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Anti-Gun Bill Postponed Again Till Monday


HB 4147, Jennifer Williamson’s attack on victims of domestic violence was scheduled for a vote on the House Floor today after being bumped off yesterday’s schedule.

The bill is now scheduled to be heard Monday. That gives us a few more days to keep up the pressure.  If this dangerous bill passes, the most vulnerable members of our community, victims of stalkers, predators and domestic abusers, will be forced into an even worse system than the one they suffer with now. A woman who fears for the safety of herself and her children will be told she has to wait at least ten days to get a self defense firearm but she could be denied indefinitely if she cannot find a sympathetic gun dealer.

This time delay could be a death sentence.

Please use the automailer below to send a message to the legislature to vote NO on this terrible bill. A copy of the message follows:

Dear Legislator:

I hope I can count on you to protect the victims of domestic violence. If HB 4147 passes, women who are in danger from stalkers and domestic predators will be at the mercy of a flawed system that can literally deny them protection forever.

Currently, gun dealers have the option, but not the requirement, to provide a life saving firearm to a domestic violence victim after three days if the OSP background check fails. The sponsor of this bill has testified that the check provides false delays 95% of the time!

This is dangerous and unacceptable and puts the most vulnerable at great risk. Extending that delay achieves nothing but creating more fear for people who have nothing to protect themselves but a paper restraining order.  Please don’t buy into the misleading narrative that these victims can simply “borrow a gun from a friend.”  Very few people have friends willing to lend them a firearm especially now with the vague and confusing language of SB 941, which puts all gun owners at risk. Gun dealers should have to option of transferring a firearm to a person they know. Protect victims of domestic violence, vote NO on HB 4147.