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Prozanski Coordinates Anti-Gun Bills With Anti-Gun Groups


As we told you yesterday, the anti-gun extremists in the Oregon Legislature have pulled out all the stops to race through a dangerous gun owner registration bill. SB 941 would force you to conduct firearms transfers through a licensed dealer at whatever cost he chose to charge.

Of course, the complexities of trying to give a gun to an old friend when the database being used by the police is riddled with errors is not addressed in the bill, and beyond that, what other rights do you have to ask police permission to exercise?

Now it appears that once again, the architect of this privacy invading bill is coordinating the timing of the legislation with anti-gun groups. Floyd Prozanski, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the chief sponsor of the bill, has a history of tipping off the anti-gun radicals about when bills will be heard and voted on well before the public is informed. It looks like he’s done it again, this time with the Bloomberg funded “Mom’s Demand Action.”

Prozanski has scheduled the hearing and work session for SB 941 on the days MDA was planning their “lobbying day.” While their current posted calendar shows conflicting dates for the “lobbying day,” with both April 1st and April 2nd scheduled for this one day event, it’s clear that, as in the past, action on the bill was scheduled to maximize anti-gun turn out.

As usual, Prozanski is stacking the deck. Please be sure to make your voice heard on this critical bill that over 20 counties have already gone on record against.

Please contact the legislature and oppose this bill.  Prozanski can be reached directly at 503-986-1704 or 541-342-2447 or by email at