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Senate Standing Firm

Today once again, the only Republican Senators to show up for the circus in Salem were Dick Anderson and David Brock Smith.
All other Republican Senators have refused to be there to promote the Marxist agenda of the Democrats.
Senator Janeen Sollman extended  “courtesies” to… herself, for being on the cover of a magazine with Republican Senator Lynn Findley.

Meanwhile, over on the House side, the Republicans dutifully showed up to, not only help pass Democrat bills, they once again expedited them by having Kim Wallan move to suspend the rules so the bills would not have to be read in their entirety  and could be voted on with just the summaries being read.  This saves time for the Democrats in their pursuit of a complete destruction of our state.
Democrat Senator Sara Gelser rose today on the Senate floor to thank the House for their efforts passing Democrat bills. The Republicans were, of course, included in her thanks.
By the way,  House Rep Kim Wallan voted against the dangerous “paramilitary” bill  not because it was an outrageous attack on Oregonian’s rights to self defense, but because she felt i
t did not go far enough in those attacks. Wallan told KMED talk show host Bill Meyer that OFF’s Kevin Starrett “did not understand the bill.”  We reached out to Wallan to find out what she knows that almost every other Republican in the House does not.  The only House Republicans who voted for this monstrosity were Charlie Conrad, who has become a reliable vote for Democrats and Kevin Mannix who has a quarter century history of supporting gun control.  Oddly, we have not heard back from Wallan.

The Lane County Republicans, showing backbone rare in party politics, are calling for the resignation of Charlie Conrad. You can fully expect the House Republicans to rush to this fraud’s defense.

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Gun Ban Passes House.Republicans Help

                                            “Dr” Lisa Reynolds


HB 2005 passed as expected today in the Oregon House.

Also as expected, the sponsor and carrier of the bill began her floor speech with a string of lies. It is the way of the elected Democrats.

House Rep Lisa Reynolds, who claims to be a pediatrician, said that 120 people are killed “by guns” every day. They were killed by guns, not people.

She went on to laud the ability of schools to ban licensed handgun possession. Because it’s so important to allow local control. Keep in mind, Reynolds and her fellow leftists are the same people who have been stripping school boards of their rights to choose their superintendents and curriculum.

Her outrageous lies continued with the absurd assertion that she had “engaged with gun owners and retailers”.  One thing you can say about Democrats, they are totally free of shame.

Of course, she trotted out the same old false statistics about firearms being the main cause of death of “children.”  This nonsensical and misleading narrative was parroted by Rep Travis Nelson who is incapable of beginning a floor speech without reminding people that he is “a black man from a black mother and a black community.” He also usually reminds people that he is gay, for no reason anyone can fathom.

Nelson justified this attack on law abiding gun owners by commenting on the high rate of “gun violence” against black people while never mentioning that the overwhelming number of black victims of gun violence are victims of black criminals. An unintended oversight we assume.

Anti-gun extremist Paul Evans followed by claiming he “owned many guns.”  Evans once penned a lengthy article for “Blue Oregon” outlining his long term plans to restrict guns to private citizen.

In what can only be called “twisted” Evans claimed (in an effort to justify 2005’s attack on young adults) that people under twenty one “sometimes” make bad decisions. He pointed out that Oregon restricts persons under 21 from alcohol and pot use but it was only yesterday that Evans voted to allow 15 year olds to have their genitals and breasts removed and 10 year olds the right to have abortions without their parent’s knowledge or permission.

Evans went on to repeat his disgraceful fraud that somehow restricting CHL holders was a guarantee that the state would not demand more restrictions in the future.

While the Republicans made the anticipated speeches in opposition to this latest unconstitutional attack on rights and common sense they, once again, showed up on the floor. And by being there they helped the Democrats ram through this dangerous, cynical, and deceitful law.

Rep. Ed Diehl said “vote against this bill or see us in court.”

