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Oregon Republican House….United At Last


The Oregon House Republicans. United At Last.

Last night, after a cringeworthy hearing where Democrats spewed nonsense and Republicans sat whimpering like whipped dogs, the Oregon House voted to expel Rep. Mike Nearman.

Nearman has been charged with a crime for opening a door to the Oregon Capitol and allowing into the building, the folks most hated by the legislature…Oregon voters.

For months, we have been subjected to the pathetic bleating of Republican “leaders” about how unfair it is for the public to be locked out of their building and their process.

And for months, the Democrats have slammed through bill after bill that served few purposes except to remind Oregonians that they are worthless racists who need to grovel and beg for forgiveness for their many sins. And while all this took place, the Republicans lapped it up, and in many cases actually voted for this crap.

But when Nearman actually allowed Oregonians into the building, he was charged with a crime, and yesterday became the first legislator in Oregon history to be expelled.

Not a single Republican uttered a word in his defense.

Not a single Republican even bothered to point out the unbelievable hypocrisy of the proceeding. They were too busy looking down at their shoes and contemplating their next surrender. It was a gut churning disgrace.

House Rep Ron Nosse used the proceedings to drone on about his romantic love for men. Rep Julie Fahey prattled on about her absurd and comical claims that she ran through the building “making sure people were safe.”

(If Julie Fahey is keeping you safe you’re already done for.)

Andrea Salinas, the whitest person in the “people of color” caucus, recounted the trauma she and other Democrats felt when faced with the threat of facing actual voters.

Andrea Salinas


“Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, said it was, “upsetting to learn that Rep. Nearman was planning and coordinating an attack on our Capitol… The trauma of that day will not leave with Rep. Nearman.”

Over and over the Democrats recounted their personal stories of dread when it was their raggedy butts in jeopardy and not the poor schmucks getting dragged out of their cars in Portland by antifa, (who the Democrats openly support.)

And through it all, every excruciating second, the Republicans sat sphinx-like demonstrating one more time, what utter cowards each and every one of them are.

“House Republican Leader Christine Drazan told OPB on Thursday, she had not believed Nearman intended to allow people into the Capitol until footage emerged June 4. She said she believes people might have been killed without the quick intervention of police.”


“Leader” Drazan


And yet Drazan, who broke from her usual policy of never calling anyone unless her hand was out, called our office twice that day and was so oblivious to the terrifying, life and death, battle outside that we had to tell her about it and suggest there might be a better time for a phone call.

House Rep Bill Post, who only takes time out of asking for donations to post on any of his countless social media, shock jock sites, shared this, his personal excuse for his own craven cowardice.

“My fear was not from the crowd but rather FOR the crowd IF they were to get into the building. Those of us who carry firearms, were prepared to defend ourselves. I am afraid there would have been deaths that day.”

Sure you would Bill, if you were not cowering behind your desk scared to death of the same people who had carried guns in the capitol countless times before. People you ENCOURAGED to come to the capitol armed when it suited your personal political goals, when you responded to “Moms Demanding Attention” with a tweet that said “Oregonfirearms be ready, be there!”


Post Tweet


In the days before the House Republicans curled up in a fetal position and begged for mercy, they all signed a letter telling Nearman to resign. All so they would not have to go on record.  And in the end, every single one of them voted against him.

The Oregon House Republicans are finally united. In shame.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Mike’s legal defense. He is still facing staggering legal bills. You can help him here.