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Judge Hears The State’s Request For Endless Delays.


Today in Harney County the state requested that the Judge ignore the thousands of people waiting to take possession of the firearms they have already paid for and eliminate the one safeguard they have to obtain them.

Firearm’s dealers have the right, although not the obligation, to transfer firearms to people who have not had their background checks completed, as long as three business days have “transpired.”

In the past, few dealers would do this, but now as the state continues to simply not do its job, more and more dealers are allowing the transfers.

The Oregon Department of Justice wants to end this safeguard so they can prevent thousands of people from legally acquiring the firearms they have already purchased.

The Harney County Judge had placed an injunction against the magazine ban and the permit to purchase that were parts of Measure 114. But Measure 114 also contained a provision to eliminate the 3 day safeguard, falsely calling it a “loophole.”  (Apparently any policy that actually allows law abiding Oregonians to legally obtain firearms is a “loophole.”)

The state took the position that since we have had background checks for a long time, it was perfectly reasonable to defend a system that allowed that check to literally take forever. As if refusing to complete the background check was not an actual infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

It was a preposterous proposition and the kind we have come to expect from Oregon’s gun hating Department of Justice.

Clearly any background check that has no time limit on its completion is a potential bar on the purchase of a gun.  As many thousands of Oregonians have learned in recent months, the State Police simply cannot fulfill the duties assigned to them by Oregon law.

While some people are getting quick approvals, many thousands of qualified buyers are sitting in limbo waiting for the state to do its job and complete the “instant” background check that is taking, in some cases, years.

No matter how you look at it, this is blatantly unconstitutional. But, the elimination of the private purchase of firearms was always the goal of “Lift Every Voice.”  And in thousands upon thousands of cases, Lift Every Voice has succeeded.

Some of the people who are being prevented from getting the guns they are legally entitled to, and have paid for, are at great risk because LEVO and the State of Oregon have prevented them from having the means to protect themselves.  Any harm these people suffer is on the hands of the duplicitous frauds at LEVO and the state.

And, of course, unlike gun owners who have to pay for the lawyers who are working to protect their rights AND pay for the state’s lawyers who are trying to take them away, Lift Every Voice has not a dime of legal bills to pay for the mess they have created.

The Judge has announced that he will have a decision on the three day rule and the state’s efforts to demolish it by January 3rd. As of now that one small safeguard is still law.

We are hoping for a positive outcome and we’ll report it as soon as it is available.

Meanwhile, we wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas and, once again, thank all our new supporters for their patience as we work to catch up on the unprecedented responses we have received.