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Stop The Vendetta Against Gun Owners.

The February “short session,” which was sold to Oregonians as a way to deal with nothing but budget issues, is being used to ram through more of Michael Bloomberg’s wish list.

Every effort will be made by the anti-gun majority to rush through more dangerous restrictions on gun rights with as little public input as possible.  Please take a moment to let the legislature know that you oppose all efforts to attack your rights.

Use the form below to send the following message to legislators:

Dear Legislator,

It’s clear that the majority in Salem is determined to continue their vendetta against Oregon gun owners.  I certainly hope you will not be assisting them.

Senate Bill 1551 has no purpose except as a tool of harassment and vindictiveness.  It offers no intervention or services for people who are in a genuine mental health crisis and does nothing to stop truly dangerous people from hurting themselves or others.

It does not take dangerous people off the street or deny them access to any of countless ways to kill or injure. It is purely a cynical attack on the rights of Oregonians through secret tribunals with no due process.

HB 4147 strips Oregonians of the only safeguard they have against the faulty OSP database failures.  Under this bill the State Police will be allowed to deny a lawful transfer literally forever.

Michael Bloomberg’s millions have done significant damage to Oregon.  Most counties opposed the last bill he paid to have passed here. (SB 941) I strongly urge you to avoid tearing Oregon apart with more vendetta driven legislation.

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Kate Brown’s Disgraceful Exploitation



When Kate Brown slithered into the Governor’s office in the wake of the disgraced John Kitzhaber, she stated the gun control was going to be one of her top priorities.  Brown has followed through with that promise signing into law the worst attack on gun rights in Oregon history, SB 941.

Of course, while she and other radical leftists in our legislature continue to focus on destroying our rights, Oregon continues to be at the bottom of almost all metrics. We are at the bottom of the barrel in employment, education, taxes, and business opportunities.  But Brown has sunk even lower than we expected.

Yesterday, Brown, letting no crisis go to waste, sent out a press release stating that, at the “request” of Barrack Obama, she was ordering state flags to be flown at half staff “in honor of the victims of the Chattanooga shootings.”

It is pathetic that our Governor did not order this on her own, instead waiting for the “request” of a President who responds immediately when a criminal is killed by police but is AWOL when American Servicemen die.  It is outrageous that she refers to these killings as “shootings” instead of murders. But Brown could not resist using this act of war to promote her anti-gun jihad.

In the release, Brown says “It is becoming all too frequent that we mourn lives lost to gun violence within the borders of our country”

Not “terrorism.”  Not murderous attacks on disarmed US Military personnel. “Gun violence,” as if a rifle drove itself to two separate locations and gunned down innocent people on its own.

Brown’s disgraceful exploitation of the deaths of our servicemen is yet another example of the extreme agenda of the anti-gun Democrats in power in Oregon. It is shameful and unacceptable.

Please consider letting Brown know how you feel about her actions.

Email and sample message follow:


Governor Brown,

Your exploitation of the deaths of US Servicemen in Chattanooga to promote your anti-gun agenda is disgraceful and embarrassing.  Why did it take an order from Obama for you to request that our state flags be flown at half staff? Why have you not taken steps to ensure the safety of recruiters and other military personnel in Oregon? And how dare you blame this vicious act of war on “gun violence.”  Would you have called the Boston Marathon bombing an act of “pressure cooker violence?”

Your actions in this case are an embarrassment to all Oregonians and a slap in the face of the men and women who serve in our armed forces. As a resident of Oregon, I demand that you support arming military recruiting center personnel.

You should be ashamed of yourself.



If you prefer, you may use our automailer below instead.

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The Democrats Own This Bill

Filling out this form will allow you to contact Oregon State legislators with the following message:

Subject: The Democrats Own This Bill.


The Democrats in the Oregon Legislature have passed an attack on the privacy and rights of all Oregonians. They did this knowing, and admitting, it would not prevent crime.

They did this knowing that the statistics they used about background checks stopping criminals were a lie. They did this knowing that their constant referrals to “guns bought on Craig’s List” were lies.

They did this in the face of opposition from over 20 counties and most sheriffs. They did this in spite of overwhelming opposition from citizens and several cities.

And they did it for one reason; Michael Bloomberg’s money. Rest assured, this will not be forgotten. Votes have consequences.