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Senate Standing Firm

Today once again, the only Republican Senators to show up for the circus in Salem were Dick Anderson and David Brock Smith.
All other Republican Senators have refused to be there to promote the Marxist agenda of the Democrats.
Senator Janeen Sollman extended  “courtesies” to… herself, for being on the cover of a magazine with Republican Senator Lynn Findley.

Meanwhile, over on the House side, the Republicans dutifully showed up to, not only help pass Democrat bills, they once again expedited them by having Kim Wallan move to suspend the rules so the bills would not have to be read in their entirety  and could be voted on with just the summaries being read.  This saves time for the Democrats in their pursuit of a complete destruction of our state.
Democrat Senator Sara Gelser rose today on the Senate floor to thank the House for their efforts passing Democrat bills. The Republicans were, of course, included in her thanks.
By the way,  House Rep Kim Wallan voted against the dangerous “paramilitary” bill  not because it was an outrageous attack on Oregonian’s rights to self defense, but because she felt i
t did not go far enough in those attacks. Wallan told KMED talk show host Bill Meyer that OFF’s Kevin Starrett “did not understand the bill.”  We reached out to Wallan to find out what she knows that almost every other Republican in the House does not.  The only House Republicans who voted for this monstrosity were Charlie Conrad, who has become a reliable vote for Democrats and Kevin Mannix who has a quarter century history of supporting gun control.  Oddly, we have not heard back from Wallan.

The Lane County Republicans, showing backbone rare in party politics, are calling for the resignation of Charlie Conrad. You can fully expect the House Republicans to rush to this fraud’s defense.