Republican House Rep Mark Owens said the law was unconstitutional and would be challenged. He said that he and his colleagues would “support” those lawsuits.  Given the almost total lack of support from his colleagues in the current lawsuits, his claim is, to say the least, dubious. Lawsuits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Elected officials doing their job and fighting for the people who elected them is priceless.

The bill now goes directly to the Senate, bypassing a Senate policy committee and the public’s rights to have input at a public hearing.

The Oregon House Republicans have engaged in legislative theatrics. They knew before they stepped foot on the House Floor that all their speeches and maneuvers were for show. Their presence on the floor guaranteed HB 2005’s passage.

The bill now is in the hands of the Senate. That’s the last chance to stop the Democrats assault on your safety, your rights, and the Oregon and US Constitutions.  The Senate Republicans can stop this.  The ball is in their court.

We have one last chance.House Republican Leader Vikki Breese Iverson, who used her husband, political consultant Bryan Iverson, to attack us during the last election and then asked our PAC for a donation, has been a complete failure, refusing to lead, much like her predecessor and mentor Christine Drazan.

Tim Knopp is the Senate Republican Leader.  Knopp famously refused to join other Republicans in a past walk out, preferring to stay behind to help the Democrats.  If he and his caucus do not stand up, they will have passed HB 2005 no matter how they vote.

Remind him why he was hired.

Tim Knopp

The good news?  Secretary of State Shemia Fagan resigned today. In her resignation she said “While I am confident that the ethics investigation will show that I followed the state’s legal and ethical guidelines in trying to make ends meet for my family, it is clear that my actions have become a distraction from the important and critical work of the Secretary of State’s office.”

Then, as is her custom, she added this completely irrelevant and narcissistic footnote to her press release:

About Secretary Shemia Fagan

Pronunciation: shuh-MEE-uh (rhymes with “Maria”) FAY-gen (rhymes with“Megan”)

Shemia Fagan is Oregon’s 28th Secretary of State. She grew up in small Oregon towns, Dufur and The Dalles, and was raised by her single dad and two older brothers. …She stays busy keeping up with her young children, teaching her dog not to jump on people and being a fanatic for women’s basketball.”

Fagan cancelled her contract with the shady dope dealers she was getting greased by and she no longer has a license to practice law. It’s not clear what her current skill set prepares her to do to “make ends meet” for her family.  But we are confident she will use the right pronouns.

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One Step Up… Two Steps Back.

Gun owners had a few brief hours of elation after the release of the Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs Bruen.

They were quickly whipsawed back to reality mere hours later when the Senate passed sweeping new gun restrictions.  The US House joined the Senate the following day to send the legislation to Joe Biden for his signature.

The left immediately, and predictably, lost its collective mind and declared the ruling the end of the world. It was only the decision on Roe v Wade, released the following day, that distracted them from their hyperbolic hyperventilating on guns and how blood would run in the streets.

(They quickly promised that indeed, blood would run in the streets.)

The new attack on gun rights is S 2938.  The bill was cheered by Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer as a victory, but, as he has been saying for about 40 years, is only a “first step.”

Republican Senator John Cornyn, one of the masterminds behind this latest attack on your rights and the US Constitution would have cheered the passage of the bill, but his lips were glued to Schumer’s backside and hence he was silenced.

Once again, Republicans have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. At a time when the Democrats are panicking about coming elections because their policies have America teetering on the brink of total destruction, the Republicans throw them a life line and spit in the face of the people who elected them.

It’s as predictable as congressional sex scandals. 

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called the bill a victory and claimed it protected the 2nd Amendment. Clearly the Senate bar is still open and free.

The bill bribes states to impose unconstitutional, “pre-crime” red flag laws which, in spite of the flaccid assurances to the contrary, will be misused against people who have committed no crime.

It further complicates failed background checks. In Oregon, the State Police, who are tasked with conducting background checks, do such an abysmal job that many have come to conclude it is the single role of OSP to prevent law abiding people from legally obtaining guns.

