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They’re Gonna Get Crushed


I see Hansell out here, they’re gonna get crushed.”

Senate President Peter Courtney in an unintentional  “hot mic” moment at the start of today’s Senate Floor session.

We don’t know to whom he was referring.  But it sure wasn’t Democrats.


These are the Senators who helped pass SB 554:

Fred Girod 503-986-1709
Bill Hansell 503-986-1729
Lynn Findley 503-986-1730
Dick Anderson 503-986-1705
Bill Kennemer 503-986-1720
Tim Knopp


Today, 6 Senate Republicans, shown above, joined with Senate Democrats to move forward SB 554, a bill that will send concealed handgun license holders to prison for 5 years if they dare travel close to a government owned building.

All 6 Republicans remained on the Senate floor to allow a “second reading” of the bill which was the final step needed to prepare it for a vote tomorrow.

This means the bill will almost certainly be voted on, and passed, tomorrow. If, in the very unlikely event that anything were to prevent the bill from being voted on tomorrow, it will certainly be voted on at the next opportunity.

Republican “Leader” Fred Girod further assisted the Democrats by making a successful motion to block the full reading of bills so the Democrats could speed up their agenda.

That is how these Senators, who asked for the votes and money of gun owners paid them back.

It’s a good signal that every deranged bill the Democrats are ramming through will be passed because of the cowardice of these 6 sellouts.

Where we go from here remains to be seen. Since these six senators joined the radical left to push this bigoted and dangerous legislation, the bill will go from the Senate, after the final vote, to the House, where leader Christine Drazan has indicated that the House too, will roll over and sell out gun owners. Much like Senator Girod, Representative Drazan came to us asking for money to help elect Republicans.  Now after receiving that help, Drazan too paid you back by refusing to walk out of this outrageous attack on your rights.

The following Republican Senators were not on the floor today and were not part of this disgraceful sell out.

Kim Thatcher

Brian Boquist

Dallas Heard

Art Robinson

Chuck Thomsen

Dennis Linthicum

They are to  be commended for showing the principle Girod and the others have walked away from.

Meanwhile the list of people and organizations who requested that the Republicans protect their rights has grown. And no doubt grown far less patient.