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Release Thugs. Lock Up Guns.



While Oregon Democrats continue to promote legislation to empower criminals and violent crime skyrockets in Portland, the Oregon House Committee On Health Care has scheduled a hearing to hear HB 2510, a bill to lock up… your firearms.

As in previous attempts to render firearms useless for self defense, the bill punishes gun owners who are victims of theft and contains not one single word about penalties for gun thieves.

While life in Oregon, especially our cities, becomes increasingly perilous, Oregon Democrats are working overtime to make sure you and your family are defenseless.

And rest assured, these actions are not the result of ignorance.  Oregon Democrats are pushing bills to make criminals out of law abiding gun owners while neutering the police, so this bill is just one more effort to make sure that thugs are protected while you and your family are robbed of any means of protecting yourselves.

The bill is currently scheduled for March 11 at 3.15 PM. To sign up to testify against this bill use this link.

If you experience problems (as many do) contact or call (503)986-1485

To submit written testimony use this link

Use the drop down menus to pick “House Committee on Health Care “ and “3/11/2021 3.15PM”

Contact info for all members of this committee can be found here.  We strongly urge you to write AND call. Over and over.  If you get voice mail, leave messages.

This bill is sheer lunacy at a time when Oregon is seeing unprecedented spikes in violent crime and a complete inability of police to address it. Meanwhile, looters and rioters are routinely being returned to our streets and facing no prosecutions.

If you want to have any chance of living safely in this state, please take action. The lives you save may be your kid’s.

And while Oregon Democrats are working overtime to ensure you are defenseless against the thugs they protect, they are working on such important legislation as legalizing pimping , banning diesel fuel. and outlawing ropes with loops at the end.

But hey, at least when gun owners are all in prison they’ll be able to register to vote.

Clearly, Oregon is at a crossroads. Quite simply, this state will be completely unlivable if Oregon Republicans don’t do something.

While we have serious battles in both Houses, right now our best chance is to get Oregon Republican Senators to refuse to participate in this demented charade.

The leader of the Oregon Republican Senators has made it clear he is NOT interested in walking out. He’d prefer to watch Oregon disintegrate than stand up to the lunacy the Democrats are shoving down our throats.  But we have reason to believe other Republican Senators are willing to take a stand.  But they need to hear from you loud and clear.

If you prefer to contact them one by one with personal messages their contact information is here.

Senator Brian Boquist has quit the Republican Party but may consider walking out with them if they have the courage to do so.

His contact info is here.

Or you can use this tool to send a message to all Republican Senators and Brian Boquist.

Feel free to alter the subject line and text if you choose. It is critical that we convince the Oregon Republican Senators to stand up for us. The alternative is unthinkable.

Thank you for your tireless activism.