The bill also creates new obstacles for 18-20 year olds when trying to purchase firearms.

It adds new and confusing regulations on who must now obtain an FFL.

That’s what the Democrats got. In exchange for their fealty, the Republicans, and America’s gun owners got… nothing.  Another brilliant deal expertly negotiated by the brain trusts wearing the Republican Jersey.

But at least gun owners got some good news in the Supreme Court decision on gun rights. Right?

Well SCOTUS did strike down one element of New York’s arcane, byzantine, elitist, and incomprehensible pistol license law.

They said New York’s rule that licenses to carry would only be granted to those who could successfully bribe a NYPD official was unconstitutional.

In the brief moments before the next day’s Roe v Wade decision was made public, the taking heads and idiot politicians were calling the ruling “seismic” and predicting that it would have unimaginable effects on gun laws in many states.

Tina Kotek, the Democrat candidate for Oregon Governor, was apoplectic. 

“Just weeks after 19 children were murdered in an elementary school in Texas, the Trump-dominated Supreme Court has issued a ruling that will increase the number of guns on the streets in cities and towns across the country. It will make communities less safe.”

Her comments were bizarre even for her. According to Kotek, the ruling will “make communities less safe” by requiring New York to have concealed handgun license laws that are more like…Portland’s.

While the two other “leading” candidates for governor, both of whom have pretended to be “pro-gun,” did weigh in on the abortion ruling, they were nowhere to be found on the SCOTUS decision about firearms.



New York’s Governor immediately promised to do all she could to undermine the ruling by crafting legislation that would create insurmountable obstacles to getting a permit in New York, or to put it another way, continuing to do what they are doing now.

New York’s mayor declared that his town was not the “wild, wild west.”

“We’re still analyzing the bill, but it’s clear New Yorkers and Americans are unsafe due to gun violence because of that ruling,” he said.

Oh. It’s because of “that bill.”  It wasn’t a “bill”  but in deference to his limited attention span we’ll let that go.

But he wasn’t finished.

“When you are in an environment such as New York City — highly densely populated, 8.8 million people — simple disputes can elevate into gunplay.”

Yes we know. That was actually known to happen before the court’s ruling. From time to time.

State and city overlords are seeking to turn as many places as possible into “sensitive locations” where they hope to ban concealed carry, within a thousand feet.

That would include government buildings, schools, bars, libraries, restaurants and even cemeteries, which across the country have regularly been the scene of shoot-outs between people with concealed handgun licenses. Of course, they also want the subways to be off limits. Because we certainly don’t want people to be fearful in now bucolic NY subways.

While certainly welcomed, if for no other reason then to watch the earth-scorching melt down of the leftist bed wetters, gun owners should not consider this court ruling a massive victory.  The courts made it clear that states can still keep a long list of restrictions on concealed carry licenses.  The decision essentially validates the entire concept of prior restraint on a fundamental right.

While the court  commented on the fact that no other right comes with a requirement for prior government approval, its validation of the permit process undermines the very concept they promoted in the ruling.

And by making clear that impediments like training requirements, fees and “sensitive location” restrictions were allowed, they created a road map for tyrants, like the governors of New York and New Jersey, to continue to make the right of self defense unattainable by most people.

If the state says a permit is $1000.00 a month, requires 100 hours of training by police and live fire, in a city where that is all but impossible, the court’s ruling will have little practical effect on the disarmed and endangered serfs of New York. 

Here are the Senators who sold out.

  1. Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
  2. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC)
  3. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)
  4. Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)
  5. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
  6. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)
  7. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)
  8. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
  9. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
  10. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
  11. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)
  12. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)
  13. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC)
  14. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)
  15. Sen. Todd Young (R-IN)
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It’s Show Time. And Time Is Running Out.



As you probably know, a “special session” of the Oregon Legislature has been called for Monday, Dec 13th.

