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Clown Parade Rolls On



When SB 941, the universal gun registration bill, passed on Monday we told you to expect more gun legislation. Now we have it.

House Democrat Rep Brian Clem has introduced HB 3553. This bill is the result of the “concessions” he claims to have extracted from leadership to buy his “yes” vote on the worst gun bill ever passed in Oregon.  Clem told us that he agreed to vote to destroy your liberty, your privacy, and your rights in exchange for these important changes in the bill. (Clem had originally signaled that he would vote “no” on the bill.)

So Clem teamed up with Democrat House Rep Paul Evans and introduced this “compromise.” It is nothing short of comical.

(Keep in mind, Evans, who many were deluded into thinking was “pro-gun,” has called for universal gun registration and also blatantly lied about the registration portion of SB 941. )

So what did Clem get in exchange for selling out the gun owners of his district and the state? He got a pathetic joke of a bill that gives Oregonians a “tax credit” for the fees they will be forced to pay the state in order to register their firearms, enter their personal info in a state police database and further the goal of future confiscation.

Clem and Evans seem to think that Oregonians are so stupid that they will see this absurd insult as a “pro gun” bill. Sorry guys, your transparent effort to rehabilitate yourselves after bowing to the Bloomberg money isn’t fooling anyone.  If this is the best you can do after being slapped around by the Speaker, give it up.  We all know whose side you play for.