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114 Still On Hold




Today’s hearing on Gun Owner’s of America’s suit against Measure 114 in Harney County keeps all aspects of the measure from going into effect, for now.

The Judge again ruled that the non-existent  “permit to purchase” scheme cannot be enforced because it’s essentially vaporware, even though the Oregon State Police have an “application” online and the Oregon Sheriff’s Association is offering an “online” class to get a permit.  (For $60.00, and you can throw in a few extra bucks and get a decal.)

The fact is, neither the application or the class mean anything since there is still no way to complete the live fire mandates of the measure. So, the mess created by Lift Every Voice Oregon continues to leech across the state like an overflowing septic tank.

Thousands of Oregonians remain in limbo unable to take possession of firearms they have paid for and the Oregon State Police can still not answer any questions about what happens next. (Go ahead, ask them a question…)

The magazine ban the state is salivating to impose is also still on hold. though the Harney County Judge did note today that he expects to have a decision about that by Friday.

In today’s lengthy hearing, the judge did not sound impressed by the State’s arguments and their star witness had to admit that the framers of the Oregon Constitution were aware of firearms which had a capacity of over ten rounds and never made any attempt to limit the number of rounds a person could have.

The state’s position that nothing is protected if it was not available in 1859 seemed especially comical to the many people who were watching the proceedings, and commenting, on their… computers.

While we are pleased that GOA’s suit has thrown sand in the gears of the state’s tyrannical and rabid effort to disarm the law abiding, the reality is that the “queue” of people waiting for their property is growing and barely moving.

Oregon is still a laughing stock for the rest of the country and regardless of the claims of the state, people’s rights are being denied right this minute.

The four federal suits (including ours) continue and the legal bills are still mounting.  We can still use all the help we can get. But for today, the point goes to Gun Owner’s of America for another win.

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