Democrats are claiming that this session will be used to address their botched attempts to provide rent payments for Oregonians who were put out of work by the Governor’s shut down of much of Oregon’s economy through lockdowns.

As with most programs run by Oregon, the rent relief program failed miserably. Even some people who actually got taxpayer-funded checks found out they were bad due to yet another scew-up by another Oregon agency. Oregonians depending on the state are once again learning the joys of socialism.

Proposed legislation for the special session should start appearing soon on OLIS, Oregon’s legislative information service.

But keep in mind, that information is not always accurate or up to date. We have no way of knowing what other bills the Democrats have up their sleeves. We also have no way of knowing what response the Republicans will have to any additional attempts to attack your liberties.

As they did last session, the Republicans have the ability to control the agenda by refusing to participate in any more efforts to steer Oregon off a cliff.  But if the past is prologue, it’s more likely they will simply cave to whatever the Dems ram through.  We continue to hope they prove us wrong.

Irrespective of what happens this “special” session, you still have a few more days to make what could be a free donation to support gun rights.

Donations to Oregon Firearms Political Action Committee still qualify for a tax CREDIT for most people.

But we must receive them BEFORE the end of the year. And time is running out.  Please remember that a postmark or date on a check does not count. If we have not received the donation by December 31st, it will not qualify for the 2021 tax credit.

There may still time to donate by mail but just barely.

If you prefer to do so, checks to OFFPAC can be sent to PO Box 556 Canby OR 97013.

A safer and surer way would be an online donation here.  Be sure to specify the PAC if you want the tax credit.

For all those who have already donated, we want to extend a sincere thank you.

We’ll be watching the special session and keeping you informed.

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Goodbye Columbus


Goodbye Columbus

Celebrating Columbus Day has often brought reminders of pain and suffering experienced by native people. By dedicating this new state holiday, Oregonians will be encouraged to learn, grow and celebrate our state’s native communities.

Voting yes:
Boshart Davis
Smith DB
Smith G

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Portland Peaceful Protests Remain Violent



Oregon’s Marxist revolution continues with one more night of extremely violent peacefulprotests. (Yes, that is one word now.)

Peacefulprotest Portland



The mainstream media is now providing health tips if you plan to riot at a peacefulprotest.

KGW TV reached out to a “Doctor” Bhuyan for this advice:

“For most people, they are able to go to protests safely as long as they are wearing a mask”

KGW suggested the following items to bring along for your next looting spree.

  • A face mask – to protect from COVID-19 and from tear gas and pepper spray
  • Water – to stay hydrated and use to flush out tear gas
  • Snacks – you may be out for many hours

Most of Oregon’s Democrat legislators have signed a letter demanding that Federal agents stop interfering with the Portland Looters nightly shopping and vandalizing sprees. Apparently Senator Floyd Prozanski missed the memo and, after no doubt being dragged before a tribunal, atoned for his transgression with his own clownish demands.

Today the mayor of Portland, in a televised press conference,  expressed his hope that the chaos would continue for years and said that what Portland was facing was a “trial by fire” (he was right about that) and that the madness the city faced was “messy” but so important for our “democracy.”

Peaceful protesters redecorate


While countless rioters have been live streaming the riots on social media, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the Portland Police for….live streaming the riots.

And now looters who are arrested are given permission to go out and riot again while awaiting trial, since to deny them that right would be to violate the first amendment .

But when Mike Strickland was arrested for protecting himself from a violent mob of “Black Lives Matter” thugs, the court forbade him from being at, or videotaping, any public event.

Nora Benavidez, a spokeswoman from PEN America, a nonprofit organization that celebrates literature and free expression, said any restrictions “forcing First Amendment-abiding protesters to sign away their right to demonstrate to be released” were “gross violations” of free speech and assembly.”

“First Amendment abiding protesters.”   The first amendment is for rioters. Not people who videotape rioters.

