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School Boards Target Children


School Boards Target Children

As a result of the passage of SB 554, schools in Oregon now have the authority to prevent licensed adults from being anywhere on their property while armed.

In the wake of the Texas school murders, more and more school districts are implementing this policy or are considering it, and the full court press by the media is rattling formerly pro-gun candidates.

While the details of the Texas murders are ever “evolving” most reports now agree that there was no police officer on the scene when the killer arrived, he entered through an unlocked door, and when the police did respond they waited between 40 minutes and one hour to make entry into the room where the killer had barricaded himself with his victims.

What no reports we have seen have mentioned, is that Texas has in place, the very rule that Oregon School Boards are attempting to enact here. Adults with concealed handgun licenses are banned from being armed in Texas elementary schools.

So, while for whatever reason police did not act quickly and neutralize the killer, no one inside the school could have lawfully had the means to take action themselves.

It does not take a Mensa candidate to recognize that this is a policy for future massacres. Especially at a time when liberals in Oregon are making every effort to make sure that even what little police protection a school might have, is eliminated.

In Portland, the public schools have removed  school resource officers so that students could feel more comfortable. 

One school board member, Julia Brim-Edwards, in an effort to justify this policy: “pointed out that in the absence of SROs, PPS is spending millions on school safety improvements, like installing more cameras, hiring more campus safety associates, and installing automatic door locks in schools.”

The events in Texas demonstrate the pointlessness of those feeble and purely symbolic efforts.  And so children die.

The Portland schools are now working on a ban of armed CHL holders on their property. (Portland reportedly will be debating this policy on June 14th.) According to school board member Julia Brim-Edwards, “There’s been an accidental discharge of a weapon somebody brought onto campus, not in a threatening way, but in a purse and just going off…”

We have contacted her to ask where and when this event happened as we can find no reports of it anywhere.
UPDATE. Thanks to an OFF member who found the story here it is:
The person whose gun “went off” was not a CHL holder and was charged with a felony.

For more updates see here and here.

In a moment of sanity, rare in the Portland Schools, KGW TV reported “Director of Risk Management for PPS Joe Crelier said he thought prohibiting responsible CHL holders from carrying on campuses would leave schools defenseless. He said he was especially worried about this since there are no School Resource Officers on PPS campuses.  “Without any perception of armed defense, what is stopping someone who is evil or out of their mind?

This is not complicated. Under no circumstances can the police be expected to be everywhere all the time. Even schools that have resource officers can’t expect them to cover every inch of every school at every moment.  And, as we have learned, the arrival of police to a murderous event does not guarantee that they will take timely action. None of this is debatable.

So, the efforts of school boards across the state to assure unimpeded access to our schools by killers is nothing short of criminal.

These policies are being rammed through in school districts large and small, urban and rural.

School boards, and their importance, have long been overlooked by many voters and even activists. But what is becoming painfully clear is that the decisions and policies of school boards are not only critical, they could well be deadly.

If anyone you love is in a public school it is essential that you know what their school board is doing, or has done. Many school board members will deflect or hide from questions of parents and voters, and many are totally in the pocket of the leftist teacher’s unions, but in almost all cases their meeting schedules and agendas are posted online.

Public schools in Oregon are failing on every metric while continuing to demand more money, but these policies are far worse than the promotion of dangerous leftist ideology, these policies will cost the lives of children.

Please investigate your local school boards and watch for their coming agendas. And if they already have created policies that put your children at risk, take whatever actions you can to protect the kids.

Meanwhile, with wall to wall media propaganda, the most vocally pro-gun candidate for governor is starting to fold.  Unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson has been the strongest advocate for gun rights in spite of her long affiliation with the Democrat Party.  But now she is beginning to parrot the talking points of the left. KGW TV reports Johnson as saying:

“As governor, I will support and enforce stronger background checks for gun purchases and raising the age to purchase certain firearms from eighteen to twenty-one. These are both practical ideas to help keep guns away from people who could be a danger to themselves or others.”

One of the left’s most prominent supporters of restrictions on the Second Amendment, former House Rep. Jennifer Williamson, has testified that 95% of background check delays are in error. And we see over and over that criminals often pass background checks.  The single most common call we get at OFF is from qualified people who have be denied firearm’s purchases. (Given how long many “delays” are, even “delays” are really denials.) So it is hard to imagine what Johnson means by “stronger background checks.” 

Of course, the knee jerk, politically correct, response that the purchase age of “certain firearms” should be increased does not address all the many criminals and mass killers who are over 21. If a 36 year old criminal shoots up a hospital or workplace will the answer be to raise the purchase age to 37?

Criminal acts will always be exploited at election time. Each new restriction will fail and be a call for more restrictions. But the real losers will always be the people who are legally denied the ability to protect themselves and others by the irrational dictates of those who work behind metal detectors and a phalanx of State Police guarding them.

Please tune into your local school boards and keep track of what they are planning for the children in your district.