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The House of Cards Is Crumbling

The House of Cards Is Crumbling


With the Oregon Senate a lost cause due to the cowardly actions of half the Republican Senators, the Oregon House Republicans have now followed suit.

As you may know, the House Republicans had been slowing the pace of the leftist thugs by requiring that each bill be read in its entirety before being voted on. That has all changed.

The House Republicans have capitulated and given up any effort to slow down the pace of the destruction and are no longer demanding that the bills be read before they are voted on.  As House Rep Mike Nearman said, “Fasten your chinstraps,the speed of legislation is going to get fast and the tone of the legislation is going to make a hard turn left.”

Here is what the Republicans got in exchange for handing the Democrats the keys to the car and the liquor cabinet and 100 bucks in cash…

Now the Republicans will get “equality” on the House Committee that handles redistricting. (Or is it equity?)

Republicans in both Houses have been using redistricting as an excuse to continue selling Oregonians down the river. The claim has been that if they walked out, they could not influence the redistricting process. That was laughable on a number of levels.

First of all, walk outs are never intended to last forever. They last until your demands are met.

Second, the Republicans have nothing to say about anything. Period. If the Democrats want it, the Democrats get it. The Republicans can only get what they ask for if they are asking for something the Democrats want.

But now, the House Republicans bargained away your rights for the illusion that having equal membership on the committee means anything.  For one thing, it has no effect on the Senate Redistricting committee. Furthermore, now all the Democrats have to do is refuse to agree to anything the Republicans wanted (which they would have done anyway) and stall the process long enough for leftist radical, Shemia Fagan, (our ultra activist Secretary of State) to take over the process. Which was the plan all along.

The Republicans threw in the towel as soon as they got what they thought would be cover.

Now, HB 2510, the bill to force you to be defenseless in the face of criminal attacks, AND be responsible for guns stolen from you will be the first thing on the agenda Monday.

The bill was carried over from April 12th so the Republicans would not have to fold so soon after another humiliating defeat.

As you know, if a bill gets to the floor, it WILL pass. The exceptions are so rare as to be meaningless.

This means the Republicans KNOW, that barring divine intervention, HB 2510 is going to pass Monday. And all the theatrics the Republicans have planned will be nothing more than another side show for the unwashed masses.

Meanwhile, the Republicans in both Houses keep shoveling their usual load of horse manure that they are “doing all they can” to stop these bills, when they refuse to do the only thing that actually can stop them and that’s to walk out.

The Senate (with the help of six Republicans) has already passed SB 554 and that bill is now awaiting action on the House side. The House will vote on Monday on HB 2510, and if all goes according to plan most of your gun rights will soon be gone.

As you may know, in reaction to this disgraceful behavior, a recall campaign has been filed against Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod.  Girod is on record in numerous places saying he “doesn’t care” about the recall. (This, in spite of the fact that the recall is being run by conservatives, the very people who elected Girod.)

We have had numerous reports of people contacting Girod’s office to object to his sell outs only to be rudely told by Girod’s staff that they “don’t matter.”

While there is an official recall underway, others who appear to have no connection to the official recall are expressing their outrage with signage calling for Girod’s ouster.

The website on their sign was not active when we first were made aware of it, but  clearly other people are independently fed up.

Interestingly, this effort has been mocked by House Rep Bill Post, and Dru Draper.

Bill Post is a Republican who has courted gun owners for years and regularly asked OFF’s PAC for donations.  Dru Draper is the flack who is responsible for the endless stream of fundraising pitches the Senate Republicans have been sending since they began their sell outs.  Apparently, they think people who are upset with Girod (and other turn coat Republicans) are “clowns.”

It now appears that the sellout is nearly complete. While both SB 554 and HB 2510 still have a way to go to become law, it’s clear that the Republican leadership and most Republican legislators are committed to let that happen.

We fully support the recall of Fred Girod. We believe strongly that this kind of duplicity and cowardice cannot be rewarded. Girod came to us and asked for help when the election was underway. And we helped. That was your money he took and your votes he got so he could kick gun owners in the teeth.

Recalls are expensive. But in this case, we strongly believe there is no other option.

If you agree, we’d love your help. Donations to our PAC will go to the recall campaign.  Thank you.