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Stopping Satan’s Steamroller.


Stopping Satan’s Steamroller.

The clock is ticking. Though not officially posted, numerous knowledgeable people have informed us that SB 554 will be voted on this Thursday.*UPDATE. THE BILL HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY POSTED FOR VOTE ON THURSDAY MARCH 25.

This is the bigoted, hate driven bill that seeks to send you to prison for driving too close to any public building that has  been declared “off limits”  to law abiding, licensed, gun owners.

Make no mistake, there is nothing in this bill that addresses criminals. This is simply a way for the hateful Democrats to punish law abiding Oregonians for no other reason than they can.

Imagine if a local government in Oregon decided to imprison black people for driving by a library. Imagine if a municipality decided that anyone with a disability would go to prison for 5 years because they walked past a city hall.  This is exactly what the Democrats have in mind for gun owners who submitted to the Constitutionally questionable practice of applying for and receiving a concealed handgun license and “proving” their qualifications. 

Now the Oregon Democrats want to send those people to prison while at the same time doing all they can to comfort and support looters, rioters, drug dealers and pimps.

But what makes this far worse is that many Oregon Republicans are going along for the ride.

ALL of these evil bills would come to a grinding halt if the Republicans simply did what they were elected to do and STOP participating in this demented game.

Denial of quorum is not only legal and constitutional, it is a tactic that has been amazingly successful in the past and one which Republicans were rewarded for with reelection and added seats.  But now the “leaders” of the House and Senate Republicans are declaring an unconditional surrender, your rights be damned.  Happy to take your votes and donations, they are now saying it will be “too difficult” to do the one thing that might prevent Oregon from becoming an unlivable hell hole.

Now, groups from across the state, and representing many different issues, have come together to demand that the Republicans do their job and protect our rights. The list of signers is growing and will be added to and updated.  We are asking that you add your voice to this effort by calling Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod and House Republican Leader Christine Drazan and remind them that there will be exactly no reason for you to support them in the future if they don’t protect your rights and your children’s future now.

They will have a long list of excuses. “It’s too hard”. “It’s too expensive.”  “The media will say bad things about us.”  Tough.  If Oregonians are being punished because their guns were stolen, or if they drove too close to a DMV, if their property taxes skyrocket, if they are prohibited from putting fuel in their trucks, they are not going to have time to be concerned about  the minor inconvenience of legislators STAYING HOME.

There are a number of Republican Senators who are prepared to walk out this week should the bill be officially scheduled.  The rest need marching orders from Fred Girod.*UPDATE. THE BILL HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY POSTED FOR VOTE ON THURSDAY MARCH 25.

Please call him NOW and tell him to get the others to join the walkout.  No excuses.

Senator Fred Girod. 503-986-1709

Representative Christine Drazan. 503-986-1439