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An American Patriot Attacked



As the left continues to tighten its grip around the throat of Oregon, the cartel media continues to idolize the marxist thugs who have turned our cities into cesspools.

And while the minority party continues to grovel and roll over for the petty tyrants in power, that same cabal of extremists are hard at work destroying anyone who stands up to them.

One of those people is Mike Nearman.

Mike is a Republican House Rep who has been a consistent voice of reason in his years serving in the Oregon Legislature. Time and again Mike has stood up to the woke mob, something fewer and fewer are willing to do.

We told you Mike’s story here.

Because Mike committed  the unforgivable sin of leaving the building he works in by opening a door, the full force of the left is being rained down on him.

He has been stripped of committee assignments, locked out of his own workplace unless he daily asks for permission, pilloried in the press and is now facing criminal charges.

Many of you have contributed to Mike’s legal defense. We want to thank each of you for supporting Mike far more than his own colleagues have.

But Mike’s legal defense bills are staggering and mounting everyday. And, as we have learned, the Oregon Judicial System is no friend to people whose values conflict with the mob.

Mike has set up a website where you can contribute via PAYPAL.

As always, you can still send checks to Mike at our address. If you prefer to donate by check make your check to “Mike Nearman” and send it to PO Box 556, Canby OR. 97013.

The left rewards people who destroy our cities. But the “Republican” establishment has been curiously quiet about Mike. Please don’t let Mike face these attacks alone.

Thank you.