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Wheeler County Passes Pro-Gun Ordinance!


On January 21, the Wheeler County Court (their county commissioners) joined a growing number of Oregon counties that are standing up to the bullies in Portland and saying “no” to more restrictions on the rights of their citizens.

By a unanimous vote the board approved a “2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance“. We have been informed that the audience cheered!

This is another great victory for gun rights in Oregon and another strong message sent to the legislature that Oregonians will not be steamrolled by the well-funded but poorly informed groups doing the bidding of Mike Bloomberg.

This ordinance goes even further than the resolution just passed in Yamhill County.  Our thanks go out to the courageous members of the Wheeler County Court.


While this is an important victory, we still have a long and expensive fight ahead of us. You can help by contacting your county commission and telling them you expect them to take the same steps that counties like Yamhill and Wheeler (among others) have taken.

If you have not already done so (or even if you have) take a moment to remind the new legislature that you oppose any expansion of Oregon’s failed background check system.

The real show starts on Feb 2 when we expect an avalanche of anti-gun legislation to be added to the already introduced gun bills.

With your tireless help, OFF has been winning these battles for over 15 years.  Let’s not let up now!