Meanwhile, as virtually all of the media, and anyone who can get on TV, keeps pretending that the riots are the actions of a tiny group of trouble makers in a sea of peaceful social justice warriors, the Marxist revolutionaries who are burning down cities from coast to coast have made no secret that the shills who pretend to be “peaceful” are all part of the act.

From their own words:

Peaceful Protestors

The non-violent tactics of peaceful protesters served two familiar aims and one unusual one:They created a spectacle of legitimacy, which was intensified as police violence escalated.

They created a front line that blocked police attempts to advance when they deployed outside of the Precinct.

To no one’s surprise, the gun grab crowd has joined the fun.

Gun ban activist “pastor” Mark Knutson appeared behind a Marxist revolutionary calling for the “end of America” bobbing his head in agreement while wearing a pray shawl.

Bloomberg shill, Shannon Watts, has cheered on the Marxist revolution and aligned her well funded anti-rights group “Moms Demand Action” with the rioters.

The chair of the committee seeking to completely hamstring police, Jannelle Bynum, had this to say to about her children:

I am showing them the way of non-violent protest against oppression and government overreach. I am teaching them the true meaning of good trouble, necessary trouble.”

Bynum has had exactly nothing to say about the recent spate of blacks killed in Portland by other blacks. That would be “bad trouble.”

During the hearings Bynum regularly extends the allotted time to anyone promoting the violence while often shutting down anyone who speaks against or even questions some of the provisions in the pending legislation.

Sadly, one of the best sources for “free” fine dining for looters had to close down when they had collected enough money in donations to make it profitable to reassess the wisdom of spending all that money on food.

“The organization had just transferred leadership to Don’t Shoot Portland, a nonprofit community activism group led by Teressa Raiford. The Portland Mercury first reported the news. In the tweet announcing their dissolution, Riot Ribs said they still plan to give back all the money they’ve raised to the community, but didn’t immediately specify how the money would be spent.”

“We ensure you that Portland will continue to be fed,” says Beans. “Food is a human right.”

Well. Maybe not.

We look forward to an announcement of how that 300k will be used to crush white supremacy. Yup. Really.


It is safe to assume that the “unrest” and damage caused by the peacefulprotests will be used as cover for new, draconian gun restrictions. Please be prepared.










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ANTIFA Bake Sales And Fascists Everywhere.


Yesterday we told you about hearings scheduled for the Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform.”

We were openly skeptical that this committee would be addressing “police reforms” in anything resembling an unbiased fashion.

If anything, that prediction grossly underestimated how extreme the bias would be.

It’s difficult to describe the hearing without sounding like we’re exaggerating so we suggest you consider listening to it yourself.

But if you don’t have the time (or the stomach) for it, here are the highlights.

Dr. Alisha R. Moreland-Capuia, M.D., (Executive Director, Avel Gordly Center for Healing; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University) explained that we need a “cultural shift” and “ongoing training” and then, after expressing astonishment that her time was up, asked for more time and then said the committee “wasn’t going to get everything for free” and suggested people buy her book for more answers.

Michael German (Fellow, Liberty & National Security, Brennan Center for Justice) said Since 2000, law enforcement officials with alleged connections to white supremacy or other far-right militant activities have been exposed…”

Now “allegations” by unnamed accusers are as good as convictions.

His testimony also included this: “It is important to acknowledge that our nation was founded on white supremacy. It was the driving ideology that motivated European colonization of North America, the subjugation of Native Americans, and the enslavement of kidnapped Africans.”

No mention was made of Native American’s enslavement of kidnapped Africans.

You can see more of German’s testimony here.

But for sheer gut wrenching inanity little could compare with the bizarre testimony of Dr. Stanislav Vyostsky, (Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology, University of Wisconsin -Whitewater)

You can see it here and here.

Vyostsky may as well be the propaganda arm of ANTIFA, which he describes this way: “I describe antifa as a decentralized collection of individual activists who mostly use nonviolent methods to achieve their ends.”

