPAL.

As always, you can still send checks to Mike at our address. If you prefer to donate by check make your check to “Mike Nearman” and send it to PO Box 556, Canby OR. 97013.

The left rewards people who destroy our cities. But the “Republican” establishment has been curiously quiet about Mike. Please don’t let Mike face these attacks alone.

Thank you.