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Representative Sara Gelser has introduced the first bill attacking the rights of gun owners, but her bill also attacks the rights of foster parents.

HB 2530 gives the Department of Human Services the right to dictate to foster parents how they can own firearms. In addition to being another attack against Oregon’s preemption statute, it is a slap in the face of all the Oregonians who open their homes to the state’s neediest children.

In October 2007, OFF met with legislators,staffers and bureaucrats to resolve the problem of DHS making unlawful rules for foster parents. At the time, DHS had rules so ridiculous and draconian, that a foster family could not have a toy that shot ping pong balls or marshmallows. Gelser wants to give DHS the right to create such rules again.

Because of the intercession of former House Rep. Jerry Krummel and his aide, Dawn Phillips, along with House Rep. Jeff Barker, DHS was forced to back down on its unlawful and dangerous mandates. But at the meeting was Representative Sara Gelser.

Her position then was that foster parents should not be allowed to have access to the firearms that might very well be used to save the lives of the children they had taken in.

At the meeting she was repeatedly asked to provide a single example of a foster family that had handled firearms irresponsibly. She could not provide even one.

Now she has sponsored a bill to attack the people who are stepping up to provide a home for children who would otherwise be at the mercy of the streets. This is unconscionable.

Please take a moment to contact House Speaker Dave Hunt and let him know that attacks on foster parents, at a time when we need as many foster parents as possible, are unwarranted and uncalled for.

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Dear Speaker Hunt,

Sara Gelser’s bill, HB 2530, is an insult to the people who have stepped up to care for Oregon’s most defenseless and needy children. It is hard to believe that in these times of economic crisis, the legislature would be considering  a bill that would discourage people from caring for children who desperately need a home. Please use your power as Speaker to stop HB 2530.



House Speaker Dave Hunt: