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More Gun Bills To Be Heard Tomorrow


Today we were able to put the brakes on SB 315, a bill that requires gun dealers and pawnshops to share info with the Feds about used guns they have taken into their inventory. The original intention of this bill was to allow gun stores and pawn shops who acquire used firearms to report those acquisitions to local police via email rather than regular mail, as is now mandated.

The existing law makes no sense. Police make no use of this info currently and police departments we have spoken to did not even know the law existed. Some pawn shops and gun dealers we spoke to also had no idea this was existing statute.  The statute is pointless and outdated and the better answer to amending this law is to simply repeal it. We have requested that this be done. The bill was not moved out of committee, but is by no means dead.

Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing 3 bills. 

The one of interest to most gun owners is HB 3093. This is a very limited reciprocity bill and, as you might expect, already has the anti-gunners in a complete tizzy. They are trotting out the same tired, disproven and comical lies about blood running in the streets if people from other states are allowed to carry firearms here.

The bill requires the exact same requirements of non residents to carry as we have here in Oregon. The anti-gunner’s arguments are, of course, hysterical nonsense.

We believe this bill may be used as a vehicle to add provisions to the recently passed universal gun owner registration bill, SB 941. We’ll know tomorrow.

There are MANY deals being proposed behind the scenes on gun legislation and we are not done yet by a long shot.

We’ll keep you informed.