He also says:

Antifascists organize social events such as movie screenings, concerts, and even art shows in order to network, spread their message, or fundraise.”

We’re wondering when the first bake sale will be.

According to Vyostsky, ANTIFA is a well intentioned group formed only to stop the spread of fascism, which is everywhere.

Their “confrontational” tactics are only in response to the dangerous and widespread violence of “fascists” who are “driven by an ideology that ascribes innate biological and social differences between people and enforces them through violence.”

To be clear,  Vyostsky is ascribing the violence to “fascists” not the mobs who are nightly destroying our cities and shooting motorists who try to pass roads and highways blocked by ANTIFA. Of course, he managed to lump gun owners in with the ubiquitous and growing scourge of “fascists.”

Dr Jules Boykoff (Chair, Politics & Government Department, Pacific University) , described the average protest as “warm, inviting events” , said that vandalism and violence are not the same thing, and noted that the riots we are experiencing are the signs of a healthy democracy.

As you can imagine, no one who thought that burning buildings, destroying statues and shooting motorists was a bad idea was given the opportunity to testify.

The deck was stacked. And this was just the first hearing.

The daily chaos we are experiencing is directly effecting gun owners and people attempting to acquire firearms. In addition to the extensive delays for “background checks” many firearms are now in short supply and we are hearing more and more reports of shortages of ammo.

It is disturbing that the Democrats in our legislature are making every effort to normalize the rioting and looting and ignoring the dangers faced daily by Oregonians, many of whom are having great difficulty acquiring the means to keep themselves and their families safe.








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A Clear Choice.

The election results are in.


Once again, the Republicans have nominated several candidates who strongly embrace liberal Democrat values.

In HD 14, the Republican House nominee is Richard Cunningham who proudly identifies as an anti gun, Hillary Clinton supporter. His opponent in the race was Alison Rhodes, a strong supporter of gun rights.

In House District 20, liberal gun grabber Selma Pierce narrowly defeated pro-gun Kevin Chambers.

Once again, the Republican Party allowed candidates to run under their banner who either stand for the principles of the other side or who can hardly be taken seriously.

In the Second Congressional district, liberal gun grabber Knute Buehler reinvented himself as a conservative supporter of gun rights and devotee of Donald Trump, whom he attacked regularly when he was running as a liberal for Governor.

Fortunately he was running against several real conservatives and was defeated by Cliff Bentz. Unfortunately he scored enough votes to demonstrate that with the Republican name in your ads, you really can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time. His inexplicable “B+” rating from the NRA probably contributed to the confusion.

As long as it continues to be the policy of the Republican Party to allow anyone to run as a “Republican” irrespective of their policies or even their fitness for office, we will continue to get candidates whose presence on the ballot can only be described as an embarrassment .

The Republican nominee for Attorney General is not only not an attorney, he did not even appear in the voter’s guide. Had you attempted to contribute to his campaign you would have found a link to PayPal that informs you that “The receiver doesn’t have a valid PayPal account.”  Maybe the party can help him correct that before the general election.

Kim Thatcher

There were bright spots. But perhaps the brightest was the nomination of Kim Thatcher for Secretary of State.

Thatcher is without doubt one of the shining stars of the Oregon legislature. In her tenures in the Oregon House and Senate, Thatcher has consistently demonstrated a commitment to constitutional liberties and an unflinching dedication to the Second Amendment. Few legislators have sponsored as many pro-gun bills as Kim. But, just as importantly, she has always taken principled stands with grace, dignity and character. And, given who her Democrat opponent will be, this race will certainly provide a striking contrast.

The Democrat nominee for Secretary of State won, as many ultra leftist’s do. At the last minute, after it appeared her less radical opponent, Mark Hass, had won.

To describe her as a contrast to Kim Thatcher would be to redefine the term “understatement”.

