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Since yesterday’s alert concerning the anti-gun bills being heard in the Senate on Monday, new amendments have been proposed to two of the bills.

The “dash 4” amendment has been proposed for SB 764. You will recall this was the one paragraph “place holder” bill that Prozanski wants to amend to virtually eliminate the ability to get a CHL.

The “dash 4” amendment borrows from another bad bill being heard that day (SB 797) and eliminates the safeguard that allows a person to receive a firearm after three business days have transpired if the State Police do not complete a background check. While the amendment does allow a person who has been denied a transfer the right to provide info to the State Police proving they are qualified, there are still no protections for persons who have been delayed, a far more common problem. So under this amendment, if you are delayed, you are simply out of luck .

An amendment has been proposed for SB 797 as well. As noted above, SB 797 is the  bill that eliminates the three day safeguard and allows the State Police to deny you a firearms transfer literally forever. The “dash 3” amendment proposes that denied persons can provide information to the State Police to demonstrate they are qualified, but once again does nothing for the far greater number of people who are delayed.

If you plan to come and testify on Monday you should be aware of these proposed amendments.

“Dash 4” amendment to SB 764

“Dash 3” amendment to SB 797

Information on the Senate Judiciary Committee, including members , schedules and new amendments can be found here.