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We have now concluded the third of our “debates” with the proponents of Ballot Measure 114.

If you have not received your ballot in the mail it should arrive soon.

One thing has become clear about the proponents of the measure, they cannot defend what’s in it and they cannot answer a question.

Instead they prefer to divert the conversation into meaningless and rambling diatribes about, well, we don’t really know what they are about, except that it has something to do with equity. Or something.

Here are the links to the three debates or “interviews” as the case may be.

The first one is with Portland’s far left newspaper “Willamette Week.”  Some time after this debate, we were shocked (shocked I tell you) to see they endorsed the measure.

The  second is with the Portland “Oregonian”, Portland’s other far left newspaper. As with Willy Week, after this “interview” the Oregonian endorsed the measure. Once again, who would have ever imagined that an aging, far left “newspaper” would have done that?

In this interview, Mark Knutson, who runs the “church” that has collected thousands and thousands of dollars to promote firearms confiscation, accused OFF’s Kevin Starrett of anti-semitic racism.  For those who are wondering why, this is the page he is referring to:

The final debate was presented by the Portland City Club and moderated by Fox 12 TV in Portland.  As a side note, the Eugene City Club invited OFF to debate Mark Knutson. A date was set and agreed upon. Shortly before that date, the Eugene City Club emailed us and disinvited us with no explanation.  The Salem City Club extended an invite to debate but no one from the other side agreed to.

While OFF would have eagerly accepted any opportunity to debate Knutson one on one, he was …not available. So we accepted the Portland City Club where it was only two on one to keep it fair. Neither of our opponents actually had anything to do with writing the measure. Those folks prefer to stay in hiding.

That debate can be seen here:

Maybe the highlight of the last debate was the closing moments when we got to ask the proponents a question. We think you’ll be amused by their answer.

Ballots are hitting. Oregonians have legitimate concerns about the integrity of our voting systems. We strongly recommend you NOT mail in your ballot but take it to your county clerk yourself. Early voting does allow for potential mischief, so you may want to consider not sending in your ballot right away. But you MUST vote. Your rights and safety are on the line.

Special bonus video.