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The Wire. We Are Down To It.

The Wire. 
We Are Down To It

The last day to vote is almost here. Your ballot must be returned by Tuesday.

Currently Ballot Measure 114, which will cripple the Second Amendment, destroy small businesses, expose and endanger the most vulnerable Oregonians and turn countless law abiding Oregonians into criminals, is polling almost dead even.

In a state where most of the media has joined forces with the frauds who are promoting this dangerous and unconstitutional attack on liberty and common sense, that alone is amazing.

But what it means is that every single vote is going to matter. Every single one.

This demented policy could pass or fail on fewer votes than virtually any other in memory.

The destructive policies of the left have Oregon literally disintegrating before our eyes. Crime is skyrocketing, people are in danger and if this twisted measure passes it will be a clear message to the thugs that they are not only getting a free pass from the “justice system” but that no one will have the means to protect themselves from the surging violence.

Please be sure you ballot is turned in before the end of the day Tuesday. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT rely on the post office. If you can, bring your ballot to your county clerk.  Be sure your friends and family have voted and encourage them to safeguard their ballots as well. Drop boxes are the second best option but the US Mail simply cannot be trusted with your ballot.

Oregon is sliding into chaos. Your vote can help slow the destruction. Please be sure your vote will count.

Thank you.