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Today the Oregon House Higher Ed Committee heard two bills dealing with concealed carry on college campuses

HB 3009, would specifically direct Oregon public colleges and Universities to obey the clear law of Oregon and not prohibit licensed concealed carry on their property.

HB 3114 would do the exact opposite. It would effectively ban license holders from protecting themselves and others while on college property.  This strategy, a proven failure, would leave anyone on those grounds defenseless to rapists and glory killers so that people who have no understanding of firearms could “feel” safe instead of be safe. It’s also an unmistakable attempt to whittle down Oregon’s “pre-emption” law by adding one more place where your rights are denied.

The committee is heavily weighted with radical anti-rights politicians including the Chairman, Michael Dembrow and Mitch Greenlick, both of whom sponsored a bill to ban virtually all modern firearms and send many law-abiding gun owners to prison for the rest of their lives if they did not turn in their guns. The bill, HB 3200, would also allow the police to invade your home with no warrant to make sure you did not own guns. (And these people call us extremists.)

We heard the usual testimony about how college students are drunks and likely to shoot up the dorms when they break up with their girlfriends.  No explanation for why these same drug addled psychopaths are not doing that now, even though it’s been legal to have guns on campus for about 40 years.

The committee heard testimony from Jeff Maxwell, the Marine Corp Vet who was arrested at Western Oregon University for having a totally legal firearm. He explained that he opposed the bill that would ban concealed carry on campus just so others would not be subjected to the outrageous abuse he suffered because of the paranoia of the anti-gun zealots.

One interesting comment was made by Penny Okamoto of Ceasefire Oregon. She said that most women who are attacked on college campuses are freshman or sophomores. Her point, apparently, was that these younger women are too young to have CHL’s so they would not be protected by allowing guns on campus.  Putting aside the fact that they would also not be allowed to be protected by other responsible people on campus, the obvious reality is, (if she is right) they are attacked because they can’t protect themselves.  The supporters of this bill would like to extend that vulnerability to everyone!
In regards to HB 3009, the bill that would protect self-defense firearms on campus, House Rep Chris Gorsek has been sending (in a display of amazing arrogance and ignorance)  this message:

“As a former police officer and a current criminal justice instructor at Mt. Hood Community College, I believe that only trained professionals should be allowed to be armed on campus for two reasons.

First, professionals will be trained in the proper response to live shooter incidents and in the proper rules of engagement.

Second, I believe that additional people carrying weapons would increase the likelihood of innocent lives being lost, whether through errant crossfire or police responding in a high danger situation and not being able to differentiate quickly enough between the original shooter and those who happen to be carrying and may have drawn their weapons in response to a threat.”

You would think he could come up with new cliché’s. In fact, while we hear these tired old lies over and over, the anti-rights zealots never provide a single example of this kind of problem actually happening.

As of now, HB 3009 and HB 3114 have not been scheduled for a “work session.” That’s when the actual vote, and any amending, takes place. However, the anti-gun bills heard last Friday are scheduled to be voted on Wednesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In addition to the anti-gun bills (SB 347,699,700 and 796) the schedule now includes SB 281.

SB 281 would allow persons suffering from post traumatic stress disorder to use medical marijuana.  The danger of this bill of course, is that veterans who took advantage of it would be at risk of losing their gun rights under Federal law. The sponsor of the bill, Senator Brian Boquist (a supporter of gun rights and veterans) offered an amendment that would let medical marijuana users know of this danger. We don’t know if this amendment will be considered. The proponents of the bill mistakenly thought this was an effort to prevent vets from taking advantage of the medical marijuana program. It was not.

There is still time to make your voice heard on these bills.

Please consider contacting the Senate Judiciary Committee members and urging them to vote against  SB 347, 699, 700 and 796.  Please also mention the unintended dangers in the medical marijuana bill, SB 281.

Thanks for your efforts and activism. You can watch these hearings live on line at this link:

The Senate Judiciary usually meets in Room 343. Their work session Wednesday is scheduled for 8:30 am. Schedules change, so be sure to use this link to keep track of schedules: