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Stop The Vendetta Against Gun Owners.

The February “short session,” which was sold to Oregonians as a way to deal with nothing but budget issues, is being used to ram through more of Michael Bloomberg’s wish list. Every effort will be made by the anti-gun majority to rush through more dangerous restrictions on gun rights with as little public input as […]

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Kate Brown’s Disgraceful Exploitation

07.22.15 When Kate Brown slithered into the Governor’s office in the wake of the disgraced John Kitzhaber, she stated the gun control was going to be one of her top priorities.  Brown has followed through with that promise signing into law the worst attack on gun rights in Oregon history, SB 941. Of course, while […]

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The Democrats Own This Bill

Filling out this form will allow you to contact Oregon State legislators with the following message: Subject: The Democrats Own This Bill. Message: The Democrats in the Oregon Legislature have passed an attack on the privacy and rights of all Oregonians. They did this knowing, and admitting, it would not prevent crime. They did this knowing […]

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