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Tomorrow, two bills will be heard in the House Higher Ed Committee.

HB 3009 would specifically protect CHL holders on college campus property.

HB 3114 would effectively FORBID license holders from being on college property while in possession of a firearm.

The second bill is simply absurd.  Why are CHL holders allowed in other places, but not on college campuses?  What happens when a CHL holder steps onto college property that suddenly makes him dangerous?

We have heard over and over that college campuses are places where students are drunk or on drugs or involved in  destructive relationships that make them likely to misuse guns.

We’re told the potential for accidents (or what the ignorant call “misfires”) is elevated. Nowhere are we given examples of this although guns on college campuses have been legal for almost 25 years!

It’s never explained why these same “irresponsible” CHL holders can be trusted OFF CAMPUS.

No one has explained how a CHL holder is supposed to stay in line with the law when many college campuses sprawl over dozens or more acres, often in downtown areas and there is no clear indication of what is public property and what is college property.

Please take a moment to contact the members of the committee and remind them that CHL holders, whether college students or visitors have a sterling record of being responsible and there is no need for one more attack on their rights.

Their contact info follows. Suggested text  is below that. Feel free to use it or alter it.

Michael Dembrow, Chair 503-986-1445

Chris Harker, Vice-Chair  503-986-1434

John Huffman, Vice-Chair 503-986-1459

Joe Gallegos 503-986-1430

Vic Gilliam 503-986-1418

Chris Gorsek 503-986-1449

Mitch Greenlick 503-986-1433

Mark Johnson 503-986-1452

Gene Whisnant 503-986-1453


Dear Representative,

 Any bill that would deny lawful gun owners the freedom to be on a public college campus makes no sense.

 CHL holders have proven over and over that they are responsible, thoughtful people who can be trusted with firearms.

 There is no rational reason to believe that simply because a person steps onto public university property, they somehow, magically become dangerous.  In many cases, it’s almost impossible to know where public property ends and University property begins

 We have all heard the repeated claims that college students are often drunk or on drugs or likely to suddenly snap at any moment because of bad grades or a failed relationship. If this is true, why trust them off campus? Why even encourage young people to be in college? We are warned of possible accidents and told that in the event of a school shooting the responding police won’t be able to tell the “good guys” from the “bad guys.”  There is simply no historical evidence that this is any more likely on school property than anywhere else. 

 The fact remains that the damage that has been done by glory killers on school property has always been worse when there was no armed civilian to respond. And make no mistake, it’s civilians who are the first responders.   I urge you to reject any bill that places new and dangerous restrictions on those lawfully carrying concealed firearms.

 Please vote “No” on HB 3114 and “Yes” on HB 3009.