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Democrats Are Going For Everthing.


                                                     House Rep Brian Clem


House Rep Brian Clem, who used to ooze over to pro-gun lobbyists in House Gallery and apologize for voting against gun rights with the explanation that he “had to do what he was told by the speaker” is now pushing for a complete elimination of Oregon’s preemption statute.

The goal is to create an incomprehensible patchwork of laws and regulations with the intention of entrapping as many (formally) law abiding gun owners as possible.

His brain child, HB 3005, repeals Oregon’s law that allows only the State Legislature to write most gun laws. That bill is now scheduled for a hearing on April 6th and a work session on April 13th.  Both will be in the House Judiciary Committee.

See all bill info here.

It’s this kind of vindictive legislation that prompted Yamhill County to, today, pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance to stand in the way of the Democrat hate machine. We are grateful for the two County Commissioners who got this done, Mary Starrett and Lindsay Berschauer. Commissioner Casey Kulla voted against protecting your rights. (

Of course, Clem and the Democrats may get a surprise if they are successful with this attempt to stick it to gun owners.  The entire state is not as twisted as some western counties and they may just pass a few gun laws that will cause excessive bed wetting by the left.

The Democrats are in a feeding frenzy and they are going for all the marbles. There is one, and only one thing that can stop them. That would be for the Republicans to say “no more.”  By simply not showing up, this entire freak show comes to a halt. If the Republicans do not stand up and walk out when these bills are on the floor, gun rights in Oregon are done. It’s as simple as that.

We have bills in both the House and Senate that will eviscerate gun ownership and self defense in Oregon. At the same time, violence is out of control in our cities and criminals are being rewarded by the majority party.

There is little reason to reach out to Democrats. They are just doing what leftist’s do. You cannot really blame a scorpion for biting you.  However, gun owners, with their votes and contributions, have supported Republican candidates. They were rewarded last time they walked out with reelection and an increase in seats.

Now it’s their responsibility to stand up for us.

The Senate Republican Leader is Fred Girod.

The House Republican Leader is Christine Drazan.

Please contact them. Your message does not need to be long, it does not need to be complicated and it does not need to repeat all the facts that are already well known. Simply tell them, “Gun owners supported you. Now it’s your turn. Walk out.”

If you decide to either send in written testimony or if you want to try to testify live on HB 3005, info for doing that follows.

The electronic system for testifying in person is a massive failure. Furthermore, although opponents of gun control bills always outnumber the supporters, the anti-rights extremists always seem to get far more opportunities to speak.  But what the heck, it’s worth a try.

Info for signing up to testify “in person” or with written testimony follows.

Submit written testimony on a bill or topic scheduled for a public hearing:

• Electronic:

• Mail: House Committee on Judiciary, 900 Court Street NE, Room 453, Salem, OR 97301

Written testimony may be submitted up to 24 hours after the meeting start time.

Register to testify live remotely:

• Registration is required to testify by phone or video.

• Register online:

You will see a confirmation screen and be sent an email with information on how to join the

meeting. If you do not, contact the committee assistant.

• Register by phone: 833-588-4500 (U.S. toll free). You will be given a phone number to call into the meeting.