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Lock Up Your Guns Bill Delayed Again


HB 2510, the bill to hold you accountable for crimes committed with guns stolen from you, was NOT heard on the House floor today. It was held over again until next Monday.

(This bill would also require that your guns be locked away and useless.)

This is good news and bad news.

Every day the bill is delayed is another day for the Republicans to step up, grow a spine, and stop this madness.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is we have no reason to believe the bill is being delayed for any reason other than to make it worse.

The Democrats behind this bill live and breathe to attack law abiding gun owners so this bill will not die quietly.

HB 2510 is awaiting action in the House, but so is SB 554. So the future of both bills is in the hands of the House members.

554 would make gun owners felons if they were NEAR a public building with a firearm, even while in possession of a concealed handgun license.  So it’s possible the House Democrats are trying to combine the measures. Or they may just be biding their time. Or they may be hearing from so many angry voters that they are reconsidering. We think that’s the least likely option. Senator Ginny Burdick, Oregon’s premier, pathological gun grabber was just given a cushy payoff, so she will not be completing her term, but she will not be leaving before the end of the session. The Democrats believe they “owe” her the passage of more damaging gun restrictions , so there is no reason to relax.

No matter what, the bill did NOT get a floor session today so it did not pass…today.

That means we have another few days to contact House Republican Leader Christine Drazan and remind her that your gun rights are not negotiable.

The Republicans have caved on the requirement to read the bills. In exchange they got a “seat at the table” for redistricting. The fight over redistricting is really an effort for incumbents to save their seats.

If Republicans save their seats so they can continue to pass Democrat legislation, we do not win.

Please contact Drazan and tell her we expect her to do what she was hired do to, protect our rights.

Representative Christine Drazan

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1439