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They’re Back


The jesters from the faux “faith” movement are back.

In a burst of creativity and originality this is what “Rabbi” Michael Cahana said about his attempts to outlaw the most popular firearms in America:

 these are weapons designed and used to kill as many human beings as possible in as short as time as possible…”

Cahana has joined his usual gaggle of fake “church leaders” whose only real god seems to be the crushing power of the state, to once again attempt to push numerous ballot measures to deny American’s gun rights.

The last time Cahana and his fellow travelers pushed this Marxist nonsense when we pointed out that it was this kind of deprivation of the right of self defense that preceded the murder of millions of Jews, the gun ban mob and the media cartel immediately attacked us as anti-semitic for noting the obvious. We have no doubts they will again.

But clearly some people simply never learn.

As you know, our battles are now on multiple fronts.  Gun owners have all but been abandoned  (with a few notable exceptions) by the Republican legislators they helped elect.

We are in a very expensive legal fight in Columbia County where the commissioners have stomped on the will of the people. They replaced the Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances, invoked by the people, with their own weaker version and then joined with superrich anti-gun groups to overturn their own version.

And, as expected, the Governor has signed SB 554, a bill that not only excludes gun owners from the buildings they pay for and requires that their guns be locked up and useless, but holds them liable for crimes committed by others.

Oregon is truly facing an unprecedented attack on liberty.

The legislative session is not over. There is still more damage that can be done.

We now have virtually no representation in the House and only a handful of out numbered patriots in the Senate.

We’re going to need all the help we can get in the coming months. We’ll be watching the closing days of the worst legislative session in Oregon history. Please be vigilant too.