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The Primary Is Over (almost)


The 2022 primary election is (mostly) over.

Because of a massive snafu in Clackamas County, there are still many uncounted ballots, but assuming the trends don’t change radically we have an idea of how the election went. (See how our Marxist Secretary of State has responded to this event, which as with every communication from her, includes an infomercial about… her.)

The Democrat candidate for governor is a liberal, anti-police, woman. By contrast, the Republican candidate for governor is… a liberal, anti-police, woman. Both voted to support antifa. Both voted to stock kindergarten boy’s bathrooms with tampons. (As did every Oregon Republican House Rep.)

Oregon’s future looks bright. There is, of course, an additional wild card. Betsy Johnson is running as an independent non affiliated. She will need to get on the ballot by collecting signatures.

Johnson has raised more money than anyone else, and since she did not have to participate in an expensive primary election has plenty to spend.

Johnson served in both the Oregon House and Senate as a Democrat. She is currently campaigning on a platform that both parties are too extreme and her hope is to “bring Oregonians together.”

No one who has witnessed the carnage in Oregon in the last few years can argue that the Democrat Party has become too extreme. You can smell the tear gas far from Portland.  But Johnson’s position that Republican Christine Drazan is “too far to the right” is clearly ridiculous. Drazan is considered a “moderate” by most liberals and was even endorsed by Portland’s far left “Willamette Week” newspaper. And given the left’s jihad to attack, silence, and possibly imprison those who dare disagree with them, the idea of “bringing Oregonians together” seems overly optimistic at best.

Whether this is simply campaign rhetoric or Johnson really believes it remains to be seen. While Johnson votes pro-police and pro-business she is certainly no one’s idea of a “conservative.”  But one thing Johnson most certainly has been, is strongly and unapologetically pro-gun*. Johnson has stood up to her caucus time after time to vote to protect gun rights. She is the target of well funded attacks by Democrat operatives largely because of her pro gun stance. Before she left the Senate to concentrate on her race for governor she was the ONLY pro gun Democrat in the legislature.

Johnson is also very tough and very smart. Now that she will be attacked by both the Republican candidate and the Democrat candidate we are quite sure that the race is going to be very interesting.

In other races the establishment Republican candidates won most (though not all) primary races. This means we will almost certainly have at least two more years of surrender and capitulation to the Democrats. So dig in.  But, in any event, we believe we need to take a moment to thank the people who, win or lose, stepped up to run.

Political campaigns are hard work, expensive and often brutal.  And soon after the election the people who did not win are quickly forgotten. This is unfortunate.  Very often the reason people lose is because they were too principled to cave to the demands of the big money establishment cabal.

This primary election was no different. Republican candidates who showed a willingness to stand up to the failed leadership of the House and Senate Caucuses knew they would pay a price and many did. The Republican establishment made no secret of their intention to punish candidates who answered our survey or dared to accept donations from our PAC.

While many candidates refused to answer our survey out of fear of retribution from the caucus “leaders” many did answer. Simply responding was a risk for them even if their answers did not indicate they were ready to confront the power brokers. And the ones who answered 100% were the bravest of all.

We have a long way to go to replace the sell outs with candidates of conviction. But we owe a debt to the ones who showed it this election cycle.

To track the final outcome of this election or see the results in your district please use this link.

To see the results of our candidate survey see this link.

Below are the candidates who answered our survey. Some won, some lost. Some showed more courage than others, but every one of them showed more courage than the people who refused to take a stand at all.

To the ones who did win, we wish you luck in the general and encouragement to stand up for what’s best for our state instead of the demands of the establishment . To the ones who did not win we are grateful that you showed the willingness to take part and hope you will continue to be a voice for freedom in our state.

To you, and the truly patriotic candidates for governor and county races, we thank you all.

Senate Candidates.

Kevin Christman

Valerie Draper Woldeit

John Verbeek

Ben Edtl

Christopher J Morrisette

Steve Bates

House Candidates

Virgle J Osborne

Sandra A Abercrombie

Ralph Huber

Tyler S Collins

Nicole De Graff

Bill R Ledford

Caleb Clark

Keith Lembke

Beth Jones

Kyler T McNaught

Gabriel Buehler

Bob Niemeyer

Jason Fields

Glenn Lancaster

Sandra Nelson

Todd Morrill

Drew A Layda

Glenn H Gaither

John Woods

Daniel Tooze Sr

Bob (Elvis) Clark

Rob Reynolds

Tim LeMaster

Timothy R Sytsma

James Hieb

Jeff Helfrich

Britt Storkson

Emily G McIntire

* Update 05.31.2022

Not so fast.