Michael Z. Cahana Memorial Page

Note. This page is often attacked by ignorant and bigoted leftists who amazingly claim it “blames Jews for the Holocaust.” While only the most dense and hateful could conclude that, anti-rights idiots and Marxists foolishly perpetuate this nonsense. So for those too painfully stupid to read it, it is clearly a warning to the victims of police state overreach (something adored by anti-rights goons) not to let it happen again. If after reading it you conclude anything else, you are truly beyond help.


This page is dedicated to “Rabbi” Michael Cahana, a Jewish Rabbi and chief petitioner for IP43, a ballot measure that would confiscate the firearms and ammo feeding devices owned by law abiding Oregonians.

If Cahana and his fellow travelers had their way, anyone who owns a modern firearm will face 10 years in prison. Cahana wants the state to have a monopoly on force. Apparently they no longer teach history in Yeshiva.

So here’s to you rabbi, we’ve seen this before.

But don’t you worry  Rabbi… it can’t happen here.