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Gun Lock Down Reminder


Reminder. Lock Up Bill Coming.

As we told you, HB 2510, a bill to require you to lock up your firearms and hold you liable if they are stolen and used in a crime, is scheduled for a hearing this Thursday, March 11.

The hearing will be held by the House Health Committee because now your desire to be able to protect yourself from sky rocketing crime is a “health crisis.”

The bill makes you liable for crimes committed by someone you have lawfully transferred a gun to for two years after the transfer unless you can somehow prove you transferred the gun with a trigger lock installed, two years after the transfer!

Under the bill, it will be unlawful to have a gun in your home if it is not inaccessible, if one of your upstairs windows is unlocked or one of your children is home.

If you lock the gun with an easily defeated trigger or cable lock, and it’s POSSIBLE to defeat the lock, you will be in violation.

We need not explain how truly demented this is.

For a preview of what to expect on Thursday, tune into the Health Care Committee tomorrow for an “Informational Hearing” (invited testimony only of course)  on “Gun Violence: a Public Health Crisis”.

We are going to go way out on a limb here and predict the deck will be stacked. The “informational” part of the hearing is scheduled for 3.35 but the committee can change that time whenever they want with no advanced warning. The invitees have not yet been made public.*

If you want to watch the “informational hearing”, you can click on this link tomorrow, and go to 3/9/2021 on the right side of the page. When the committee is ready to meet there will be a camera icon you can click on to enjoy the show. The committee’s meeting starts at 3.15PM

The  hearing for the bill itself  is currently scheduled for March 11 at 3.15 PM. To sign up to testify against this bill use this link.

If you experience problems (as many do) contact or call (503)986-1485

To submit written testimony use this link

Use the drop down menus to pick “House Committee on Health Care “ and “3/11/2021 3.15PM”

Contact info for all members of this committee can be found here:

The Democrats have numerous bills to reward criminals including one to allow convicted drug dealers to teach in our schools. They are also hoping to legalize pimping. At the same time, they have declared war on legitimate gun owners. While violent criminals are unchecked in our cities, Oregon Democrats want to make sure you can’t protect yourself and your family.

And as of now, the Oregon Republicans have shown no willingness to stand up to them. Contact the leaders of the Oregon Senate and House Republicans and remind them what they were hired to do.

* The guest list has been posted. As expected. Fair and balanced.

Informational Meeting Invited testimony only (3:35 pm) Gun Violence: a Public Health Crisis
Dr. Kathleen Carlson, Associate Professor, Epidemiology, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
Rachel Banks, Public Health Director, Oregon Health Authority
Dr. Ben Hoffman, Medical Director, Tom Sargent Safety Center, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Monireh Moghadam, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, VA Portland Health Care System
Nike Greene, Director, Office of Youth Violence Prevention, City of Portland
Keri Moran-Kuhn, Associate Director, Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Kelly Drane, Researcher, Giffords Law Center National
Aoibheann Cline, Northwest Regional Director, National Rifle Association
Dan Cushing, Oregon Gun Owners
Michael Findlay, Director of Government Relations – State Affairs, National Shooting Sports Foundation
And, finally wrapping the whole event up…
Ashley Cannon, Researcher, Everytown for Gun Safety