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Anti-Gun Bill Moved To Tomorrow


The Oregon House did NOT vote on HB 4147 today.

The entire day was spent debating the Democrat’s minimum wage increase with a short break  for some leftist protestors who disrupted proceedings in both Houses.

HB 4147 has been moved to tomorrow’s schedule.

The Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Jeff Barker, who was the deciding vote on not only passing HB 4147 out of committee, but also was responsible for killing an amendment that would have protected victims of domestic violence, assigned the bill’s chief sponsor, Jennifer Williamson to “carry” the bill on the House floor.  Although Barker (who has a history of being supportive of gun rights )  told one reporter that he might vote against the bill on the floor, after voting for it in committee,  Barker is now carrying the bill along with co-carrier Lew Fredrick. 

These are strange bedfellows since Barker was a police officer and Lew Fredrick has made a career of introducing anti-police bills. 

If it passes in the House tomorrow, it will be sent over to the Senate.  Because of deadlines it probably will NOT be assigned to Senate Judiciary, instead it will probably go to the Senate Rules Committee.

The Senate will announce tomorrow that they are going to one hour notice for hearings, which will effectively cut out almost all voter input into this bill since there will be almost no way for the average person to be in Salem in time to testify.

Please contact all members of the Legislature to voice your opposition. You can still use our autodialer at the bottom of this alert.

Also please consider contacting all members of the Rules Committee to express your opposition. One member of the committee, Brian Boquist, has long been a staunch supporter of gun rights.

Tragically, Senator Boquist’s son passed away on Tuesday.  Out of respect for Senator Boquist’s long support for our rights and his loss, we ask that you not contact his office. He is on our side and does not need to hear from us.

On a positive note, today we received a resolution from Linn County opposing HB 4147