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Another County Steps Up. Gun Rights Rally Reminder.


As we count down the last few days before the start of the 2015 session on Monday, and prepare for one of toughest fights in Salem, we wanted to let you know about another positive development.

On Feb. 3rd the Coos County Board of Commissioners will be discussing a 2nd Amendment protection resolution.

The meeting starts at 9:30 am in the Owen Building (201 N Adams Coquille, OR 97423)

If you can, please come and show your support for this important measure. The presence of  pro-rights voters makes an amazing difference at these events.

As we have said, the key to protecting our rights now will be at the county level with both commissioners and sheriffs. The momentum is certainly increasing with the commissions, but so far the Sheriff’s Association has refused to take a stand.

We should expect more from them.  If unconstitutional restrictions are placed on our rights, they will have to decide whether they are going to enforce them against us.

We need to keep the pressure up and add more counties to the list of places where liberty rules.


The legislature will convene on Feb 2.  We expect to start seeing a regular introduction of anti-gun bills right away. So please, if you can, be sure to be at the Capitol on Feb 9 when our friends the Heirs of Patrick Henry will he holding a pro-gun rally to remind the legislature that we’re here and we will not accept any attacks on our liberties.