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Gun Grab Is Flying Through The Legislature!


Just in time for April Fools Day,  SB 941 , the gun owner registration bill, is scheduled for a hearing on April 1 at 8AM in Hearing Room 50 before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We told you they were going to race this through and they sure are. The anti-gunners in the Oregon Senate are bypassing all  the normal rules and slamming this bill through as fast as they can. What normally takes weeks is happening in a single day. The bill was introduced this morning, already had its “first reading” was assigned to a committee and scheduled for a hearing at lightning speed. We have seen the Senate President pull this kind of sneaky move before to try to pass anti-gun bills.

The bill is scheduled to be voted on in that committee the following day, April 2.

This bill is far worse then we expected. You will NOT be allowed to transfer a firearm by simply calling the State Police (which often ends in a false denial anyway.) Under this bill you will be required to run the transaction through a dealer. The potential complications of this are too many to list. Most dealers will want nothing to do with this, the cost will be high and that is only if you happen to be in a place where there is a dealer available!

We MUST turn up the heat to defeat this dreadful Bloomberg funded bill!  If you can be at this hearing, please come. But if not, please be sure to contact the legislature and express your outrage at this attack on your rights.  We have very little time.