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Supreme Court Rules You Cannot Buy A Gun For Another Approved Person



Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that if you purchase a firearm and transfer it to another “approved” buyer, you are a “straw purchaser” and may go to prison.

The ruling is in the case US vs Abramski, a case to which Oregon Firearms contributed to an Amicus brief.

The buyer of the gun purchased a gun legally and transferred it to his uncle who was also an approved buyer. The uncle took possession of the gun after passing a background check.  Abramski (a former police officer) was charged with a “straw purchase.”

The Obama administration had argued that accepting Abramski’s defense would impair the ability of law enforcement officials to trace firearms involved in crimes and keep weapons away from people who are not eligible to buy them.” 

Clearly this transfer had nothing to do with crimes or people who are ineligible to receive firearms. This ruling will vastly complicate any future transfers of legitimately owned guns.