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House Shuts Down Again

Oregon House Closes Again. And that’s fine with us.



It appears we may have jumped the gun on our last alert posted below.

The hearings and work sessions for SB 554 will almost certainly go on tomorrow and Thursday in spite of the House closing for a covid scare.

The hearing and work sessions are held remotely. So there will be no need to stop them. Please refer back to this post for the correct info,


Once again, the Oregon House is closing down because of reported case of Covid.  As of now, the hearing and work sessions on SB 554, that we told you about in today’s earlier alert, will be postponed. We do not have a new date for those meetings.

While this only delays attacks on our freedom, it does give Republicans more time to grow a spine and stop these bills.

We did mention amendments being proposed to SB 554 in our previous alert and there are two new ones so far that may be considered.

Both of these amendments were introduced by Democrat Brian Clem.  Clem used to pretend to be a defender of gun rights and once apologized to us for supporting a gun control bill with the excuse that Speaker Tina Kotek “made him do it.”

Clem is now an avowed anti-gun militant.  His two amendments ban firearms in parks and add a complete removal of Oregon’s preemption statute to SB 554. Repealing Oregon’s preemption statute would basically allow any locality to ban anything anywhere.

Meanwhile, anti-gun Democrat Brad Witt messes with the wrong gal.