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Eric Holder, The New Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

Eric Holder was confirmed as the new US Attorney General today.

Holder is a vicious anti-gun partisan and a person who was happy to trade presidential pardons for some cold cash, or hoped for votes, to the Clintons.

This man will now be in charge of prosecuting gun owners.

Senator Leahy, a Vermont Democrat,made this astonishing comment:

“That strong, bipartisan vote in favor was a statement that members from both sides of the aisle recognize that Mr. Holder has the character, integrity and independence to be Attorney General,It is a statement that we all want to restore the integrity and competence of the Justice Department and to restore another critical component — the American people’s confidence in federal law enforcement.”

Every Democrat Senator and 17 Republicans voted in favor of turning over the Justice Department to a man who expedited “get out of jail free” cards to anyone with the loot to grease the Clinton machine and defended the murders of the Branch Davidians and the abduction of Elian Gonzalez.  Welcome to “integrity Obama style.”

The Clinton machine is back. Bring cash.

Both Oregon Senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley signed onto Holder’s confirmation.The entire vote count can be seen here.