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Supreme Court Rules You Cannot Buy A Gun For Another Approved Person



Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that if you purchase a firearm and transfer it to another “approved” buyer, you are a “straw purchaser” and may go to prison.

The ruling is in the case US vs Abramski, a case to which Oregon Firearms contributed to an Amicus brief.

The buyer of the gun purchased a gun legally and transferred it to his uncle who was also an approved buyer. The uncle took possession of the gun after passing a background check.  Abramski (a former police officer) was charged with a “straw purchase.”

The Obama administration had argued that accepting Abramski’s defense would impair the ability of law enforcement officials to trace firearms involved in crimes and keep weapons away from people who are not eligible to buy them.” 

Clearly this transfer had nothing to do with crimes or people who are ineligible to receive firearms. This ruling will vastly complicate any future transfers of legitimately owned guns.

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Even More Anti-Gun Bills


There are several more anti-gun bills you should be aware of. They are by all the usual suspects.

House Bill 3114 gives colleges and universities the right to ban CHL holders from their property. In order to see the actual ban language you must scroll all the way to page 65 of this 66 page bill. This bill is a response to our successful lawsuit against the Oregon University System. On the other hand, House Bill 3009 does the exact opposite, specifically granting CHL holders the right to be there.

House Bill 3412 “Establishes Task Force on Reducing Gun Violence.” What a waste of time and money. As though the “task force” is going to learn anything new.

House Bill 3413 creates mandatory lock up laws for your firearms. If you’re not home and your 17 year old daughter uses one of your guns to defend herself  against a home invader you can spend a year in jail and pay a fine of $6250.00.

You can see all the bills at this link.

It’s imperative that we keep the heat on these people. Remember, you can contact your own legislator using this link. You don’t need to write anything long or profound.  Our job is not to “educate” them.  A simple “NO ON GUN CONTROL” will do it.

The Dembrows and Dingfelders and Keny-Guyers know exactly what they are doing. They are trying to eliminate your gun rights. They are not going to “see the light.” But we can make them feel the heat.