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Yup.. this will work…

California Assemblyman Jim Cooper (D–Elk Grove) has introduced a bill that would impose a new excise tax of an unspecific amount on the sales of guns and ammunition…

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The New Culture Of Sexual Harassment In Our State’s Capitol

10.27.17 As you no doubt know, pro-gun Republican Senator Jeff Kruse was recently stripped of all his committee assignments by anti-gun Democrat Senate President Peter Courtney. For those who may not be too familiar with how our legislature operates, this punishment essentially makes Kruse incapable of having any influence on legislation, a job voters in […]

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State Police Confirm Blocking Transfers

  07.03.17 The Oregon State Police have confirmed that they are “delaying” all sales of “Shockwave” and “Tac-14” shotguns  firearms. It appears this new policy started on Friday. They said they are awaiting a decision from the Department of Justice on whether these firearms are “legal” under Oregon law. ATF has already determined that these […]

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Call To Action

03.23.17 On March 22nd, we asked you to contact House Rep Brad Witt to express your concerns with his House Joint Resolution 13. As many of you who contacted him know, Rep Witt has heard your concerns and agrees that in its current form, HJR 13 is overly broad and could well create situations Witt […]

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Pro-Gun Journalist Faces Felony Counts For Defending Himself

UPDATE. ON FEB. 10 after allowing a last minute “ambush” witness (Gresham cop Ryan Rasmussen) who was not even at the event, to testify against Strickland, “Judge” Thomas Ryan found  Mike guilty on all 21 counts.  He is awaiting sentencing. When journalist and Second Amendment activist Mike Strickland was attacked by a large and dangerous […]

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The Controlled Demolition of Truth and Common Sense.

6.15.16 In the wake of the Orlando massacre, liberal politicians, sycophant Republican “leaders,” and the mindless parrots in the media churned up their predictable demands that law abiding people be disarmed. As always, they got almost all the “facts” wrong. Although this case becomes more bizarre with each passing day, the left and their willing […]

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A Mental Health Professional Looks At Mental Illness And Guns

January 2016 Matt Millican has an MA in Counseling Psychology. He has been studying and working with offender issues in forensic mental health since 2008 and has been heavily focused on sex offender treatment and issues. He currently works in private practice rehabilitating domestic violence offenders out of Canyon County Idaho. Given the recent attempts […]

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Representative Bill Post

Republican’s Response Vs Democrat’s Response

January 2016 As the Oregon State Police ID unit continues to stonewall, delay, and harass gun buyers,(no doubt at the direction of Kate Brown) it is interesting to see how this problem is handled by our elected officials. We recently heard from a gentleman who was delayed on a firearms purchase. This is not unusual. […]

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The Death Of The Gun Lobby

9.16.15 Today, in numerous places, a story by Associated Press reporter, Jonathan Cooper, appeared about the “turning tide” of gun control. Some quotes follow: “It’s long been conventional wisdom that fighting for gun control is a good way to end a politician’s career.But advocates of tighter gun laws are pointing to a pair of victories […]

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