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The Vultures Are Circling


The Vultures Are Circling


In the wake of the horrific mass murder of children and teachers in Texas, the left wasted no time  dancing in the blood of the innocent.

We have come to expect this kind of repulsive behavior from liberals, be it the incompetent, yet dangerous, fool in the White House, or local mercenaries in Salem.

It does not appear the Republicans want to show any backbone either.

Before virtually any facts were known (and, of course, now there is still much to learn) a disgraceful cabal of opportunistic parasites in the Oregon Legislature sent out a press release demanding policies to get even more babies slaughtered.

These evil frauds sickeningly  bragged “In Oregon, we’ve passed legislation that requires background checks, prohibits guns on public school grounds, makes extreme risk protection orders available, and ensures the secure storage of firearms. We are committed to taking bold action during the next legislative session in 2023 to further prevent these types of tragedies from happening.

Of course, an idiot could see that these absurd policies did not, and could not, have any effect on the kinds of mass shootings the leftists embrace for fundraising purposes.

As we learn more about the events it is becoming achingly clear that the only thing that could have saved lives in that death trap was armed adults, inside the building, prepared and committed to act. And that is the one thing the blood soaked hypocrites in Salem and Washington are determined to stop.

House Rep Dacia Grayber emailed us saying she expected us to now support a “complete ban” on guns in schools, the very policy that cost the lives of those innocent children and teachers in Texas. To call these people ghouls would elevate them.

While the left wing vultures are circling, the local press piles on with a pathetically transparent attempt to promote Tina Kotek’s run for governor.  And where is the “Republican” candidate?  Right where she was when she folded her tent and allowed the Democrats to pass the kind of legislation that has, and will, get more people killed. Nowhere to be found.

As long as politicians keep denying reality, and the unions who control our schools keep demanding these deadly policies, the longer innocent people, some very little people, will be their sacrificial lambs.

Enough is enough. This has to stop.

We thank you for your commitment to standing up to this madness.