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01.29.09 HOLDER CONFIRMED BY Committee.


The confirmation of Eric Holder to be the chief law enforcement officer of America is profoundly disturbing.

His record of believing that Americans have no right to own a firearm, and his defense of such actions as the killing of the Branch Davidians, should make every gun owner, and every citizen, very fearful.

His history of exchanging pardons for payoffs should outrage every American. But unfortunately, few American Senators are concerned about standards. On the committee that approved Holder’s confirmation, only Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK) and John Cornyn (R-TX) voted against him.

He now has the public and vocal support of Arlen Specter and Orin Hatch. The NRA will not oppose his nomination and will not use this confirmation vote when it rates Senators.

This train is most certainly rolling.

Oregon now has two anti-gun senators. Ron Wyden’s antipathy towards guns and gun owners is legendary. Jeff Merkley has yet to amass a record as egregious as Wyden’s but has shown no interest in bucking his party’s line.There is little likelihood that either Senator will oppose Holder based on the concerns of gun owners.

But Holder’s problems go well beyond his hatred for gun rights. Please take a moment to contact Wyden and Merkley and remind them that Holder is a throwback to the endless corruption of the Clinton years. Holder is certainly not “change.”

A sample message and contact info follow:


Dear Senator,

I am deeply troubled that the US Senate will soon be considering Eric Holder to be our next Attorney General.

The current administration was elected on a promise of “change.”  If enlisting beltway insiders who approved pardons for payoffs is “change” it’s change we can do without.

It makes no sense to decry the behavior of past administrations and then hire someone who is this ethically challenged. I will consider any vote for Eric Holder to be a vote against honest government.

Very truly yours,



Ron Wyden   (webform)

Jeff Merkley