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Gun Registration Bill Signed By Unelected Governor


Today, unelected Democrat Governor Kate Brown, who replaced disgraced Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber, ignored the will of the people, the counties, and the sheriffs and signed into law SB 941, the universal gun owner registration bill.

Today we also received an email from another sheriff who said he will not enforce it.

As you know, the bill contains so many dangerous provisions, we cannot possibly list them all.  The parts of the bill outlawing the private transfer of guns, storing firearms for friends, neighbors or persons in need of safekeeping, along with the prohibition on providing firearms to persons who are in danger, take effect 90 days after today’s signing.

If you store a firearm for a friend, or lend one to a neighbor without first taking the gun to a gun dealer and asking for police permission, you will be a criminal.

Yes, this is a tremendous setback for gun owners. We cannot deny that. However, please do not think this is over.

We urge you to defy this sinister attack on your rights. We urge you to refuse to comply.

In the coming days we are going to ask for your most generous support in our fight to respond to this unconstitutional outrage. Please stay tuned.

 My friends, this battle has only just begun.

Don’t despair. Subvert

As you know there are recalls underway for three of the people who helped pass this attack your rights. There will be more in the future.  Please do all you can to support these efforts.

Val Hoyle Recall

Chuck Riley/Susan McLain Recall