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Democrats Announce 2023 Gun Bans



As expected,  Oregon’s far left wing is already planning a major attack on gun rights in the coming legislative session.

As we watch the current administration and its fellow travelers in congress use the most recent murders to ram through their civilian disarmament agenda and distract from skyrocketing inflation, soaring fuel and food costs, and a critical shortage of baby formula, Oregon legislators are climbing on board.

House Rep Lisa Reynolds has announced  her plans for the Democrats in Salem.

Here are some of them directly from her own office:

Oregon legislature: 2023 session
Two priorities for the 2023 session will be to crack down on ghost guns and close the Charleston loophole (which allows folks to purchase a firearm if their background check is not completed in three days, even if their background check would have blocked them from making the purchase). These measures have momentum behind them, and I’m confident that they will prevent gun violence, protect victims of domestic violence, and help law enforcement do their jobs.

Of course, we are actively considering a variety of additional measures, including an assault weapons ban, raising the purchase age for all guns to 21, regulating magazine sizes and ammunition, and many other steps. I am in conversations with my staff and colleagues, advocates, and constituents every day to pave a path forward for meaningful legislation, and we will continue to keep you posted.

Remember: we need 31 votes in the Oregon House, 16 votes in the Oregon Senate, and a willing governor in order to transform a bill (a concept) into law.


ERPO Education
In 2017, the Oregon Legislature passed the “Extreme Risk Protection Order” which allows a family member or law enforcement to petition the court to have firearms removed from a person (a respondent) who is at risk to themselves or others. The respondent can request a hearing to rescind this protection order. 

This law has saved lives, including saving folks from gun suicide. Our challenge is that not enough Oregonians know about this measure or understand how they can protect a loved one. Many of us are looking into ways to better educate on this difficult topic. Here is one program working to spread the word. 

Reynolds closed with a pitch for people to join the militant “Moms Demand Action.”

Reynolds will be running against OFF member John Woods in the November election.

We have already contributed to John’s campaign but if you want to help him and other candidates you can make a donation to our Political Action Committee here.

You can donate directly to John here. 

Please keep in mind, the Republican Caucus has pledged to oppose pro-gun candidates who we support, so any help we can provide to good candidates is going to be crucial.

In November Oregon voters will get to choose among 3 women for governor.

Tina Kotek has campaigned on a platform of banning guns.  Betsy Johnson has abandoned her long time support for gun rights and is now in the  gun ban camp.

Republican Christine Drazan has sided with the Democrats on bill after bill and stood by while they rammed through SB 554. So there is no reason to believe she will stand up to the Democrats if elected.

Republican “leadership” in the Oregon House and Senate have signaled that they have no stomach for a walk out, even if a ballot measure to prohibit walk outs fails.

Every single seat we can pick up in the legislature will be critical.

As Democrat policies continue to drive the US towards third world status, and resistance builds, expect the Democrats to go full speed ahead.  Prepare for another ugly session.