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Mag Ban On Ice



Today a Judge in Harney County issued a preliminary injunction against the magazine ban in Measure 114.

In a previous hearing on Dec 13th the court  put a hold on the “permit to purchase” portion of the bill and promised a ruling on the mag ban by tomorrow, Dec 16th.

The ruling came today and means that for now, your standard capacity magazines are safe.

There will still have to be a complete trial on the constitutionality of the measure, but at the moment the permit to purchase and the ban on standard magazines will not be allowed to go into effect.

The Court has granted a hearing on December 23 for the state to explain why the safeguard which allows the transfer of a firearm after three business days (if the Oregon State Police do not complete a background check or issue a denial) should be removed.

Considering  the vast number of people who are currently being denied the ability to take possession of the firearms they have paid for, as a result of the OSP’s inaction on background checks, this should be a tough hill to climb for the state lawyers.

The battle continues both in this statewide case that Gun Owners of America has brought and the four other cases that are in Federal Court. But this is more good news and another win for GOA.