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Portland Peaceful Protests Remain Violent



Oregon’s Marxist revolution continues with one more night of extremely violent peacefulprotests. (Yes, that is one word now.)

Peacefulprotest Portland



The mainstream media is now providing health tips if you plan to riot at a peacefulprotest.

KGW TV reached out to a “Doctor” Bhuyan for this advice:

“For most people, they are able to go to protests safely as long as they are wearing a mask”

KGW suggested the following items to bring along for your next looting spree.

  • A face mask – to protect from COVID-19 and from tear gas and pepper spray
  • Water – to stay hydrated and use to flush out tear gas
  • Snacks – you may be out for many hours

Most of Oregon’s Democrat legislators have signed a letter demanding that Federal agents stop interfering with the Portland Looters nightly shopping and vandalizing sprees. Apparently Senator Floyd Prozanski missed the memo and, after no doubt being dragged before a tribunal, atoned for his transgression with his own clownish demands.

Today the mayor of Portland, in a televised press conference,  expressed his hope that the chaos would continue for years and said that what Portland was facing was a “trial by fire” (he was right about that) and that the madness the city faced was “messy” but so important for our “democracy.”

Peaceful protesters redecorate


While countless rioters have been live streaming the riots on social media, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the Portland Police for….live streaming the riots.

And now looters who are arrested are given permission to go out and riot again while awaiting trial, since to deny them that right would be to violate the first amendment .

But when Mike Strickland was arrested for protecting himself from a violent mob of “Black Lives Matter” thugs, the court forbade him from being at, or videotaping, any public event.

Nora Benavidez, a spokeswoman from PEN America, a nonprofit organization that celebrates literature and free expression, said any restrictions “forcing First Amendment-abiding protesters to sign away their right to demonstrate to be released” were “gross violations” of free speech and assembly.”

“First Amendment abiding protesters.”   The first amendment is for rioters. Not people who videotape rioters.

Meanwhile, as virtually all of the media, and anyone who can get on TV, keeps pretending that the riots are the actions of a tiny group of trouble makers in a sea of peaceful social justice warriors, the Marxist revolutionaries who are burning down cities from coast to coast have made no secret that the shills who pretend to be “peaceful” are all part of the act.

From their own words:

Peaceful Protestors

The non-violent tactics of peaceful protesters served two familiar aims and one unusual one:They created a spectacle of legitimacy, which was intensified as police violence escalated.

They created a front line that blocked police attempts to advance when they deployed outside of the Precinct.

To no one’s surprise, the gun grab crowd has joined the fun.

Gun ban activist “pastor” Mark Knutson appeared behind a Marxist revolutionary calling for the “end of America” bobbing his head in agreement while wearing a pray shawl.

Bloomberg shill, Shannon Watts, has cheered on the Marxist revolution and aligned her well funded anti-rights group “Moms Demand Action” with the rioters.

The chair of the committee seeking to completely hamstring police, Jannelle Bynum, had this to say to about her children:

I am showing them the way of non-violent protest against oppression and government overreach. I am teaching them the true meaning of good trouble, necessary trouble.”

Bynum has had exactly nothing to say about the recent spate of blacks killed in Portland by other blacks. That would be “bad trouble.”

During the hearings Bynum regularly extends the allotted time to anyone promoting the violence while often shutting down anyone who speaks against or even questions some of the provisions in the pending legislation.

Sadly, one of the best sources for “free” fine dining for looters had to close down when they had collected enough money in donations to make it profitable to reassess the wisdom of spending all that money on food.

“The organization had just transferred leadership to Don’t Shoot Portland, a nonprofit community activism group led by Teressa Raiford. The Portland Mercury first reported the news. In the tweet announcing their dissolution, Riot Ribs said they still plan to give back all the money they’ve raised to the community, but didn’t immediately specify how the money would be spent.”

“We ensure you that Portland will continue to be fed,” says Beans. “Food is a human right.”

Well. Maybe not.

We look forward to an announcement of how that 300k will be used to crush white supremacy. Yup. Really.


It is safe to assume that the “unrest” and damage caused by the peacefulprotests will be used as cover for new, draconian gun restrictions. Please be prepared.