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Gun Ban Bill Gets Work Hearing




Yesterday, in our second alert of the day, we told you that the Oregon House had scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday for SB 554.  554 is the bill that will turn law abiding gun owners into felons and double the cost of a concealed handgun license. A license that will be worth far less should 554 become law.

This bill already passed the Senate with the help of 6 Republican Senators who greased the skids by providing a quorum for the leftists who pushed the bill.

Earlier yesterday we told you the House had delayed a vote on HB 2510, a bill to require that your self defense firearms be locked up and useless and hold you responsible for the crimes committed with stolen guns.

Now the House has scheduled a “work session” for SB 554 the day after the public hearing. Work sessions are were the committee votes to move the bill to the floor for a vote of the entire House.  But it’s also where bills are amended. The work session is scheduled for Thursday April 22 at 8 am.

We don’t know if the delay on HB 2510 has anything to do with the immediate scheduling of SB 554, but there are not a lot of coincidences in Salem.

SB 554 already lists a number of possible amendments. But the committee can always add more, right up to the last second. In fact they can add amendments the public, and even some committee members, have never seen.

We are going to go way out on a limb here and predict that if the bill is amended, it will still not be something gun owners will accept. Let’s face it, the Democrats despise gun owners and they have the votes to do what they want.

At this point there is NO reason to believe the House Republicans under  Christine Drazan will step up and stop the bill. The Democrats greatly outnumber the Republicans, so the only way the House Republicans can stop it is to walk out, which did not happen when the bill was in the Senate. But early in the session the House Republicans willingly gave up any leverage they had when they agreed to be on the floor for a vote on rules that would fine them if they walked out. How they could allow that is anyone’s guess.

If the bill is amended it will have to go back to the Senate for concurrence.

There are a few possibilities if the bill does have to go back to the Senate.

First, the Senate Republicans can roll over and agree to whatever the Democrats have put in the bill… and the bill will pass.

Second the Republicans can put on another absurd dog and any pony show like they did the first time SB 554 was in their chamber and pretend to fight the bill… and the bill will pass.

Last, the Republicans can do the right thing and walk out, denying the Democrats the quorum they need to pass the bill.  Given the past cowardly behavior of the Senate Republican “leader” and the 5 sell out Republican followers who passed the first version of the bill, this is highly unlikely.

Anything can happen in Salem and nothing is over till the last gavel falls. So keeping up the pressure is essential. Both the House and Senate Republican “leaders” need to keep hearing from you.

The worst case scenario of course is the Democrats get everything they want. A ban on guns in countless places and a requirement that the guns you have be locked up.
We think it wise that you prepare for the worst while we keep doing everything we can to prevent it.

While few things are certain in life, one thing is. Portland, like many other places, is going to continue to burn.  The rioters are not going to be stopped and the people in power are going to continue to protect them.  We are heading for a very dangerous summer. The Democrats will be doing all they can to make sure you and your family are defenseless in the face of the thugs they align themselves with.

Make sure you have made whatever preparations you deem wise to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

The Senate and House leader’s contact info follow:

Senator Fred Girod

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1709 

Representative Christine Drazan

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1439