While Thatcher is thoughtful and statesman like, Shemia Fagan is angry, volatile and rude. She wears her hatred for gun owners on her sleeve and was completely bankrolled by Oregon’s public employees unions.

The fact that the public employees own her was not lost even on Willamette Week, which typically can not find a candidate far enough to the left for their liking. During their endorsement process they wrote:

“The way Fagan entered the race, however, raises questions about how she would govern. She filed late, at the end of February, deciding to run only after former state Rep. Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland) dropped out on the eve of a WW story about her misuse of campaign funds.

Public employee unions went looking for a replacement for Williamson and found Fagan. When asked why public employee unions didn’t like Hass in WW’s endorsement interview, Fagan was uncharacteristically reticent. She would only say she was a longtime ally of labor.

To be sure, Fagan has the seal of approval from the left wing of her party, groups that often work in concert to achieve the greatest effect. She has the pro-choice forces and environmental lobby on her side. But two-thirds of the $175,000 in her campaign coffers so far come from the three major public employee unions. If she’s reluctant to be forthright about why she and not others was the recipient of such generosity, it calls into question her willingness to challenge public employees when she’s handed the authority to audit the state’s books.”


Even  far-left legislator Alissa Keny-Guyer was so offended by Fagan’s deceitful campaign tactics she distanced herself from Fagan saying “But I’ve been dismayed at the tactics used in your campaign, ESPECIALLY for someone running for a position overseeing election integrity and campaign finance.”


Shemia Fagan


Rarely have Oregon voters had a clearer choice for candidates. But this race is more than a choice between integrity and vulgarity, between principles and political payoffs. Remember, the Secretary of State is next in line if the governor leaves office. You will recall that is how we got saddled with Kate Brown in the first place.  If Brown were to be removed from office, as her predecessor was, the Secretary of State would be our new governor.

We have seen the power governors have in Oregon. Kate Brown, one of the most unpopular governors in America, who has built a career on being appointed to jobs she was not elected to, has proven how one person can crush an entire economy and enforce her dangerous will on the people.

If Shemia Fagan were to become the next Governor of Oregon, rest assured you would be reminiscing fondly for the days of Kate Brown.

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House Rep Bill Post has been removed from the House Judiciary Committee. Post is one of the most committed pro-gun legislators in Oregon history. House Speaker Tina Kotek removed Post from the committee (the one that hears gun bills) for the crime of tweeting pro-gun messages on his Twitter account.

The Bloomberg funded anti-rights extremists considered his messages threats from “armed hate groups.” You simply cannot make up something that absurd.

This is a raw abuse of power at at time when the Democrats in the legislature are acting like abusive bullies and trying to make sure their behavior is concealed.

Please take a moment to contact Tina Kotek and express your outrage at these abuses.

Take action here. 

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“Republican” Introduces “Bump-Stock” Ban


House Rep Cheri Helt,  (R. District 54) rated “F” by Oregon Firearms Federation, has demonstrated her predictable ignorance and introduced a “bump-stock” ban.

You can see her proposed legislation here.

Use or transfer of a “bump-stock” will result in a $2000.00 fine.

The bill says : “Bump-fire stock” means a buttstock designed to be attached to a semiautomatic firearm with the effect of increasing the rate of fire achievable by the semiautomatic firearm to that of a fully automatic firearm by using the energy from the recoil of the firearm to generate reciprocating action that facilitates repeated activation of the trigger.”

Whatever you think of bump-stocks, any knowledgable gun owner knows that you can “bump-fire” a rifle with no modifications. And a skilled person can fire, with an unmodified gun, about as quickly as with a bump stock.

So will Helt be fining people for having good reflexes?

This pointless legislation is just one more attack on gun owners and accomplishes nothing but create another avenue for the state to get into your pocket.

It’s tiresome that legislators feel the need to write laws about things they don’t understand just to amp up their political correctness street cred.

Please sent Helt a message that you oppose this pointless waste of time and attempt to deprive law abiding Oregonians of their rights and property.